vision improved and inflammation in my eye is better…
My body is lighter and more relaxed, it feels fresh and amazing. The kidney pain got worse but later subsided. I felt the kidney pain as if at a distance. Vision improved and inflammation and pain in my eye is better. Emotionally also the healing has been good. I used to feel very depressed, feel much better now. More clarity in mind and a feeling of accepting my self.
S.Z. – Cape Town

was in totally different world!
Though I could not sit and meditate but felt as if I was in meditative mode even while working…Was in totally different world. Difficult to express in words 😊🙏🏻 thank u so much!
R.D. – Nagpur

feel the warmth and energy flowing and the sense of being centered is strong
I’ve been more flowing in my daily activities and work. Less reactive. Feeling the need to relax and rest more since I lead a very stressful life as caregiver. Sleep is deeper, wake up feeling lighter and energized. My lower back pain is aggravated. More clarity. I feel the warmth and energy flowing and the sense of being centered is strong.
J.K. – Pune

today everything got manifested. It was angelic!
I was feeling extremely dehydrated till one pm… drank water n lots of cranberry pomegranate juice, was 😉 😅 wondering why I felt that, then saw the pathogen cleanse message.
I feel the lovely energy. Today everything got manifested. It was angelic!
K.K. – Hyderabad

i have been relaxed, feeling lighter…
Since 3-4 days before the healing session started I was feeling very low, there was a feeling of tiredness without any reason, but once the healing have started I have been relaxed, feeling lighter. I am confident enough that I am going to have even more beautiful experience in the next 2 days of the Healing😇🙏
S.S. – Varanasi

absolute sense of peace and joy!
Even while experiencing discomfort like fever, pains, bloating (gas), spells of headaches or sneezes, bites flaring into itching and swellings, the energy levels have been high. I’ve continued to keep the momentum of doing what needs to be done with absolute sense of peace and joy not least bit impacted by what was happening at the physical level. At times there were spells of being irritated but I would be out of it in the very next moment.
S.P. – Bangalore

communication is so much more open…
Thanks to core healing I have felt light hearted and joyful over the last few days. My hubby and son are receiving healing too. I feel it in the spontaneous conversations they are having with me. Communication is so much more open. It’s great…
S.D. – Pune

i am experiencing a lot of calm… 
I am pretty new to spirituality and awareness. I am experiencing a lot of calm… i don’t know whether its my belief or illusion… but I experience calm clarity and have a sense of sortedness!
M.D. – Mumbai

 i certainly felt energy flowing…
On first day first session I certainly felt energy flowing. Mind is stable even though my work environment is frustrating. Able to focus on the day’s work. Able to switch easily from work to family and personal interests without much efforts. Thanks!
V.P. – Pune

meditation has become very easy…
I am constantly feeling energy flowing in my body. Meditation has become very easy for me and I am constantly living within myself. In all it was a nice experience.
R.D. – Nagpur

relaxed and calm inspite of my boss…
I restarted with my regular morning meditation after a long time. At the workplace I had to deal with a critical issue and had to sit late nights but I was so relaxed and calm inspite of my boss being under a lot of pressure. The trust of being on this path has increased a lot.
A.M. – Pune

feeling much lighter and less stressful…
Overall I am feeling much lighter and less stressful inspite of having an extremely bad day financially. Also the emotional turmoil which I was going through due to a breakup, I am much stress free now. My focus on my business venture is getting aligned, which I desperately needed. Thank u very much!
A.J. – Mumbai

my family is saying I am looking more positive and happy!
I am feeling relief! My family says that I am looking more positive and happy now. I felt lighter, happier and like a kid. I felt a strange energy in my ears… some sound like a humming between 7 to 8.
R.J. – Bangalore

one morning when I got up… the back pain was not there!
I had back pain. Within 3 or 4 days of the healing… it went away!. Earlier this would take 2 weeks or so. I was rather pleasantly surprised that one morning when I got up… it was not there! 
A.S. – Gurgaon

the pain I had for the past 2 weeks is gone…
I had pain in my left breast for the past 2 weeks, after the first day of the healing program my pain has gone. I also feel happy within myself. 
M.P. – Nasik

digestive system seems to have woken up…
I have been calm mostly. Yesterday over an argument I couldn’t even get angry the way I usually do. I have been feeling the body detoxing and the digestive system seems to have woken up. Almost zero thoughts.
A.K. – Mumbai

stomach ache i had for the last 15 days is gone…
I am feeling refreshed and also happy. I had a stomach ache for the last 15 days… but in last 2 days its gone!  I am feeling so good. I feel lots of energy in my body. Divine gratitude to you.
S.G. – Pandharpur

