the awesome feedback for ‘Harmonizing the Menstrual Cycle’ 
the 14-day Remote Healing Program…

my first painless period in 14 years!
There are no words to express how happy I feel. From the past 14 years
of my life I have never experienced an absolutely painless period.
Though I have had days with severe pain or moderate pain – but this is NO PAIN! Yippee! Today my periods started… and generally it’s the first day when I end up taking pain killers. But today it was special!!!! Realllyyyy a Biggg Thankuuuuu! 
God bless all those who are part of this initiative.
S.T – Pune

my period came as a surprise with absolutely no symptoms 🙂
“In the past, 2 days before my periods I would feel strong pain in my legs and back and I would feel like my clothes are very tight due to my sensitive tummy, but this time, my period came as a surprise with absolutely no symptoms!”
S.S – Varanasi

usually I have to take painkillers on the first and the second day…
“I didnt even realize when I got my periods this time. Usually I have to take painkillers the first and the second day but this time I felt fresh and full of energy this time. No pain and mood swings at all! Just a little bit of chocolate cravings 😉 definitely recommend to all the ladies!”
J.P – New Jersey

my first day is usually a pain, but this time it was unbelievable!
Ever since the PMS program of Core Healing was announced. I was very excited! Especially because it was to start at the time I usually get my periods and also I was going to be travelling this time.
My first day is usually a pain but this time it was unbelievable! No pain, no stomach cramps, no extra attention to it! Also, usually I do get irritated and short tempered around the time of my periods but this time I was in an unusually good space and very relaxed. It was just awesome awesome!! 🙂 Thank you so much.
A.K – Pune

i am feeling different about my body – have started liking it 🙂
My periods are due. There is heaviness in breast but no pain this time. White discharge and stomach ache is as little as 1% of what I used to get! No water retention and gas problem in body at all!
Little bit acne is there but the best thing is I don’t feel that my periods are due and I feel like my periods are already over 🙂 The body is feeling very light, and I am feeling different about my body, started liking it!
D.T – Pune 

during the healing time, my physical body disappeared completely!
“I was tuned in to the frequencies immediately… and was in a trance most of the time. There were moments when I felt me and my physical body disappeared completely! Many hours after the transmission, I am still in a meditative state.”
S.M – Mumbai

my lower two chakras are buzzing with energy…
It was super today. Woke up with lower two chakras buzzing with energy. Heart chakra felt like it was opening and there is wonderful stillness within in midst or going to school chaos in morning! Simply delicious 🙂
I generally wake up at 6.30. But today I woke up with a start at 6.10. My body was buzzing and vibrating with energy from the belly down to my thighs! I could not go back to sleep. Felt like getting up and climbing a mountain! Also that sexual area felt light and expansive and not the usual body weight one feels there. Almost like that part of the body was missing!
A.S – Mumbai

a sense of sweet calm and ever deepening stillness…
“Just wanted to let you know that have been feeling a sense of sweet calm and ever deepening stillness since the program started. There is a spaciousness and awareness that is somehow changing the very experience of time, especially during the quieter moments.
Also, its hard to capture specifics, but there is a sense of elegant comfort of being in this body. Quite a pleasant experience 🙂
S.B – Pune

i haven’t done this in years!
Everything I have suppressed inside with reference to being a woman seems to be creeping up. I have always felt that being a woman my emotions have been denied. Is that why I am being so emotional and outspokenI haven’t done this in yrs!
A.S – Pune

no pain, no headache, no mood swings!
I feel relaxed and far more patient than my usual self. I have done so much work over the weekend without fatigue. Thank you for the healing. God bless. No pain, no headache. No mood swings at all. Usually I don’t have much, but none at all this time!
S.D – Pune

stress Incontinence relief !
Due to stress incontinence, my mom, whenever she coughs or sneezes it creates a pressure on abdomen and hence there is a urine leakage. Hence, there was a high frequency of going to washroom for passing the urine.
Now: The leakage issue is resolved quite a lot and also the bathroom frequency is reduced and she can sit at a stretch for long hours. So, this is a remarkable change! Thank you!
A.M – Pune

i have spontaneously started painting!
“I have spontaneously started painting; however, I never thought of painting as a form of expression of releasing old patterns. My periods started on 21st and this time, must say the pain was little less than what and how I usually feel. I have a feeling there will be more change in the next cycle of menstruation.”
S.M – Mumbai

recurring lower abdomen pain vanished!
“Lower abdomen pain which had become a normal occurrence vanished. Being a short tempered person, it was also amazing to see that I had stopped snapping and reacting to others!”
A.M – Delhi

periods on time… no leg pain, back pain or cramps!
I was taking medication for getting my periods, and the Doctor had said that I may need hormones in order to get back to normal, but not only did I get my periods on time, I also did not have any of the leg, back pain an cramps that come with it. Another pleasant effect is that I am feeling really light and happy.
R.S – Surat

