Shanti – 17


The tensor ring pyramid radiates  the frequencies of deep rest and stillness. Ideal for bedrooms,meditation rooms or any space that needs stress reduction.

  • it has a clear quartz center piece that runs from the bottom to the tip of the pyramid. This center piece is wrapped in a copper wire in a configuration used to generate energy.
  • there are green aventurine balls which has lovely energy that has the capacity to aid you in releasing anxiety
  • we have  used  three tensor rings in the pyramid found to remedy the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies
  • the three tensor rings pulsate with electrical impulses
  • the pyramid is made with shades of green and blue to create a cooling and restful feeling, as well as release stress.
  • the prepared pyramid is then charged using a proprietary system with powerful affirmations, mantras, esoteric symbols frequencies and commands to promote peace and calm.

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