the awesome feedback for Deep Cleaning the Digestive System! 
( 21 – 27th Jan 2016 )

omg, feels like a major cleanliness drive!!!
I’m having all the symptoms mentioned in the FAQ… tired, sleepy, nauseated, heavy head, droopy eyes, gudgud in tummy continues…
Omg, feels like a major cleanliness drive!!!
A.K. – Pune

digestion better and gas and acidity less by 25-30%
Digestion better and gas and acidity less by 25-30%. Bowel movement smoother- not constipated.
T.M. – Mumbai

haven’t felt this kind of physical energy for last five years!
I have been feeling extremely energetic since morning – physically and mentally. Have not felt this kind of physical energy for the last five years.
S.K. – Pune

my skin is glowing! The blemishes on my face are all gone!
I am amazed at how much I can feel the energy flowing in my body. Some transmissions more than others. It’s a wonderful and  relaxing feeling!
From Day one my body has been detoxing. Day two I was very emotional, crying for no reason and feeling very tired. Day three I woke up extremely happy and kept smiling all day long. I have been sleeping more at nights,going to bed earlier and waking up an hour later!!
My skin is glowing! Had quite a few blemishes on my face and they are all gone!
My first remote core healing experience and definitely not the last! I’m loving it! Thank you very much for this awesome experience!
After doing the sessions in India my skin was glowing also….. I know why now!
I also just realized that a mark/patch I’ve had on my right side of my face since I was around 8 years old is much much smoother. It used to be very bumpy before. I don’t usually pay attention to it but today when u mentioned skin improvements I looked at it. And I couldn’t believe it!!
And today I woke up with a headache…. Guess is cleansing?
M.P. – Melbourne

strong sense of “nothing really matters”
I slept like a log, and  had such vivid dreams, when I got up, there was strong sense of “nothing really matters” a strange satisfaction.
S.T. – Pune

sadness coming up… very good bowel movement
Slept well till 2 am. Then awake till morning. Anxiety thoughts connected to solar plexus and stomach areas and sadness coming up. Very good bowel movement. 
A.S. – Mumbai

i can eat my favorite foods without having any abdominal discomforts. 
The different beliefs since my childhood could have made my mind in believing not to eat the food I enjoy, but to avoid some of those foods, as it could cause indigestion, acidity & all those abdominal discomforts.
My biggest accomplishment from this awesome transmission is, I could break my entire belief system about my eating habits of those foods that I enjoy eating. I am now so confident that I can eat my favorite foods without having any abdominal discomforts. 
I surely feel that now my digestive systems is repaired/restored and I once again kinda started loving those yummy foods again and now without any hiccup.
This peculiar transmission is for sure repairing, restoring & revitalizing entire digestive system of human body & connected with Mind/Soul by clearing fears, anxiety and other emotions/beliefs by harmonizing all these in a very positive way as I  experienced.
Please accept my deepest gratitude for this astonishing transmission . Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
D.J. – Thane

my hunger has disappeared…
I drank a lot of water all through the night.
Today also not feeling hungry, my stomach seems to be full, so am not going to have lunch and will eat when hungry. Looks like am on a diet. Thanks for getting me into shape. hahaha
L.S. – Mumbai

much lighter and less painful monthly cycle
Hi 🙂 two interesting things: prior to this was getting bad dreams and sleeping very poorly, now sleeping well. Also have been having the monthly cycle – been feeling much lighter and having less pain. 🙂
N.T. – Mumbai

woke up light, refreshed, calm and peaceful…
Last night was knock out sleep. Woke up light, refreshed, spacey and very calm and peaceful. Like how one would feel after having climbed a mountain and then had a massage. Like something big happened and then there was deep rest. Feels like a new phase of life. Quiet joy.
A.S. – Mumbai

i feel much lighter and cleaner
Woke up today feeling happy and rejuvenated. Though the program was intense for me on some days causing some discomfort in my stomach or some pains occasionally..  I feel much lighter and cleaner at the end of it. During the program a few significant things happened:
– a very intense session with GD where energy blocks in my solar plexus area got cleared.
– I restarted my 30 min daily meditation that I had been struggling with.
– a de-cluttering of my room and desk that had been pending for a few months.
In general I feel more healthy and more at peace with myself. Thanks for offering this wonderful program.
D.R. – Hyderabad

digestion seems to be improving…
A big thank you for even thinking about this kind of healing.
Body has been needing a lot of rest and much more sleep than earlier. Digestion seems to be improving.
S.T. – Mumbai

woke up very much at peace
Woke up very much at peace, but did not know why. Then I realized the healing had started! Did not feel really hungry till 6 in the evening.
L.S. – Mumbai

stomach was rumbling the whole night…
My stomach was rumbling the whole night, and I had bouts of loose motion in the morning. 
S.M. – Bhopal

i’m feeling the energy flowing!!!
Have you started the next transmission already? Cause I’m feeling the energy flowing!!! I am amazed Amit!!! I really didn’t expect to feel it the way I am!
M.P. – Melbourne

jaw pain vanished, what magic did you do?
I got acute pain in my right jaw, it was though it will drop out, and I had to take a pain killer. This morning I wasn’t even able to swallow. After the second session this morning, it vanished, what magic did you do?
R.P. – Varanasi

did not lose temper even when hungry…
Pee is stinking badly. Normally when I get hungry, I tend to lose my temper & for lack of words I would say I get “irritable” etc. For last 2 days it’s very different, I am relaxed & comfortable. The energy sensation is very subtle though. I am having super deep sleep and my appetite is varying
A.K. – Mumbai

