Sold my flat within 6 months of starting the healing…
My heartfelt THANKS to you and core healing our flat in Chennai got sold. 😊🙏🏻 once again, this is another obvious miracle that core healing has moved the energy of a house so beautifully 😊 that, after being on the block for 2 years it got sold within 6 months of starting the healing.
Thanx again for your wonderful contribution to this planet 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Something is different from deep within!
Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I’m feeling fantastic. Anger has virtually disappeared. I’m reacting differently to situations and people and am very aware of my thinking. Body is feeling a bit low and feels like it needs rest. Thinking has also shifted. I can sense something is different from deep within.

All in all, the results are amazingly connected with the report that was generated! I am quite amazed with the stuff that came up and happier at the way its getting cleared!
A.S – Mumbai

Reduced side-effects of chemotherapy…
I had my 3rd Chemo on 02.07.12 and this time the level of pain is less and other symptoms are also less.
L.K.T – Pune

Ovarian cysts…
In just one Core healing session, my ovarian cyst reduced by 10mm.
A.T – Pune

Allergy and flu…
My First session was when i had flu. The system immediately showed that i was suffering from some allergy. 8 years ago I was homeopathically treated for chronic nasal congestion which used to develop into a flu periodically. An allergic response was probably triggering my presently reduced nasal congestion into flu like symptoms. This link was picked up by the system.

It was very interesting to see the physiological diagnostics made by the system. Todays medical science does not have a reliable allergy test. If this system can detect such a small allergen level then it could be worth exploring further.
H.T – Pune

“My sleep pattern has been very bad due to the years of medication that I have been on. I could not get restful sleep for days. I tried many western and alternate systems of healing including controlling food habits , nothing seemed to stabilize the issue. I even had to stop meditation in the mornings as i could not get enough restful sleep. Just one sitting on this machine and I have started sleeping well again. I felt it was in some way healing the past and calming the mind .

I have also seen other parameters stabilize and am back to being in control on wellness. Looking back I see that we ignore and give a miss to things that look simple to do yet we do not ever question the doctors and the western medicine even though we have seen that they don’t heal but just mask the symptoms and worse they have side effects. I would like many more to experience the amazing healing power of the Core healing system which is so very simple but as the word says it heals from the core from the very word go. “
S.M – Mumbai

Significant cardiac improvement… and hearing back to normal again!
Deep gratitude for the support for my father’s illness. He had undergone an angioplasty on 12th June, post which he was given cardiac drugs which should have brought down his Lipo protein A (which is responsible for the arteries in the heart getting clogged). But surprisingly when his Lipid test was done after the surgery and taking drugs, the Lipid Protein A was still at 75, when the normal range is 0-30.

He began listening to the frequencies around 3 weeks ago and he was scheduled for another Lipo Protein A test around 5 days ago. He and his cardiologist was pleasantly surprised to see the result of the test was 25. The doctors now say that whatever he did is responsible for lowering his risk of a cardiac arrest or even another angioplasty!! The doctors have also stopped his earlier heavy medication (which he had been taking for 5 years) and he now takes much lighter doses and all his symptoms of exhaustion and feeling drained have disappeared. The Rife frequencieshave also helped him in restoring hearing in his left ear. His hearing had gone down due to the heavy medication. His hearing is now completely normal!
A.S – Mumbai

Thank you for getting this amazing product/technology…
I was blown away by the experience, feeding in the info and getting the evaluation. The energy work was very good but I guess I was a bit shaky immediately after it finished. I had a slight headache on day 1 and towards the end of the day felt light and happy. Before the session I found it hard to get up in the morning, but the next day I woke up fresh and feeling energetic.

Also some anger came up the following day. An interesting change is wearing bright colors consistently since the session. It feels like a lot is still releasing. I loved the audio and listening to it relaxes me.