craving for food is not there!
if I have guests coming home I panic, but today when guests came at very short notice (10 mins) I was sorted and happy. Enjoyed every moment. Since today morning I notice that craving for food is not there. For the last few days nothing was satisfying my hunger. I kept eating. But now even a little food is giving pleasure.
A.A – Pune

used to get nightmares, now i have happy dreams…
I feel more energetic and walk fast in the morning. I used to have nightmares, now I have happy dreams. No negative feelings towards anyone, including those who had been enemies.
S.S. – Gurgaon

lots of energy despite the cold…
despite a runny cold I felt very active and light through the day. The pathogen cleanse helped relieve the congestion almost immediately. I found a lot of energy despite the cold to do my work quickly and effectively today. Thank you for the healing!
S.D. – Pune

meditation has deepened and sleeping much better…
🙂 kids were very happy yesterday. We went out for dinner last night and there was no fighting! Lots of smiling and joking around. 
My body is detoxing and skin is amazingly clear and smooth. Meditation has deepened and sleeping much better. 
The first transmission is the one I can feel the most! I feel my whole body vibrate! Thank you!!
M.P. – Melbourne

not affected in spite of being in a very tough phase…
I am currently going through a tough phase, still I find myself not very affected. No depression or anxiety attack so far. Maybe it is the effect of this healing. Last three days I felt tired at the end of the day and had sound sleep. 
Someone who has known me for long, during the course of the conversation remarked “you have grown very strong”. 
S.C. – Pune

50% of the pain has released…
feeling relaxed but more sleepy. Don’t feel like eating anything, just want to feel the healing energy all the time. I was stressed for many days and feeling pain the whole day. 50% of the pain has released!
K.J. – Ajmer

don’t feel like coming out of it!
yesterday I experienced very high energies… on 1st Sept between 2pm to 4pm I felt high activation energies at anahat chakra n above… I don’t know if am able to express it correctly or not but am enjoying the mood I am into and don’t feel like coming out of it!
R.D. – Nagpur

electric sensation in my fingers!
something very strange… was walking in the office, and suddenly I had a funny experience of electric kind of sensation in my fingers, then I had to stop and look at my fingers, as if something is sticking between fingers. I myself was shocked, lasted for 10 mins.
….even now I can feel it in the entire body, as if some wave is hitting, on head and face, like when someone suddenly splashes water at you.
S.T. – Pune

shoulder pain reduced considerably…
for the last few days I had shoulder pain, which has reduced considerably, I also noticed a change in my 6 year old, he could solve his maths sums suddenly today… which I was apparently teaching from many days and he was unable to do. 
K.P. – Mumbai

significant change in my dreams…
since the healing has started i have experienced a significant change in my dreams. Earlier I was riddled with nightmarish dreams and would wake up more tired than what i was before i went to bed, but that is changing. I feel something is coming undone also, i had a huge emotional meltdown this morning but i feel much lighter now even though I have not figured out a solution yet.
G.S. – Bonn

my periods didn’t give any kind of pain…
I had a very busy day, but thanks to core healing I didn’t feel tired. I was very energetic, in spite of working non stop for 12  to 15 hours. I still could connect and be aware a few times in the day. My periods didn’t give any kind of pain.
S.N. – Pune

not feeling my chronic knee pain…
today also I had very busy day with more things than I could comfortably handle but despite that I noticed that there was no stress and no tightness around the chest, even minor.

Another feedback, I’ve got chronic minor knee pain which I’m not feeling while I’m running today, but again, I’m skeptical and think it could be because of Yoga stretching exercises that I just started. It’s still my duty to report the changes and I’m reporting them.
R.S. – Delhi

in a better place than I have been in for a while…
yesterday I was in a better place than I have been in for a while. Resting better most nights since September 1. Feeling fresh when I wake up. I am more alert and present. Less stuck, more allowing. Less hurried, less burdened by need to perform.
A.P. – Pune

preferred to remain in silence…
felt light but overwhelmed easily. More authentic and honest expression as well as acknowledgement to self was happening. Felt less hungry and more thirsty. Preferred to remain in silence. Thank you.
P.K. – Pune

actually felt happier and lighter…
I was able to sleep peacefully. This healing is working positively for me. Actually felt happier and lighter. Hectic day at office but was able to manage calmly.
A.S. – Nasik

