Body Mind Balance: A monthly rejuvenation program from Core Healing!

This is a special group healing program where you can receive healing sitting in the comfort of your home or office. Just enroll online and the energy is remotely transmitted to you 8 hours daily for the entire month. It is aimed at your complete well-being – physical, emotional and spiritual.

This program is designed with over 6 years of experience with distance healing during which we have received over 600 happy client testimonials. The monthly healing program been running successfully for over 5 years now.

Some feedback about the program… 

“After two months of healing, my migraine has totally disappeared!”

“Urticaria that was totally unresponsive to any treatment, improved significantly.”

“We did not fight during our vacation, it was unusually calm and happy.”

“Core Healing has been instrumental in helping my mother cope with her chemo sessions.”

“The month-long healing had a great stabilizing influence.”

“I instantly get into relaxed state of mind which I usually feel during meditation.”

“Depression decreased by around 80%! 2 days ago… was the calmest I have ever felt!”

“My digestion on the whole has improved a lot.”

“My periods have gotten regular!”

“Relationships have become more amicable.”


Detailed feedback for the monthly program   600 happy client testimonials!


The monthly healing will support in:

  1. Clearing and revitalizing all the organs of the body.
  2. Transmission of over 200 essential nutrients* to recharge your body.
  3. Managing the pH and water balance essential for healthy living.
  4. Eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause illness.
  5. Balancing your Chakras and Meridians for better functioning of the body.
  6. Balancing your Emotions for an effective, calm and peaceful mind.
  7. Cleaning and Strengthening your Aura and Energy field.
  8. Taking your spiritual / devotional practice to the next level.

* Along with the powerful Core Healing, we also do Reiki / Reconnective healing
for the entire group every day for 30 minutes.

What does it cost?

The charges for this healing program are only INR 5500 / USD 95 per month. Once you join, the energy is remotely transmitted to you 8 hours daily for the entire month.

What do you have to do?

Just click the link below and enroll with your details and photograph. You will be registered and your healing will begin within 48 hours.

You will be reminded that you are receiving healing each day on your phone via a WhatsApp message. This will allow you to be present to the daily support you are receiving.

* If you have any questions (or difficulties enrolling) please contact
or WhatsApp us at +91-7447725454 


Sign up for the Body Mind Balance Program!


  • A few experiments with remote healing...
    These are 2 sets of flowers from the same bunch. One bunch of flowers was given Core Healing while the other bunch was not. The un-energized flowers drooped considerably on the second day, while the energized flowers remained fresh. (The flowers were kept in separate rooms for the duration of the healing)

    Gerbera - Experiment-2


    These are 2 pieces of the same potato. One piece of potato was sent healing energy while the other was not. The un-energized potato slice completely dehydrated and shrank by day 5 while the energized slice held up much better.

    Potato Expt-1

  • How does remote healing work?
    A highly sophisticated computer based technology is used to transmit powerful resonances, frequencies and information to each client. This helps in correcting any imbalances in their body-mind-energy system. Quantum entanglement makes it possible to transmit energy to anyone irrespective of where they are located using just their photograph. 

    To read more details about how remote healing works click here: FAQ.