Thank you to both of you for getting this amazing product/technology.
A.T – Pune

My attitude towards money has completely shifted, I am much easier with it, and spending comes as naturally as earning. Immediately after the Core Healing session, I received a call from a institute for working as a part-time trainer, which was a really amazing feeling!!
S.T – Pune

Cracked two interviews…
I didn’t have a job for 3 months and was trying desperately, nothing was working out. I Cracked two interviews within a week of the Core healing!
C.S – New York

CoRe could read my mind…
The session was nice… and the CoRe could read my mind which I found very interesting.
A.M – Pune

After lots of ups and downs I have found comfort…
Difficult relationships in office with certain colleagues, and with my father have shifted, their attitudes towards me changed from my first session of Core Healing itself, I have lots more confidence and patience in dealing with them.There is more mutual respect, and sane discussions are now possible.

Aggression and anger which were dominant earlier have faded to a large extent, I think twice before replying to a person.

There has been an increase in concentration to attend even the most boring office sessions with required presence.

There has been a lot of emotional stability and joy, which was a total contrast from the depressed state I was in when I took the session.

All in all, after lots of ups and downs I have found comfort, which is very endearing indeed !!!
S.T – Pune

Blocks to abundance…
The first session I had in core was for removing my blocks to abundance, especially money.

Within a fortnight after the session I got Rs. One lac as gift and Rs. Six Lacs from a totally unexpected source. This was a real bonus as the healing sessions help me clearing a lot of my internal pent up emotions and a lot of internal conflict has got resolved.
S.N – Pune

A lot of changes in life…
The 4 sessions of Core Healing that I took last month have brought about a lot of changes in life, a lot of clarity of vision and peace. Here are a few things I noticed.

Chronic nose and throat issues are fully healed.

I am feeling light, as if some load has gone.I feel confident, more relaxed, have a more positive outlook. I am not sensing as much stress in the body, it has gone down by 70% – 80%.

Past issues/ painful memories which were recurring have dissolved, are have much lesser power on me.

Communication has gone up to the next level, I not scared of conflicts as much i used to be, can see the positive aspect of conflicts. Feeling safe and secure. A lot of fear has moved out, feeling more love for family, friends, and myself.

I am open to doing new things, things that were looking very difficult, seem that they are easy and can be handled
A.T – Pune

Silence in the middle of chaos!
Feeling so fearless, joyful and centred (even in the middle of a stressful meeting!) after just one day of taking the drops… Feel like there’s silence even in the midst of chaos.
A.S – Mumbai

My car sales have gone up by 60% and stayed up for the past 6 months!
M.N – Pune

Deep seated depression!

My question for the session was “what is my life purpose?” There was lot of turbulence in the mind. Total unrest and confusion.

After the healing I realized that very question itself was wrong. I had this question because of deep-seated depression that I carried along ever since my husband passed away 5 yrs back, I find this depression leaving me slowly. I feel peaceful and lighthearted.

I don’t want to run away from life anymore. I would like to stand up for myself.

Another difference I noticed,was about my response to the situation when someone close to me is physically suffering. My cousin brother who is fairly close to me is almost on deathbed. I am able to look at it without getting entangled.
Dr.S.J – Pune

Feeling extremely relaxed and ready to face any changes…
It’s now more than a week after and I have been taking the medicines prescribed. To say the least – it feels good.

The machine termed me as a “sorrow addict”… and in this short time I feel completely happy and for no specific reason. I have been going with the flow quite easily for the last few days, feeling extremely relaxed and ready to face any changes. I am actually kind-of eager and looking forward to see what emerges and feel ready and capable of dealing with any change or transformation.

The best compliment is that my husband noticed my joy and asked me “What’s wrong?” . I think he meant “What’s right?” When I told him about the core healing session, he tasted the medicine to see if it’s got any “special stuff” added that altered my mood

I have asked him to get some of his own and he intends on doing a core healing session too. One more reason to be happy? You betcha!
S.D – Pune

The report that was generated by the CoRe was psychologically deep and insightful…
S.B – Pune

Lots of changes are happening very fast!
Many areas of my life are witnessing expansion – especially my healing activities and I found a substantial improvement in my relationship with my son. Lots of changes are happening in my life very fast and I am feeling lighter and happier every day.
S.K – Pune