I was breathing freely and deeply as never before!!
deep cleaning happening inside and also outside. This morning I did stuff that I used to procrastinate. Since Saturday morning, my belly and my stomach are doing the of job of releasing everything. Yesterday I had a pain in the stomach. Today less but still. I’m loving your gift, I’m very grateful to all of you.
After the respiratory system session, I was breathing so freely and deeply as never before!
The vision and the logical processing were clear, clever and strong. More allowance and at the same time more determination 🙂
D.D – Italy

a sense of calm and happiness is carried…
feeling relax and motivated. There is also an inner peace and happiness.  Increased energy levels throughout the day, and a sense of calm and happiness is carried, even though external situations are the same… thank you.
S.K. – Pune

helped me center my core from time to time…
I am going through a very trying time on the personal as well as job front, i have recently started with a new job. And i am very grateful for your healing which helped me center my core from time to time.
G.S. – Bonn

tasks got accomplished quite effortlessly…
I felt like taking some time off today from everyone and everything and take rest. I did that and feel really rested now. Mind feels calm and quiet. No conflicts… all tasks got accomplished quite effortlessly and got rest as well. Thank you for the healing 🙏
S.D. – Pune

feeling centered and content…
the healing has been wonderful. Feeling centered and content. Always returning to a state of peace, calm and love almost effortlessly. Haven’t been worried about my health or well being. Meditations have been deep and expansive. Immense grace and guidance. Many thanks.
V.B. – Pune

8 year old pet has responded fantastically…
my energy levels are high since day one. I feel less tired physically. Mentally feel extremely refreshed all the time. Many creative ideas on my work front. So overall a HAPPY ME😊😊. My 8 year old pet has responded fantastically to the healing. Everyday he climbs stairs, drinks water, responds to calling.
N.P. – Gandhinagar

it was very empowering!
I had a beautiful and powerful insight today & a lot of clarity. For me, doing housework has always been a task. My priority always was my professional work. So any hindrance at home always bothered and irritated me. But today, I had such amazing clarity – the way to manage and run my home is parallel to the way I manage my professional work. It was very empowering!
Also, even though I was unwell today, I had the energy to manage my house and work both. At work, I was very focused and clear. It was truly an awesome day! I feel at a different level in my life. Thank you for the beautiful healing!
M.M. – Pune

a lot more energetic than I have felt in many months. Happier and emotionally much better, more determined to move on in life.
M.P. – Pune

i could see my self being quicker in my work. In spite of getting up at 4 in the morning
and continuously working till now, I still feel energetic.

V.P. – Nasik

feeling like, I can let go. Last few nights I had deep and peaceful sleep.
I’m aware of the little things which brighten up my day. 

A.H.- Zurich

i sat for a long meditation an hour than my usual time. My mood is uplifted and I wake up refreshed too.
B.G. – Ludhiana

managed to go really deep today while meditating! 😀 thank you for this awesome week!
M.P. – Melbourne

have a more positive approach in general… and am impressed with the sense of calm I feel 😊
A.S. – Pune

i feel content with lesser quantity of food.
B.C. – Pune

despite lots of escalations at office, I felt balanced and unwavering.
S.S. – Bangalore

in the last few days noticed things are releasing quite effortlessly.
A.T. – San Fransisco

feeling self-love and self-approval has become easier than before. 
B.H. – Pune

surely made a positive difference, even others noticed the change in me. Unbelievable. 
Z.P. – Gandhinagar

during the last session to relieve rigidity, I really felt the effect on my neck and shoulders!
T.R. – Mumbai

at work place I felt very much happier… received appreciation from higher management for my work!
A.N.- Pune

yesterday evening for a moment everything came to a standstill… I felt deep emptiness for a while.
A.P. – Mumbai

i felt positive and had less pain without having to use pain killers.
N.J. – Pune

the morning first sessions are my favorite. Quiet, clear and still is what they feel like. Thank you 🙂
S.B. – Pune

i felt happy for no reason during our healing session yesterday!
S.S. – Phoenix

i felt something shifting today and had tears for no reasons. Thanks.
A.P. – Australia

my hunger increased and yet I felt light on a spiritual level. I was more accepting of myself and was less confused.
 H.K. – Pune

i did lots of creative work in last 2 days… feeling good!
R.J. – Mumbai

feeling positive with more clarity in thinking.
R.V. – Pune

i felt relaxed in my body… after many days I became conscious about body and felt relaxed.
S.P. – Pune

thanks! Feeling happy for no reason at all!
M.P. – Melbourne

feeling energetic and happy from inside.
S.S. – Gurgaon

today I had a bursts of creativity and was good at work.
S.U. – Pune

i felt happy, danced, and was focused.
P.P. – Nasik

my thoughts are clear, I can make better decisions, I feel a lot more stable.
K.G. – Pune

feeling less overwhelmed… lighter and happier for no reason.
K.P – Pune

feel good. My back ache is better.
A.P. – Dubai

I slept very well yesterday. Fell asleep before 12am, and slept through till 9am.
M.M. – SIngapore

thank you core healing team for this wonderful session, I am feeling very light and happy.
K.G. – Pune

I am definitely feeling lighter, there is less confusion and an overall sense of peace and happiness.  
A.S. – Pune

I have been observing so much of peace and joy without reason inside.
R.R. – Singapore

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