Remote healing

 One-on-one sessions

  1. What are the things can the Core help with?
  2. How many sessions will I need?
  3. How long does a session take?
  4. What’s in the Remedies you provide?
  5. Does this treatment clash with any other treatment I am undergoing?
  6. Are there any Long term side effects?
  7. Can my condition/symptoms get aggravated?
  8. Are there any Diet or Lifestyle restrictions?
  9. Can the system be used on people with special needs?
  10. Can I take a session if I have a pacemaker?
  11. Can I take a session if I have metallic implants / heart stents?

Remote Healing

How does this healing work?
Like all other forms of energy healing, such as Rieki, Reconnection, Quantum healing etc, Core Healing also functions on the basis of quantum entanglement.
With this principle, it is possible to transmit energy and information to anyone regardless of his/her location. Just as when people dial your phone number they get immediately connected to your phone, we use your photograph to transmit energy and information directly to your body, mind and energy field.
Using a highly sophisticated computer based technology, we transmit powerful resonances, frequencies and information in order to correct imbalances in your body-mind system.
We also complement this healing with our own personal focused healing intent and energy transmission. This plays a significant role in making the healing even more potent and powerful. 

Is there anything specific that I should be doing while the healing is being done?
The healing will be received irrespective of what you are doing.However if you wish to consciously experience and perceive the healing, it will be good to connect consciously to the energies while the healing is happening. This will enhance your receptivity and sensing of the changes as they occur.Be as open, receptive and aware during the transmission time as possible – even if it is only for a few minutes at a time.Doing any meditative or spiritual practice during this time is also very beneficial.You can also use an affirmation like:
‘I allow myself to receive this healing transmission at every level of my being’.

Do I need to have faith in the healing for it to work?
Not at all. Of course, being open and receptive to the work will enhance your experience of the entire process. Being in “allow” mode during a transmission opens your body and energy field to receive everything speedily and gracefully.

What can I expect to feel during the session?
Each individual experiences the healing differently. But the most common experiences are deep relaxation, a sense of stillness, an enhanced sense of clarity, energy waves, and phases of unexplained joy and happiness. People have also reported a sense of heat or tingling in the body, enhanced sleep and dreams, and getting new insights into long time issues. For more on this, please see our participant feedback page.

What is a healing reaction or a healing crisis?
When there is a lot to heal, as in long-standing chronic issues, there can be a small period of discomfort due to physical detox or new awareness of buried emotions (a ‘healing crisis’ or ‘growth period’)
You may feel a bit tired as your body and mind absorb and assimilate the healing, so take rest or a nap if you need to.
The most common symptoms associated with a healing crisis include excessive sleep or sleeplessness, temporary nausea, diarrhea which suddenly appears and disappears, excessive urination, night sweats, cathartic dreams, hot/cold flashes, minor headaches and miscellaneous aches and pains.
You could also experience a surge of emotions like anger, fear, despair, sadness etc.
Whatever we have suppressed or refused to look at often reveals itself during the healing.
But always-always remember: A healing crisis during this time is a positive thing! And that whatever is showing up is doing so in order to be healed and released.
So please do not judge or resist any physical/emotional symptoms that show up. In fact, take it as a sign that the healing is truly being received. Feel free to call or email us if you need any support regarding this. 

What do I need to do after a healing session?
Our experience has shown us that it takes around 5 to 7 days for the body-mind to completely assimilate the transmissions. So be alert to the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that occur after the sessions. These changes come in the form of improved communication and relationships, a more positive and enthusiastic outlook, a sense of overall health and well being, and a deepening of your spiritual understanding.
Some clients will immediately feel an improvement, while for others the integration takes several days. In the latter case, the client may experience varying emotional states, memories of past events or changing physical symptoms. When this occurs the client is actually “processing” and clearing “stuff” as a result of the new information and energy.

Can I enroll someone without his consent?
Imposing healing is an invasion of free will and we do not recommend it. If someone says ‘no’, it means that he/she is not yet ready to be healed, or that he needs to go through some other route. But there are exceptions. If you are the person’s caretaker and he/she is unable to make the decision on her own, or unconscious, as in an emergency situation, in such a situation we would do the work and he/she would benefit.

One-on-one sessions

What are the things can the Core help with?
Some areas where Core has been effective are:
Depression, Anxiety and stress, Addictions, Accidents, Injury trauma, Emotional issues, Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hay Fever.
Relief in Serious illness and disease like Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Kidney Stones, Parkinsons, Stroke, Autism.

How many sessions will I need?
Some treatments show visible changes immediately and some take time, Similarly some people respond to the therapy very quickly and see results in just one session, while some people take 4 – 5 sessions before results are observed. Typically changes if observed carefully are apparent after the 3rd session. 

How long does a session take? 
A Session usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes, which includes the initial discussion, Client de-stress procedures, Core Analysis, and then treatment for about 30 minutes. 

What’s in the Remedies you provide?
The remedies provided are Vibrational in nature. They are prepared specifically for you based on your Core analysis, by encoding resonant frequencies specific for you into a chosen substrate like, Distilled Water, Silver colloid, Floral water etc. 

Does this treatment clash with any other treatment I am undergoing? 
Core treatment is not provided on the Physiological level like other conventional treatments. It is on the spiritual and informational level, the effects of which cascades into the physical level, hence there is no chance of a clash with any other treatment.

Are there any side effects? 
There are no known long term side effects, other than the changes in your perspective. 

Can my condition/symptoms get aggravated? 
Like with any other energy healing modality, it is sometimes seen that the symptoms get aggravated and then subside. 

Are there any Diet or Lifestyle restrictions? 
There are no restrictions imposed by the process, though the treatment may cause you to voluntarily make changes based on your Core likes. 

Can the system be used on people with special needs? 
This is decided on a case to case basis, but usually the system in its remote mode, without direct contact with the client can be used in most cases. 

Can I take a session if I have a pacemaker? 
Direct frequencies can not be given to you, but we can provide remote sessions as well as frequency encoded remedies for your condition. 

Can I take a session if I have metallic implants / heart stents? 
This is decided on a case to case basis, if direct frequencies can not be given to you, we can provide remote sessions as well as frequency encoded remedies for your condition.