Feeling like I used to in College days…
The 2nd session worked really well. I cannot tell you what exactly the change is but I am really feeling very good and I am the same now which I use to be in college days! Today, I don’t have any fear which I use to have earlier… I am seeing changes in my surroundings and I am ready to accept whatever comes in life! Thanks for your support.
A.M – Pune

Emotional pattern around Sex cleared…
I was stuck with an emotional pattern of feeling desperate in the area of love & sex for more than 15 years. No matter what counselling, coaching, healing or no matter what workshop I did I still felt deprived of sex & love in my life in-spite of a happily married life. When I used this magic machine in just 30 mins I felt a shift in my self which I had never felt, it is unexplainable. But I wanted to be sure before I come to any conclusions thus I did not make any judgments for a month. But now it has been one complete month and I feel so blissful and satisfied in life. The feeling of desperation for sex & love has just disappeared and I cant explain how. All I can say is that I am feeling great, I am now able to feel abundance of love which I actually always had in my married life. Thank you Amit for this Magic Machine 🙂 You have no idea how big this is for me.
K.M – Pune

The interaction revealed a lot about myself…
The interaction revealed a lot to me about myself.The healing with frequency made me feel a lot lighter and i completely relaxed.Post healing i have been sleeping very well and it is more restful.Thank you so much.
S.B – Mumbai

Rebuilt my emotional well being…
Recently I had a major churning in my life, when we shifted our base from Dubai to Singapore. The whole process over a period of 4 months, resulted in me shutting down from a lot of things in life. There was quite a bit of anger, sadness, self-punishment etc. etc. which obviously resulted in a couple of physical symptoms.

This is when I was referred to Amit to take this wonderful “CORE” healing sessions. At the end of a week-long healing, I could not wait to call Amit and Thank him for making me feel like myself after almost 5 months. It was a pleasure for me to observe the peace within myself again. The sessions helped me rebuild my emotional well-being and made me look at life at large and joy.
R.K – Singapore

Anger and supression cleared…
I have been battling anger issues with spurts of anger coming through at work, in my personal relationships and also with strangers. This was due to fear and bottling a lot of the issues inside.

Your 11 day long healing really helped me in expressing the anger when a situation pisses me off and also really be able to learn how to calm down. During those 11 days, I felt a lot of my issues that were blocked came through and I was truly able to be me without any facade.

I would just like to express my gratefulness reiterating to anyone, that this format of long distance healing really works.

I also think being able to discuss this with Amit & GD made me feel like I had a best friend at hand. I felt understood, and they helped in their detailed discussions/feedback to make my own connections.
N.T – Mumbai

Back pain better and restful sleep…
Though my back pain is not completely gone, I have been relieved from another issue and benefited immensely.  It was very common for me to wake up around 4:00 am in the morning with stomach pain (due to gas problem) accompanied with stiff back.  Rarely I used to have normal restful sleep and only during the weekend afternoon naps I used to find restful sleep.  After I have completed the Core sessions on back-pain, I don’t remember waking-up with stomach pain in the morning. I sleep very comfortably and restfully these days (it’s been more than 3 months now)
J.W – Pune

Mind has become calmer and stable…
I have been experiencing some wonderful results due to healing. My mind has become much calmer and stable. Some incidences happened in which i would have otherwise panicked a lot but this time i just didint and thus the outcome form the other person was also much calmer. My sleep quality has improved a lot. I think I might have ovulated around 13th or 14th day where as my last cycle I had not ovulated.
D.N – Pune

Happy and content alone…
Okay, some notes from end of healing:
The two hour healing on my birthday happened while I was practising yoga. I went very deep and cried from what seemed like nowhere. I hadn’t cried like that for some time.

I went away for the weekend with work people and I spent some time alone and did not have feelings of being left out like usually, but i felt happy and content alone – in fact I chose to be alone at times

I have been dreaming since the healing started – they are vivid dreams again. It has been years since this happened

As for the man that i couldn’t stop thinking about – i have been less sad and he rarely pops into my head

I feel as though i am clearing space for what is to come next. perhaps more information on what I am supposed to be doing professionally. I no longer feel a constant anxiety about why I am not a writer today. I no longer have a block with writing.

