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lightness and peace…
“Over the past 5 days I have experienced a positivity, lightness and peace in my being which has made dealing with life so easy and beautiful. Thank you!”
☺ B.F. – Zurich 
definitely a big change !
“My dad who has severe dementia, said a few coherent words and spoke about some past memories – it was definitely a big change!”
☺ S.S. – Nasik
happy tears rolling down !
“I’m absolutely ok being by myself and my thoughts in school and don’t have this constant need to be around my friends or classmates. I’m just so content at this moment don’t want to ever let this feeling go (happy tears rolling down :))”
☺ F.B. – USA
letting life flow effortlessly…
“This week was the perfect week to receive the group healing. I feel like a different person (in a much better way).  I feel extremely lighter and happier in an authentic sense, not just trying to be.  I know everything is all good and am looking forward to what the future holds for me.  I am not so stuck on what “has to be” rather just letting life flow effortlessly.   Thank you for all your help with everything.   There is no doubt that Core Healing is amazing and I am grateful to have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to you.”
☺ M.C. – Florida
energy moving throughout the body !
“feeling some kinda explosion in the head… some energy kind of feeling that moves from feet up all the way to the head and conceptually explodes!”
☺ B.C. – Pune
no sticky thoughts or emotions 🙂
“Work stuff I’ve been putting aside for months somehow got done today with minimal time and effort. There is no heaviness, no problems, just awake flowing energy with no ‘sticky’ thoughts or emotions.”
☺ A.A. – Colorado
clarity in his thoughts, speech and voice !
“My father, 85 years old, is not keeping well for the last couple of months and doctors call it aging process. He keeps sleeping most of the time with not much interest in things happening around. Yesterday I called home twice and was pleasantly shocked that both the times he received the calls and also had long chats with me. The clarity in his thoughts, speech and voice made me very happy. Thank you Core.”
☺ S.K. – Pune
less worried about the future !
“Thank you for your healing. I do feel more calmer and natural. I’ve been very stressed out lately and since the healing I’ve been more happy and calm. Less worried about the future. Thank you so much :)”
☺ N.T. – Pune
more flexible about most things…
“Everything seems very subtle but is lasting a long time… I feel very clear in my mind. Ideas at work are flowing and I am able to communicate clearly for the first time in a while. I am able to concentrate for longer periods and I am more flexible about most things. Less reactive. I LOVE it! “
☺ A.D. – Mumbai
i was chilled…
“I was super happy since the last one week. Things that usually bothered me – even if I tried thinking about it on purpose didn’t matter. I was chilled.”
☺ A.M. – Chennai
felt as if I was in a meditation retreat !
“Thanks for the transmission… a couple of days during the transmission I felt as if I was in a meditation retreat!”
☺ D.G. – Pune
very positive attitude towards life…
“It was a very nice feeling and before healing i was in a very negative mood which has definitely turned into very positive attitude towards life now”
☺ B.T. – Pune
my knee didn’t pain, it was amazing !
“I took a flight yesterday. I was sure that my left knee which has chronic issue will hurt when climbing the flight stairs with a bag. Its unbelievable. …I didn’t even feel a twitch!! It was amazing. Thank you.”
☺ A.M. – Mumbai
the week was totally smooth…
“For me this week of core healing was totally smooth. It felt like everything can be done with ease and awareness. It brought up some old stuff which cleared pretty quickly too. I am so grateful to this silent support that Core has given me. It’s like my little secret. I get the SMS everyday and go into a little more magic everyday. Thanks so much!!!”
☺ A.S. – Mumbai
my dad miraculously agreed to shifting to pune !
“My parents live alone in Chennai and despite my efforts, my dad was extremely resistant to shifting to Pune and the person who bore the brunt of this decision was my mother. At 77 she has to run the house plus take care of my ailing father. The day Core transmission started, miraculously and very clearly he took the decision of shifting to Pune saying I do not want my wife to suffer any more and I am willing to adjust to the new environment. What a relief to all of us!”
☺ S.K. – Pune
great change in the way I connect with people…
“It has been a great week. I am able to connect with my chakras easily now. There was also a great change in the way I connect with the people. I somehow managed to get back in touch with people. Over all – great personal and social change!”
☺ A.D. – Mumbai
renewing experience…
“It has been a very renewing experience… As if the physical body is undergoing changes with respect to food, sleep and other requirements.”
☺ P.B. – Mumbai
I am able to acknowledge all my feelings…
“There is peace and calmness in everything, I’m not getting disturbed. But most importantly, I am able to acknowledge all my feelings. Sometimes getting frustrated, or anger and even feeling sadness which I guess I used to ignore but now I acknowledge it. “
☺ M.S. – Pune
positive energy just flows !
“I feel more relaxed which in turn helps people around you.  The positive energy just flows.  :)”
☺ M.C. – Florida
even I call myself a happy person!
