Telephonic session with Amit (60 Min)


With over 9 years of experience working with people from all walks of life be it home makers, artists, IAS/IRS officers, teachers, judges, professionals, CEOs or entrepreneurs, Amit can help you identify & unentangle the most complex of issues to restore clarity, peace and joy in your life. He has supported clients in improving and growing their career, business, relationships, communication skills, confidence as well as to grow as a person.

The sessions vary from person to person and session to session based on intuitive guidance Amit receives but they generally involve tools that assist in creating a shift in emotions, energy and perception. Having trained with GD, Amit uses a combination of different tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Sedona method, Z-Point Clearings, Access clearings, The journey process, The Yuen method, Energy healing, The emotion code, The work of Byron Katie, The psychotherapy principles of ACIM etc. He also uses some powerful advanced clearing processes like the ATR process, 8 Step clearing process, Triple attack process, and unique energy healing techniques created by GD

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