Quantum Entanglement and Distance Healing

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From 1925 – 1935 when Quantum physics was first theorized, all the accepted Laws of Newtonian physics were challenged. Einstein in particular strongly opposed the theory of Quantum Entanglement as his ‘Theory of relativity’, fell short of explaining the possibilities of information travelling faster than light.

Though Quantum entanglement gained a lot of theoretical support, it was only 80 years later, in Nov 2015 that technological advancement made it possible to conduct experiments that demonstrate and prove entanglement. Today we have proved that Information transfer, faster than the speed of light is indeed possible.

One entangled particle cannot be independent of the others, since they all respond simultaneously to an action applied at any of them. Hence entanglement reveals the interconnected nature of all particles that make up the whole.

Now Consider this metaphor from The Avatamsaka Sutra a spiritual text written in the 3rd Centuary.

“In the realm of the god Indra is a vast net that stretches infinitely in all directions. In each “eye” of the net is a single brilliant, perfect jewel. Each jewel also reflects every other jewel, infinite in number, and each of the reflected images of the jewels bears the image of all the other jewels — infinity to infinity. Whatever effects one jewel effects them all.

and another similar metaphor from a Buddhist text of the Chinese Huayan school written in 5 B.C

In each of the lion’s eyes, in its ears, limbs, and so forth, down to each and every single hair, there is a golden lion. All the lions embraced by each and every hair simultaneously and instantaneously enter into one single hair. Thus, in each and every hair there are an infinite number of lions, and every hair in turn brings all these infinite lions back into the single [original] hair.”

Today at Quantum levels, science is beginning to peep into the realms of what Spiritual masters have stated 3000 years ago, about the very nature of this universe.

Expanding the Interconnected-ness of particles at the Quantum levels, as demonstrated by the phenomenon of entanglement, to the entire universe as mentioned in the ancient texts, makes distance healing possible.

Photographs originate from their subject, so there is a Quantum entanglement between you and your photograph. When we transmit healing resonances to your photograph, it is simultaneously received by you irrespective of how far you may be located.


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