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  • Significant cardiac improvement
    and my hearing is back to normal again!–Y.S, Mumbai

  • My first painless period in 14 years!
    No words to express how happy I feel.–S.T, Pune

  • Within a week of the healing, got a
    promotion with almost double the salary!–J.C, California

  • Really painful ulcer in my mouth
    healed overnight!–A.G, Pune

  • Periods bang on time…
    no leg pain, back pain or cramps!–R.S, Surat

  • Seeing a sudden and positive change
    in family relationships !–Y.M, Mumbai

  • My son has been behaving like an angel
    since the healing began! Thank you.–A.S, Pune

  • My puppy’s liver levels are back
    to normal! Thank you so much.–F.B, USA

  • My car sales have gone up by 60%…
    and stayed up for the past 6 months!–M.N, Pune

  • Cracked two interviews
    within a week of the Core healing!–C.S, New Jersey

  • Mood is so positive, joyous, lively, healthy.
    Feelings of love & gratitude keep popping up!–S.S, Mumbai

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7th Successful year of Core Healing!

Through our unique Remote Healing technology, we are able to affect measurable changes in people regardless of their location or time zone. We transmit energy and information to our clients, helping them reach their highest potential – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Using cutting-edge computer software along with Biofeedback, Rife Frequencies, Orgonite
and Electro-crystal Energy, we are able to harmonize people and places in a very short time.
All we need is the clients willingness and a photograph. After that, our work begins…

Our Remote Transmissions can support…

  • Rapid emotional healing for all negative states including anger and depression.
  • Healing and balancing the physical body without medicine or surgery.
  • Deepening of meditation, prayer and spiritual understanding.
  • Harmonizing babies and pets without any physical contact.
  • Clearing the negative energies of homes, offices and plots of land.
  • Selling properties which have been stagnant for years.
  • Creating Peace and Positivity for large groups of people ( families / office staff )
  • Enhancing businesses by uplifting the staff, energizing the products,
    and clearing up stagnant energies in the workplace.
  • Creating a sense of safety, joy and protectedness in your day-to-day life.