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Healing Services and Inergetix CoRe Technology Disclaimer

This “Disclaimer” will be a bit longer than the usual “Be aware that we are not treating or diagnosing any disease” because the real situation is more complex than that and the following is our point of view regarding it:


There are four major points to consider:

  1. In Modern Medicine, even after 200 years of successful therapeutic use of Homeopathy, which today is the medicine of choice for millions of people, the modality is considered just a placebo and in some states a medical doctor can even lose his license if he uses it.
  2. In Modern Medicine diseases are diagnosed using the most sophisticated energetic modalities, such as X-Ray, EEG, ECG, MRI, Thermography or Ultrasound. However, paradoxically Energy is only used in the crudest forms for therapy, such as in Radiation therapy, Lithotripsy, or Laser surgery.
  3. In Modern Medicine we have the knowledge that in every part of the body we can measure different potentials of electric and magnetic field strength (otherwise MRI for example would not be possible) and with sensitive spectrometers we can even trace photons that are generated by cell activity, but paradoxically, the concept of energy medicine does not exist. Analogically a car mechanic could not work without knowledge of electricity.
  4. Despite the fact that we do not know of any complex modern machine that would work without software, medicine today does not even consider the existence of software in the functioning of biological systems and therefore, also does not research software bugs as the cause of disease. The concept of Informational Medicine is not even part of the program of study in medical schools or the database of the FDA.

We could continue this list of obvious paradoxes but this is enough to make it clear that everyone entering this area of energetic or informational medicine is leaving the field of conventionally accepted truth and is entering a largely uncharted territory.


In the field of alternative medicine we find the best and the worst, so a much greater degree of responsibility is required of the interested therapist as well as the client in making their choices. This is because the peer pressure that results from enough competition is still lacking. For example, in the field of established medicine a much larger number of practitioners and researchers are checking on each other, thus guaranteeing a much more even standard of quality.


In general we advise that those who want certainty and fool-proof solutions should not get involved in this field, no matter how cleverly marketing people want to prove the scientific basis of their methods or the certainty of beneficial results. The first people who went on a ship destined for the new world of America knew that they were taking a chance, but these people found the “Land of the brave and the free”. Let’s not deviate from this principle in a field where it really matters, that of health.


At Inergetix we try to be as open as we can about the basis and prospects of energy and informational medicine. We do not pretend that our system works with new forms of energy as systems like Tachyon, Scalar, Psi-, Hado-, Chi-, Ki-, Alpha-energy do. These are not based on advanced scientific concepts like Morphological-, Nonlinear-, Vacuum-, Zeroenergy-, Trivector, Quantum-fields or one of the countless other terminological inventions, that no other companies have found a way to explain in practice.


On the contrary, we simply explain that the informational data-acquisition is based on the statistical analysis of random events and that, by searching for repeating patterns (and not only those of hyperbolic-logarithmic proportions as in Global Scaling (http://www.global-scaling-institute.de/50-1-Publications.html) the holographic nature of all existence is uncovered and can be used for comparison and evaluation of coincidences. We do not hide the fact that the same process is applied by the brain of trained psychics in the reading of what is, otherwise, considered “random” patterns such as those of the palm, the iris, the foot, the blood, or any other part of the body.


As in every other field of life, there are also many people in this area who want to benefit from the suffering of others by selling their medicine, devices, or therapies without proper warnings about their widely unknown success rate, or the non-comparable nature of the methods and theories involved in comparison with that of established science. Newspapers are no different, as they also try to benefit from the suffering of others, but should we therefore banish newspapers? Where there is a lot of light there will always be a lot of darkness.


The FDA/IMA is not designed to be an independent research organization and simply represents the knowledge of the conventional medical schools (FDA.org). Devices like “Bioresonance”, which have been used for half a century in most countries of the world by thousands of practitioners, do not even exist in a device-category in the vast database of the FDA. (This is indirect proof of how harmlessness this and other modalities are because, in comparison, almost every known drug is recorded there along with details of their most disastrous side effects in individual cases).


The terrible instances, listed in some newspaper articles, present a selection of examples of patients who did not use their common sense to research the validity of claims that have been made, of practitioners who mislead their clients by presenting their methods as a panacea and by manufacturers who feast on the contemporary religious belief in scientific terminology.


Having stated this, we are back to where we started; we have to be aware and make others aware that this area is still on the edge of contemporary science and world view and is not for everyone to get involved with – an informed choice needs to be made that can only be made by the individual.


To give an even greater choice in this respect, we are offering three versions:

  1. The CIS is the standalone version of the Informational evaluation and balancing part of our Inergetix-CoRe system. With it nobody can state or prove that any harm can be done with a computer program alone, as long as the linguistic rules on our guideline page below are observed.
  2. The Inergetix-Basic, in addition to the CIS also has the possibility, in common with our competitors, to use the output of one’s computer’s sound card for balancing. The sound of one’s laptop or the millivolts associated with its output, even if applied with electrodes, is not even perceptible. (In comparison, electric fences around cow pastures which anyone can touch carry 10 thousand volts)
  3. The Inergetix-Advanced uses a sophisticated Arbitrary Wave Generator to create wave patterns of up to 12 Volts amplitude. This setup has been used for about half a century by thousands of practitioners often with remarkable success stories. However, Rife and its devices have at times been the target of FDA investigations, not, to our knowledge, because they did any harm (what harm can be done by the output of a 12 Volt car battery?) but because therapists who thought they were GOD and could treat and cure anything, misrepresented their skills or persuaded their clients to stop other forms of treatment. (ANYONE WHO SUFFERS FROM ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY or has a pacemaker should not be treated with the energetic part of the CoRe system … … if you are not sure about such possible sensitivities consult your professional health practitioner first, for advice)

Our company did not receive the severe backlash that other manufacturers experienced, for two reasons: first that we were very careful not to make illegitimate claims and, second, because our devices are inherently very harmless even when compared with well-proven medical drugs.


However, to solidify this positive track record we have put together a list of guidelines that all therapist and their clients should observe in order not to endanger themselves or to come into conflict with established legal practice.


We hope that this disclaimer brings more honesty to the whole field and the possibilities for making more informed decisions for both the clients and therapist.

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