Core healing has been a blessing in my life!
It’s been almost a year since I’ve enrolled on the body mind balance program. It has been amazing! My main intent was to make my period normal as I suffered from very heavy bleeding and it would last about 10 days. I now have a normal period that lasts only  5 days and no medication to control the pain. I haven’t got sick this past year…. not even a mild cold! I can’t recall when I even had a Crocin last! Hair loss has stopped and I definitely have more hair on my head!
Emotionally I have found myself more grounded, peaceful and confident. I let go of stuff easily now. I am a happier. I love feeling the energies tingling all over my body. The telephonic sessions with Amit are awesome! Core healing has been a blessing in my life. A fantastic support! Thank you!
M.P. – Australia

Joint pain levels fell significantly, my mood was upbeat…
I’ve been on these transmission for over six months now, I decided to stay on after the initial 2 months because my joint pain levels fell significantly, my mood was upbeat, there was no bloating & my stomach felt light. The transmissions have been a support all through.
V.N. – Chennai

Completed what needs completing and let go of all that doesn’t serve…
Despite the trying circumstances and the serious rebooting of personal and relational space triggered by the illness and subsequent loss of wife, I have completed what needs completing and let go of all that doesn’t serve and remained present — largely due to the support of these transmission and group calls.
A.P. – Pune

Huge difference in depression and anxiety!
I was suffering for depression and anxiety for a long time now, even the three months of medication had not helped. The 2 months on this program and the telephonic sessions have made a huge difference. I feel much better and the situation seems much less intimidating.
H.R.- Chattisgarh

I experienced less pain and had a faster recovery from Shingles!
Core healing helped me to glide through my singles/herpes zoster episode which is usually very painful. Being on the Body Mind Balance program, I experienced much lesser pain and had a faster recovery. Even the post recovery itch that last for months for most and in some cases for years is gone. Thanks to Amit and Core.
D.S – Pune

Surgery was one of cleanest we ever did!
I wrote my surgeon a Thank you note and this is what he replied: “Welcome. By gods grace your surgery was one of cleanest we ever did.” Thank you Thank you Thank you for your healing energies.
S.S. – Varanasi

TMT test was the best in 3 years!
I underwent the routine medical tests recently. When we did the TMT test, the doctor commented that this was the most perfect result that he had ever seen. He actually repeated the test to make sure there was no error, but the result was the same. Having been on the Body Mind Balance program for more than a year now, I know this has been the single most important change that helped achieve this.
S.M. – Bhopal

It’s not a pain killer its the divine healing!
Here I am struggling with pain considering to take a pain killer or not, my head is throbbing and my migraine usually never goes without a painkiller, suddenly in few minutes I experience some rest in pain, its not a pain killer its the divine healing which i get from Core Healing!
S.B. – Mumbai

Anxiety, insomnia and migraine gone!
I can never thank you enough, but this is a start. I have really been benefited with the healing process in many ways. Just jotting down few of the significant instances that really are life changing experiences for me till date. I am sure of getting more benefit out of it throughout my life for the cleansing you have done to my soul and body.

Instances that happened:

  • I was insomniac for years now (till the time i joined the course) but nowadays sleep is something that comes so naturally at day end and thus keeps me energetic the next day. Its something i was missing for years and was taking a toll on my body
  • I use to live with all tensions in and around my life always in my mind and hence was always so down from inside and use to curse myself for all the negative things happened in thy life but nowadays i am less prone to this symptom. I take things as it is and try to look forward and stay positive despite knowing the fact that there are so many unresolved issues around. I have started believing that things falls in place when it is suppose to.
  • I use to curse my life for all the things i should have achieved by this time but now i feel everything will definitely fall in place when i am at my best and takes everything as an experience
  • I have migraine problem but now during the session tenure touchwood i never had severe migraine problem
  • Always there was a heaviness in my heart due to several reasons that i used to carry within and now i feel lighter from inside

So to be very honest i am seeing the +ve changes in my life and very much hopeful about more of such incidents to come in my life. I am going through a challenging time, and I appreciate you so much for your kind help. You have no idea how much your help has meant !!

Last but not the least i also wana thank Mr Sandeep Majumder – my bro my mentor for introducing you and adding a “Guarding Angel” in my LIFE.

