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Core Healing is an excellent fusion of technology and higher consciousness used to facilitate health and well being. We provide remote transmissions, therapy, energy healing and wellness products to support you on this journey of healing, self exploration and growth.

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What we offer

Core transmissions

Our Remote transmissions create positive and observable changes in clients. These transmissions are useful for and can be targeted to people, organizations, properties or businesses regardless of location.

Sign up and receive these specially designed, positively charged transmissions from the comfort of your home or office!
Choose from two of our most popular Group transmissions:
Body Mind Balance Abundance
Have a transmission created based on an evaluation of your personal energy field.
Customized transmission

Therapy & Healing

We are part consultant, part therapist, part sounding board and part friend to you. We can consult and guide you through the challenges you face in your life.

We help you examine your life challenges, beliefs, and points of view, resulting in remarkable and significant breakthroughs in careers, relationships and quality of life. We view things from afar and shed a new light on difficult situations thus helping you discover and clear subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs etc. We also act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills and motivate you to achieve your highest potential.
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Wellness products

Our wellness products are designed to support your well being as well as uplift your home and office. These products are carefully researched, intuitively designed and lovingly crafted. Our chakra set, coasters, pyramids and sprays are energized using our powerful proprietary technology, making them one of a kind in the world.

We use our knowledge, intuition, experience and feedback from a close circle of energy sensitive clients to constantly upgrade and improve our products. We currently have the following offerings:
BedsheetsChakra setCoasters Pyramids Tensor ringsSprays

The Core team

Sahil (GD)

Founder, mentor & guide


Founder, Healer & therapist


Operations manager, Wellness products

What clients say

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