I cannot thank you enough for the healing. They did wonders for me. I will use GD’ meditation daily. I have saved it to my phone.

Blessings to you both.

Tremendous support through this unknown and challenging journey!
I had most interesting and beneficial experience of Personal healing with Core. My mother is diagnosed with colon cancer and she is going through radiation and Chemo tablets. Remote Personal healing was advised for her.

From the day One , my mother experienced amazing strength and her fear subsided while going for her treatments. There were special sessions done for her nausea and digestive system. Her sleepless nights became peaceful good sleeps after Amit gave her some frequencies to listen during night.

I was awestruck when Amit saw some signs of emotional turmoil for my mother and balanced the effect. There were certain events that caused this, which were pre-identified and balanced by Amit.

My mother has benefited a lot and looks forward for her daily session! The Core healing has been a tremendous support for me and my mom through this unknown and challenging journey!

Thank you so much..
S.U – Pune

Chronic fatigue syndrome…
I had been stuck in a troubled, traumatic and extremely stressful domestic situation for the last decade. It resulted in me suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, extreme fear and anxiety, complete loss of self-confidence, stress induced physical symptoms like swellings in the body that lasted for weeks. My Muscles would get injured at the slightest of stress and there would be pain for weeks.

I tried many different therapies, with varying degrees of success, in the 2 months of Core Healing,

  • I made the choice to move out of the stressful environment, the finances got arranged, I found a new place, completed all the legalities and shifted into it.

  • My self confidence and ability to function independently has returned, I handled all the problems during the shifting and the arrangements, with ease. Even I was surprised at the way I was handling things.

  • I would not say I am back to normal and the fatigue is gone, but I am much more energetic than I have been for a long time.

  • The fear and anxiety have reduced to quite an extent, such that they are in the background and don’t hamper my day to day activities.

  • I feel positive towards life

The discussions that I had with the team opened up an entirely new perspective to life and to pain. They have been a great support through the process.
G.P – Pune.

My stock portfolio is up 35% !
I have been investing in stock market for last 10 years without much success. I was very interested in learning and gathering knowledge but when it came to applying knowledge, old patterns used to take over and I could not apply what I knew to be right thing to do. I had many stocks of companies which were on loss and I knew that I should sell them and invest in other companies which seem more promising. However somehow I never did that I last 5 years.  Immediately after the abundance sessions, I sold all old non performing stocks effortlessly without any doubt and invested in stocks which I really wanted to.  My portfolio is up by 35% up from 2013 when I took the sessions and have only those stocks in my portfolio which I am pretty comfortable with.

I believe Core can be utilized for Preventive as well as Supportive measure in many aspects of life i.e health, finance and relationship. Even healthy people in normal life would find it beneficial to utilize Core sessions in various areas of life. Point I am making is that you don’t need to utilize CORE only to solve issues or problems, you can utilize it to improve on those areas of your life where you always wanted to make positive change/ difference in your life.
J.W – Pune

Plot got sold in 6 months
We had requested you’ll to do land/space clearing for our plot in Nashik that was not getting sold for about 2 years, so that we could sell the plot as soon as possible.

You (Core Healing)  asked us for a 6 months time for the clearing and healing of the land and we were pleasantly surprised to note that your efforts were proved fruitful in less than 5 months!!.

We got a buyer and the formalities are under way. The healing was useful not only for land clearing but also in removing the blocks that were being created by some partners in the land. Its a very interesting and awesome procedure wherein one works at a very very subconsious level for healing.
A.M – Nasik

Reduced anxiety and improved energy levels…
Change in energy levels – The energy levels have improved from before and I have become more alert. One thing I have noticed is if I hear the audio before going off to sleep, I am not able to sleep immediately but am a little fresh !Ofcourse the sleep is comparitively deeper and better than before.
Changes in behavioral patterns, emotional patterns – More confident and calm than before.

Unlocking and clearing of past memories – This was significant as I could connect to past memories and cleaned them of guilt. But do they go away for ever ?

Changes in thought patterns, and the kind of things you are usually anxious about- The anxiety levels are less or rather less frequent and not very acute. A change for sure.
S.J – Mumbai

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