Thanks a ton !!
S.S. – Kolkatta

Its the first time I had no migraine periods!
Its the first time I had no migraine periods. This the first time I had no problem at all. I just cant believe.
S.K. – Mumbai

Relief from spondylitis and gastric issues!
I am 80 years old. I had been suffering from Spondylitis and Gastric issues since March of this year. I underwent physiotherapy for Spondylitis, and taken many rounds of medicine for Gastric issue but the problems persisted in some degree. I had tried all ‘pathies’ of medicine to get relief but nothing seemed to give lasting relief. Due to both the issues, my mobility had become severely restricted causing great difficulty to lead a normal life.
It was at the end of September that I got enrolled by my son in the Monthly Healing Program based on the recommendation from a close family friend who has been a recipient of the healing that the Core Team provides.
After a long discussion between Amit of the Core Team and my son, I started receiving the remote healing from a holistic approach. Within the first week, I started getting relief from the Spondylitis pain. Towards the end of 3rd week or so, my gastric issues were better than they have been in the last 6 months. My appetite has increased. I have not felt better physically since I have been on this program. I am gradually getting back to leading an active lifestyle.
A big Thank You to Amit and The Core Team for adding some life in this age.
A.R.- Hyderabad

I feel a lot more energetic and optimistic…
Thank you so much. Appreciate the time and effort that you have put into this. I feel a lot more
energetic and optimistic – low energy levels has always been a problem for me. I had added my
daughter’s name with her permission. She eats a lot of junk food – in the past few days her intestines got
cleaned out! It took me a while to realize that a purge was going on. Thanks again. God bless you!
G.G. – Pune

Sleep better, digestion better…
First birthday of wife where I did lots of things for her vs. earlier years … felt happy that I did.
Sleep has been intense. I am not so concerned with materialistic things in life i.e breaking my head over money etc. Used to do that till about 3 months ago.
No issues linked to flatulence. Was taking medicines from about 25 Dec till 10 Jan. Presently continue to be off the medicines. Felt that last 3 to 4 days….little quantity of food was filling up the stomach as compared to a larger intake earlier.
A.S. – Gurgaon

Opened my views and made accept things openly…
Just wanted today that I am very thankful for the healing given. It has opened my views and made accept things openly; I feel less burdened and have taken few decisions which till now I was either postponing or afraid to take. I am happier & relaxed and with a lot more clarity with what I want out of my life. Thank you again
P.S. – Gurgaon

My son is being more understanding…
I can see the difference in my son. He is behaving like a mature person, being more understanding. Academically also he has improved a lot.
S.N. – Pune

Prostrate issue completely vanished!
My father, 87 and ailing is being supported by core healing since last March.  In December suddenly he fell ill and was admitted to hospital in a critical condition and the diagnosis – multiple organ failure. Thanks to the support of Core and my mother’s prayers and positive outlook he pulled through and got well enough to attend my daughter’s wedding in January.
The best is yet to come.  When he was taken for a routine check up last week, the doctor almost fell off her chair to see that his prostrate problem which was one of the reasons for his illness in December had completely vanished and the heart function had improved dramatically.
Needless to say, it was a big celebration.
Thank you Core and the  core team which make miracles easy and effortless.
S.K. – Pune

A great stabilizing influence!
I found the month-long  healing the first time a great stabilizing influence. Sometimes a great sustained healing support is required for a leap that is needed from deep darkness. I sense that this is what it has been. Darkness is not gone but seems a better relationship with it is happening. I also had two one-to-one intense session along with this and a few others. Even when the planetary energies were in deep churn I was able to hold ground. Essentially one must go for it.. Full on. Thanks Amit, Gd and Core.
K.G. – Pune

Urticaria which was unresponsive to all treatment is much better!
My mum suffers from severe urticaria  and it has been ongoing for the last couple of months. None of the medicines have helped her. And if at all it had any impact , it brought about depression along with increasing  itchiness.
These sessions have definitely helped her. In the last fortnight they have appeared once or twice compared to daily occurrence. And the intensity with which it occurs has reduced.
A.L. – London

Meditation is instantaneous!
I’m feeling quite good. One particular thing I would like to share with you regarding healing sessions which I’m right from the first session. When I close my eyes during healing sessions…I instantly get into relaxed state of mind which I usually feel during meditation. It usually takes me some 2 to 5 minutes to get into relaxed state of mind when I sit for meditation. But during healing sessions, it’s instantaneous.
L.S. – Kolkatta

I haven’t had a migraine for months now…
I found the monthly healing package to be extremely beneficial for me. I had been suffering with some health issues and was struggling for a few weeks before I started the healing. During the healing I found that it would take me some time to adjust to the frequencies at times so I would feel drowsy or tired. But by the end of the day I would feel better. Mostly it was just a signal from my body that I needed rest. At the end of 2 months I was completely recovered and fit. I think it was awesome and it enhanced the healing effects of other therapies that I took. I haven’t had a migraine for months now.
D.R. – Hyderabad

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