have experienced good appetite and sleep these last few days
It’s been a space of receiving and trust for me. I have experienced good appetite and sleep these last few days. My mind is at peace knowing that I am taken care of. Thank you for enabling this. God bless. 
S.D. – Pune

have been more hungry during the 1 pm session…
Have been more hungry during the 1 pm session and my palms have been hot, also since the third session my cheeks have been red and hot.
P.R. – Singapore

slept soundly for the last 2 days…
I had a bit of headache yesterday but I trust that’s part of the healing. Feel ing a lot thirstier in the day and been drinking lots of water.
I have slept soundly without waking for any reason through the night for the last 2 days.
Thank you. I enjoy knowing that I am being taken care of without having to do much and just being in a space of receiving and trust.
S.D. – Pune

digestion improved and no acidity at all!
Digestion improved and no acidity at all. Bowel not very clear in first go in the morning, had to go twice or thrice a day. In fact have a small bout of loosies right now. Face is looking brighter, less dark circles but little acne still there. 
A.K. – Pune

this session is very different from other sessions…
Hi Amit, felt very tired during the fist two days, cried for a long time on the first day. This session is very different from other sessions for me. I feel so much pain in my body parts. All sorts of anxieties and fears.
B.A. – Pune

did not have the heaviness I usually get.
I had dinner late at night, around 11:30 and it didn’t trouble me, slept pretty late around 2 & got up by 7, almost fresh. Today I had late lunch in the cafeteria, and did not have the heaviness, I usually get.

A.K. – Mumbai

my tummy has shrunk a bit
For day 3-4 of the core a tremendous amount of sadness and anger came up to get cleared and on day 5-6 it’s been much lighter and a more loving space. My periods have been highly irregular and very light. If it weren’t for the core I’d be wondering if something was wrong. Feel loving towards the world and very sleepy and thirsty all day. Not eating much all these days.
Physically, my tummy has shrunk a bit. Become softer and the tightness had disappeared to a good degree. Breathing is different. More peaceful. Overall a great experience!

A.S. – Mumbai

this healing was absolutely amazing
This healing was absolutely amazing. .. Emotionally…. 
The self blame, guilty about doing things for my self, being unhappy for my self are all gone.
My mind is more calmer and brain more sharper. Acceptance of things
I am suddenly doing things which I had put on a back burner for so long…and its  going smoothly  …
My intuition has become so strong that I am amazed and am able to say things which are in my subconscious. I don’t know how that is connected to the digestive system. ..Thank you very very much. ..God bless

L.S. – Mumbai

the last 2 – 3 days I feel hungry from within
A lot has been processing . I always had major constipation problems going upto 3 days . For initial 5 days my stomach was clearing 2 times a day . Yesterday n today I felt little constipated again . I never have felt extremely hungry In past few years but from the last 2 – 3 days I feel hungry from within .

P.S. – Mumbai  

noticed an extreme reduction in appetite
The last two days have been fabulous. Have been pulled back into myself. Even when thought goes out I am being pulled back in. Everything must so slow and calm and collected. Buzz-kill feels so good. Thank you.
Also the last two days I noticed an extreme reduction in appetite. Even the most exciting food does not seem to have the appeal it had.
This afternoon for a couple hours I got a deeper understanding of the movie The Matrix. Just felt like “I” was in it and not in it. And all the time I was in a Mall. 🙂

S.S. – Mumbai

no indigestion despite eating out
Substantially better bowel movement. No indigestion despite eating out, which earlier used to trigger problems. Reduction in burping post meals

A.P. – Pune

definite improvement in IBS symptoms and bowel movements. Body feels cleansed of Toxins after this healing. Thanks
S.M. – Bhopal

stomach pain with loose motion. Skin is feeling fresh. Was crying for no reason in the morning.
S.P. – Pune

nice and happy potty sessions. Stomach felt truly empty and calm. Sleep was usually filled with vivid dreams 🙂
S.T. – Pune

stronger bowel movement. Improved digestion. Feeling better. Good, deeper sleep. Feeling fresh!
A.P. – Pune

digestive system is improving, skin is glowing and feels alive!
M.K. – Pune

i had great appetite today. The rash on my thigh which appeared last week is gone!
M.M. – Singapore

i conducted one of the best classes I’ve ever done! Thank you for the healing.
A.K. – Mumbai

sleep was very deep and good, but I’ve been having strange dreams. Great kundalini yoga class in the morning
R.B. – Mumbai

woke up around 8.30 am. Could not wait to go to the loo.
S.S. – Mumbai

this morning loose motions. Tummy’s been making noises. Feel like juicing all day.
A.S. – Mumbai

i had restless sleep for 2 nights and frequent bowel movements in the last 48 hrs.
A.C. – Mumbai

definite change in digestion. Bowel is regular. Skin looks rejuvenated. 🙂
S.M. – Bhopal

i have always had problem of constipation. Since the healing started my stomach is clearing more and more.
P.S. – Mumbai

i am too happy, very deep sleep, I am on seventh heaven, No fear No tension.
S.N. – Pune

gut wrenching experience, now settling. Exceptional bowel movement, deep cleanse.
A.P. – Pune

my response to foods which cause acidity is better.
D.B. – Mumbai

super bowel movements, this morning was amazing!
S.S. – Mumbai

unusually peaceful sleep yesterday night.

P.S. – Delhi 

i’m loving this healing 🙂

R.B. – Mumbai

i feel my stomach is getting better
D.B. – Mumbai


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