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Tensor ring technology, rediscovered by Slim Spurling in the 1980s and 1990s, is supported by exciting research that is currently receiving considerable attention.Rings are closed loop coils, when they are made to certain specifications, they have been known to amplify subtle energy by several hundred times. These simple devices can have a powerful effect on water and on living biology.

Tensor rings also form what is called a ‘tensor field’ across the opening of the ring. Those who perceive subtle energy describe a beam of energy (light) that passes through a tensor ring traveling for a considerable distance in both directions. Within a tensor ring there is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all life forms. 


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Tensor Ring Bracelets


One of our most powerful personal energy protection and healing product.

Size “S”  = 5.5 cm 

Size “M” = 7.0 cm 

Size “L”  = 7.5 cm 

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This precisely crafted bracelet has been reported to:

  • elevate energy levels
  • protect from EMF
  • relieve pain
  • speed up the healing of wounds
  • reduce swelling and tension of injuries
  • relieve severe nerve damage in wrists, thumbs, knees, and shoulders
  • remediates the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies
  • add to,or synergize,with all forms of energy healing and healing devices
  • relaxed stiff wrists and shoulders in a few hours
  • relieve headaches.

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Tensor Field Amplifier


Placing an object inside amplifies its vibratory energy. Amplifiers are designed and reported to clean the environment  and create a harmonious field around them. Each amplifier is a combination of rings shaped into a 3-dimensional sphere that creates a unique,continuous flow of energy.

Cubit Length: (3/4th Sacred Cubit)
Diameter: 12.51 cm

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The amplifiers appear to emit a coherent holographic light field, which increases the vibrational frequency of the nearby energy, cleaning the environment and your personal energy field. All of our amplifiers appear to have the unique property of generating a harmonious field around them, cleaning up air pollution, encouraging plant growth, and raising consciousness.

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Tensor Field Harmonizer


The tensor field harmonizer is an active tool designed to keep energy continuously moving, producing a large energy field around it. Our space harmonizer comes with hanging Rose Quartz/Green Aventurine crystal ball, energized with Love/Peace frequencies.

Cubit Length: (3/4th Galactic Cubit)
Diameter: 14.77 cm

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It has been precision crafted and is reported to:

  • dispel negative energies
  • purify and balance energy
  • align the physical & spiritual body
  • remediates the harmful effects of EMF pollution, including cell phone radiation, electrical distribution systems, computers, appliances, radio signals, and other electromagnetic polluters
  • transmute harmful energies produced by geopathic stress lines

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The Seed Of Life Ring


By overlapping seven rings inside a ‘Lost Cubit’ ring, our seed of life ring creates a strong tensor field that exudes powerful energy. The seed of life  symbol is for new beginnings in life, for creativity and new ideas and for creating wholeness.

Inner rings:
Cubit length: (1.5 Lost Cubit)
Diameter: 28.5 cm
Outer ring diameter: 120 cm / 24 inches / 2 feet.

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This ring has been precision crafted and is reported to:

  • improve overall health and well-being.
  • assist in maintaining a clear mind during chaos
  • rebalance chi
  • heal mental/emotional issues and traumatic experiences
  • encourage opening of the mind
  • clear and balance chakras
  • create a comfortable feeling for yourself around group of people
  • strengthen immune system
  • make healing sessions more effective

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Tensor Ring Trio


The tensor trio are super fantastic, potent, and powerful set of rings when used together.The frequency and energy fields generated by the rings resonate at the creation level of energy. Therefore, the rings bring positive life-force energy to everything within their fields.

Large ring:
Cubit Length: (3.5 Galactic Cubit)
Diameter: 68.9 cm
Medium ring:
Cubit Length: (1.5 Lost Cubit)
Diameter: 28.5 cm
Small ring:
Cubit Length: (1 Sacred Cubit)
Diameter: 16.6 cm

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Use this set to remove blockages, dissolve energetic Implants, open and clear chakras (especially the high heart chakra). Assist to release programs, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve us.

There are different ways of using the rings:

  • sit on a ring during your workday to reduce fatigue and remain focused
  • sit on a ring in the car to reduce fatigue on long road trips
  • place a ring over your heart area, or any area where you’re experiencing pain, injury or discomfort
  • place a ring around your head to relieve headaches
  • place a ring around your potted plants to help them recover and grow
  • place a ring under your massage table or near the chair you use during sessions in order to speed up the healing process

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