“Strangely people who haven’t seen me for a while are asking if I have spent a few weeks on a wellness meditation holiday as I look so very relaxed and spread a certain kind of lightness and calmness. Must be your influence ;-). Even I call myself a happy person! I was not well, wasn’t that calm and relaxed, aware and focused like now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
☺ B.F. – Zurich
not stuck with being upset…
“I felt like I am not getting stuck with being upset & there was a sense of calmness throughout the transmission days. I did this for my husband & son and I felt he was a lot cooler than he usually is. Thanks for the healing… I really had a nice experience. :)”
☺ P.V. – Mumbai
handling emotional turbulence !
“For a year or so an event/person was causing emotional turbulence in me which I couldn’t handle. It would take a day or sometimes a week before I could smile again.
Today, after the healing, I experienced a similar emotional turbulence and anger. But within hours I was able to manage it. Not just managed but my emotions were changed 360 degrees! I found a reason to compliment the person from the heart, the person who caused the emotional turbulence.
Thank you for giving me examples that life can be beautiful again with the same people who made it miserable.”
☺ H.K. – Mumbai
ease in personal relationships and communication…
“I am noticing an ease in personal relationships and communication. I am finding myself more open to listening to others, often without criticizing or blaming. There is a deep sense of peace and a feeling of things happening naturally and effortlessly with a sense of joy which is not getting shaken by external factors.”
☺ M.G. – Signal Mountain
I received a compliment that I am glowing !
“On 11 Feb, at 9am, after the very first healing on the very first day, I received a compliment that I am glowing. Is there something special?
Since then, my thoughts have become clearer, I can now also verbalize what I want and what I think and the words are in congruence to my thoughts and wants.
Since then life has also been smooth. Smiling is not an effort. And I am receiving and attracting what I want.
The first 3 days were blissful.  The fourth day I experienced healing crisis which stayed for 4 days. Even with the healing crisis (cough, weakness, cold n hot feeling and headache) my mind was alert and I was able to accomplish the plans of my day. Laziness has reduced. 🙂
In the last 2 days… relations which are important to me have improved and I have been able to say a NO without feeling guilty.
On the second last day some memories which still bring a tear to my eyes were re-visited by my thoughts and I was still ok as I felt it is a part of healing.
Thank you for an improved belief in myself and thank you for soulful relationships which had once died.”
☺ H.K. – Mumbai
I’m more conscious and aware !
“Just comes at the right time 😉 One of those days when everything goes wrong that can go wrong. But thanks to your program I am all calm and relaxed nothing can upset me and I’m more conscious and aware of what is happening around me – and what my contribution is.”
☺ B.F. – Zurich
feeling of weightlessness…
“Very unusual feeling of weightlessness and more relaxed during the healing this morning. Also felt lots of gratitude.”
☺ N.G. – Delhi
felt the flow of energy…
“During the transmission time this evening, our meditation was very good with the feelings of energy flow in the body. The amplitude peaked at the end of the session with warm feeling and a bit of sweating in spite of it being winter in Delhi!”
☺ V.G. – Delhi
higher tolerance…
“Really weird feeling through the torso during the transmission. It’s like warm spots… almost feverish spots all over body that move from lower abs to lower back then shoulders and chest. Just warm fuzzy kind of feeling. General tolerance towards nonsense or what I perceive as nonsense is much higher.”
☺ S.U. – Africa
my grandpa felt reborn !
“My grandpa sits with my eyes closed during the healing. Day before yesterday, all day he felt as though he had been reborn… experiencing lightness and freshness.”
☺ A.S. – Pune
woke up at six…
“I can see the positive changes due to Core healing. To start with, I woke up at 6 which is a kind of achievement for me!”
☺ A.D. – Mumbai
I AM ness !
“I guess I love the morning ones the most. These transmissions have a diff tune to them compared to the previous two. I feel they are stronger in a subtle way. It feels like tons of “I AM” ness.”
☺ A.T. – Pune
trying to stop smiling…
“Was trying to stop smiling to see… Am I consciously trying to smile or is it just there… You know that happens sometimes 🙂 But the smile would not go away…”
☺ M.B. – Tennessee
calmness with the person I used to hate !
“I am experiencing some very nice things, like calmness with the person I used to hate (no longer bothered in their presence!) & unexpectedly even my relatives are appreciative of me.”
☺ S.S. – Pune
did not get shaken at all !
“I was driving and our car got rear ended by a much larger vehicle which led to significant damage. Thanks to the remote healing, I did not get shaken at all. I stayed calm and collected through the entire period. “
☺ M.G. – Signal Mountain
wondrous clear lightness of being!
“It is this wondrous clear lightness of being that for a few days now surrounds me. Professionally, it is currently a very stressful time, but now I am completely calm and serene – and that’s unusual for me… even my co-workers, one asked if I am taking drugs, I smiled and said ‘yes, kind of’ hahahaha.