i found an unusual sky-like clarity within!
One by one, different parts of the body uncoiled and opened up spaces that had held on to negative emotions for many years. While it was painful to face those frozen emotional imprints – shame, pride, anger, guilt, hopelessness and sorrow – it was also lightening and freeing. I also found it interesting that energy was bubbling in the heart, rather than in the third eye and crown where it normally goes during meditation for me. I found an unusual sky-like clarity within.
On Monday, this process continued for three hours in the morning. I had not sat in meditation for so many hours in many months. But it felt like a major breakthrough in connecting with long-repressed aspects of myself. And a deep sense of peace was being experienced.
A.S – Mumbai

i feel stable emotionally; no sudden uprising of negativity.
This week is much-much better! I feel stable emotionally; no sudden uprising of negativity. People around are not the enemy anymore and I am able to ignore what needs to be ignore and respond to even what upsets me with equanimity. I feel healthier and happier and everything is spacious right now 🙂
A.B – Pune

i could feel the energy enveloping my body!
“When the frequencies started, in a little while I could feel the energy enveloping my body. Soon I felt a fluttering around my Ajna charkra (third eye chakra). This continued for a while and was followed by a sense of deep stillness where the mind became quiet and then there was a feeling of expansiveness followed by a sensation of floating.
Soon there was a feeling of unexplained joy and I was smiling and then there were tears of joy. I do a spiritual practice and some of Core Healing experiences were very similar to those I experience during my meditative practice.”
M.G – US

severe throbbing in the third eye!
“Other than the calmness, the new thing yesterday was severe throbbing in the pineal gland, at the top of the spine and on the lymphatic nodes behind the skull. The first continued most of yesterday and even today. I could have sworn I heard some frequencies for about ten minutes during yesterday’s transmission.”
S.B – Pune

no pain, no mood swings and no energy drain!
Usually I have pain mood swings, irritation and low energy, I function at much lower than optimum. This time there was no pain during the periods, in addition I did not even experience any mood swings, and I functioned normally as though there was no energy drain…. Loved it!
P.G – Pune

this time it was bang on time!
The change that I see is that usually my cycle is a bit erratic and this time it was bang on time! Does not happen like that often. I always have pain on day 1 and it is the same this time as well but I am just happy with the timing.

Otherwise, I feel quite stable and steady emotionally. These are times of uncertainty in terms of I am leaving my job and returning to India but I somehow feel calm and stable and not insecure or worried for the future!
S.P – U.K

nothing short of a miracle!
I can feel a definite change in my energy levels during the transmission times! While the healing was on, I felt extremely peaceful most times of the day.

I have recently moved outside India and my anxiety levels were pretty high as I am still adapting to a lot of changes. But since the healing, I am feeling at ease, at home and calm.
Just a few days since the sessions started, I got a call for an interview for a perfect position. This was an amazing thing since everyone around me was telling me that its next to impossible to get a call so soon for this position as I have just moved here.
I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, I was very confident and I could feel the energy flowing through me. Though I am still awaiting the result, it was an awesome experience, nothing short of a miracle! 
Thank you so much for all the healing energy! Awaiting some awesome changes in the days to come!
M.J – U.S

the last 3 days of healing were especially powerful!
On the last day, I had not seen your message of additional positivity transmission between 5 to 6 pm. I was busy with something. I kept wondering ‘Why am I feeling so good☺’ I was feeling very light. I got the answer when I saw your sms later. A BIG THANK YOU, TO YOU AND GD FOR THESE WONDERFUL HEALING SESSIONS.
S.J – Pune

spaciousness flowed through!
Today after a very very long time a spaciousness flowed through. A sense of having cried all the tears without having shed a single tear. A feeling of complete emptiness happened. Maybe it was because of the Core Healing. Grateful for the feminine energy healed within. Feels like I am at the heart of my own ocean
D.G – Pune

the healing has helped immensely with my brusies!
The healing has helped immensely with my bruises…
The bruises and eye hemorrhage has healed much quicker than I have ever seen.
 M.B – US

i got my periods after ages!
The exp has been wonderful. I have had a history of irregular cycles. 3 days in the therapy I got my period after ages. I was indeed surprised by the energy levels during this time. Hoping that it continues for ages.
 A.L – U.K

started ovulation on 15th day of the cycle as compared to 38 days even with medication. Have also been calmer and much less stressed about things!
 D.N – Pune

this time, the period seems to have started right on the 28 days date, which is great!
D.G – Pune

it has most definitely improved.. And i do not say that casually.
It really has improved. Thanks a lot!

R.J – Pune

very clear and distinct energy was felt… it was like a meditative experience!
J.W – Pune


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