Plus the fact that although I sleep not longer, but much better and quieter, and in the morning I feel fresh and ready to wake up (many times I had felt lately knocked down) is just wonderful. And so I would like to thank you that you carry out this program – it helps me a lot to see things clearer – what is happening around me, what is my impact and regarding this employee assessment I am aware of what are my strengths and weaknesses – and that if I wish to change something, it is all in me.”
☺ B.F. – Zurich
felt more in control…
“I was working in my research lab yesterday from 8 to 5 and that place is such a stressor for me. However, yesterday I felt more in control of the situation and for once I was not as nervous or edgy as I normally am… so that was great!”
☺ F.B. – US
lot of positivity in and around me…
“I was not feeling healthy before the start of the healing program. I was feeling weak and exhausted and felt uneasiness in my chest area. Then the healing started. For the first few days I could not sleep well but from 15th (Sat) onwards I have been feeling better, relaxed and energized. I have also managed to do things that I was postponing for a long time. There is lot of positivity in and around me. Thank you very much :).”
☺ V.B. – Pune
experienced deep deep shanti !
“Experienced deep deep shanti for a while and then there was a mindfulness of forgiving everything. Sort of ease in thoughts, movements, approach.”
☺ S.S. – Nasik
smiling about nothing 🙂
“Smiling about nothing. The whole day yesterday I was grinning like an idiot… Just Happy!”
☺ S.U. – Africa
simply beautiful…
“I experienced very beautiful sensation in different parts of my body… on my forehead, left shoulder, knee. It was simply beautiful!”
☺ H.J. – Tokyo
super clarity in general 
“Super clarity in general…Very calm feeling:-). Like a strong sense of purpose.”
☺ N.T. – Mumbai
feeling positive all day !
“Since the healing has begun, it is easy to feel positive all day and the text messages just add to it. It is sort of a bonus when you get the text that “the healing transmission has begun. It makes me smile. Thank you.”
☺ M.C. – Florida
I started crying uncontrollably…
“Late last night I started crying uncontrollably for a while with no apparent specific reason for sadness. Then there was just empty peace and I fell asleep. This morning and all day today things are feeling light, wonderful, effortless.”
☺ A.A. – Colorado
woke up fresh and had a good day…
“First night of the session on 11th strangely I was very upset. Some old emotions were coming out… also I couldn’t sleep property. In spite of that, 12th morning was very good and i woke up fresh and had a good day.”
☺ S.K. – Pune
feeling peaceful and open…
“I have felt peaceful and open. When you send the text I immediately feel an openness. I feel more content. Thank you.”
☺ R.T. – US
totally recharged !
“Lots of yawning. I was feeling a pressure on my right knee. Woke up this morning totally recharged after two days of feeling complete exhaustion.”
☺ A.M. – Chennai
sleep is deep and undisturbed 🙂
“I’m feeling much better. No doubt that the sleep is undisturbed and deep! At the same time a lot of warmth is experienced too… Thank you so much!”
☺ P.B. – Mumbai
I’m feeling positive…
“My mind often wanders into negative thoughts, but after the healing began I’m feeling positive and am not even tense.”
☺ H.R. – Pune
felt inexplicably happy !
“Yesterday morning when the healing started, I felt inexplicably happy. Lasted only about 5 minutes… but it was pure joy and peace!”
☺ A.S. – Pune
a feeling of gratitude for everyone and everything!
“From morning, there is a feeling of gratitude for everyone and everything. I didn’t even know that the healing had already started.”
☺ M.S. – Pune
feeling so refreshed…
“had the craziest buzzing all thru my forehead. Had a deep afternoon siesta after that.  Feeling so refreshed!”
☺ S.U. – Africa
got up spontaneously at 4am !
“Already seeing results! I got up spontaneously at 4am. Did meditation till 5.30… and by the way got up without alarm!”
☺ A.M. – Nasik
floating experience…
“A day after marrying…  irrespective of so many changes and a new environment, I had a very floating experience in the morning. This program could not have happened at a better time!”
☺ S.T. – Pune
have been very chilled…
“I have been very chilled… i don’t seem to care about the things that used to bother me…”
☺ A.M. – Chennai
sudden positive change in family relationships !
“Thanks to the healing sessions, I see sudden positive change in family relationships. We are all much more open to each other and time and quality of communication has improved immensely.”
☺ Y.M. – Mumbai
quiet, expansive alertness..
“There was a quiet, expansive alertness.  It felt like one had effortlessly stepped out of linear time and sitting on the terrace, under the stars, I could rest in a deep sense of peace.”
☺ S.B. – Pune
third eye throbbing…
“severe third eye throbbing… distinct series of vibrations moving down the body”
☺ M.G. – Tennessee
it’s toooo powerful… feeling stoned… Like I am on drugs!
☺ S.N. – Pune
I slept peacefully after many days!
☺ M.G. – Pune
I am feeling relief and relaxation.  Strife and defenses are down again.
☺ A.S. – Mumbai
I have been sleeping the whole day 🙂
☺ M.K. – Pune
my painful cyst did not pain at all today!
☺ D.G. – Pune
I’m feeling very happy for no reason……!
☺ B.C. – Pune
My son behaved in such a mature and balanced manner that it amazed me. 
☺ S.N. – Pune
I have not seen my husband work so calmly under so much stress for ages.
☺ D.B. – Pune
I had so much pain in my eyes, very heavy… after healing – feeling very light. Thanks core n team for everything!
☺ A.M. – Pune
Great news! My puppy’s liver levels are back to normal.
☺ F.B. – US
Fatigue vanished, pain went, stillness set in… the question is how long will it last ? Great experience!
☺ N.S. – Pune

An amazing day by day account of the Core Healing Experience !
Feb 11th:

It was my Mom’s birthday and I enrolled her in the healing as well as a gift. I noticed that I had incredible energy that day and was able to do things that I usually would be too fatigued to do after a certain time. For example, I usually am too fatigued to do any work after 8 pmbut that day I was able to address an urgent deadline. I also began my menstrual cycle that day which is a miracle in itself because I have PCOD and my cycle is usually unpredictable. 

Feb 12th:

I received a HUGE basket of chocolates from my mom as an appreciation for helping her in a project. Now, I have been helping her in projects my whole life. My usual complaint is that she doesn’t understand the value of my work and also expects too much. I had the opposite experience. 

Feb 13th:

Went out for dinner with a friend. Was in a surprisingly good mood and very relaxed. 

Feb 14th:

This was the day for having the meeting that would decide the future of our company. I wished that the truth would come out in this meeting — and it did! We decided that the way we were working needed to change or we shouldn’t be running the company at all. The decision was to shut down. Though I went thru many emotions, I think the healing kept me sane. 

Feb 15th:

Was able to sit and meditate for 20 mins. I had been struggling with meditation or any practice for months. Also despite the thoughts of the company winding up were making me sad, I was able to pick myself up and go for a friend’s Yoga graduation ceremony. At the ceremony I enjoyed chanting mantras and meditation as part of the audience. Felt truly connected to many friends who were present there. That night, my business partner Sashank (who was also at the ceremony) and I went out for dinner. He and I were both enrolled in the healing and we discussed how it was helping us remain sane. And though we had a difficult time on the 14th, we were able to go through it without too much drama. Also, that night as I went to bed, I had menstrual cramps which was unusual since my cycle was almost over. However, the feeling was a that a dark energy was leaving my body thru my menstrual fluid. It was painful but I also felt a sense of relief. I also started Bach flower remedies that GD recommended on that day. 

Feb 16th:

I had enrolled in a Reiki course a few months ago and I had my Reiki class that day. I was to learn the next level of symbols that day. I had a great class and during my attunement I saw Lord Brahma, Goddess Saraswati come and bless me. I also saw Goddess Tara and Avalokiteshwara be with me during the attunement. Then the visual image was of me taking the shape of a dragon who was powerful and strong. I felt very very strong and felt a lot of confidence come back. When I discussed this with my reiki teacher she said that a dragon is comfortable with all elements (can walk on land, can breathe fire, can fly in the air and can swim in water) and is believed to have the qualities of all animals in it. She said it is a sign of good things to come. 

Feb 17th:

I began my 40 day Reiki practice and meditation. It felt good to return to a practise after almost 3 months. I began feeling extremely peaceful and energised. It was a Monday and and it had been a difficult day to go to work. But I was still able to go and finish many things. I spent the evening at home journaling and spending time with myself. I finally gave myself the space I had been craving. 

Feb 18th:

It seemed like I had bounced back from the grief and the churn that I had been going through. I was able to go through work smoothly and was mostly laughing and joking throughout the day. My reiki practise was also helping me be peaceful. I began to feel more neutral about people at work than I had been in months. I wasn’t as sharply critical of things (one of my co-workers was surprised). I started doing a havan at my home (its a practise I do often when it calls me to start it). It’s usually for a duration of 11 days. 

Since then, I have been able to become much more peaceful and able to “return to home frequency” atleast during my meditation and I find that it helps me immensely through the day. After the healing ended, I was able to let go of anger that I had towards one of my business partners that I had been holding on to for months! I had conversations and cleared up many misunderstandings with him and another partner. It was a surprise to them and totally unexpected. I was finally able to feel the flow of empathy and was open to receiving feedback which made them also speak authentically. 

I am truly grateful to have been a part of the healing. I will definitely sign up for it again. I hope this recount of the events that occurred will help you guys further your work. 
☺ D.R – Hyderabad.

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