The Core Healing system can be used to assess and balance the energy system of a client, whether living or non living, including people, animals, spaces, properties, homes etc.  Using the system we perform a scan of the client’s energy structure and detect the blockages or disturbances. This report is then used to identify the energy or information to be transmitted to balance or clear the issue, and targeted healing remedy comprised of frequencies and information is created. This remedy is then transmitted directly to the client using their photograph.

Benefits: The core healing system can help you

  • Detect and heal physical issues.
  • Find unconscious and undetected patterns of thinking and acting.
  • Detect and correct negative energy, emotion, thought or behavioral patterns.
  • Detect and clear energetic attachments, implants, entities etc.
  • Detect and clear oaths, vows, agreements, limiting beliefs etc.
  • Detect problems before they have taken physical form.

Space clearing transmission

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Specially created transmissions for your home, office, warehouse, factory, shop, or vehicle to clear the space of stuck energies, emotions and negativity.

Frequency: One hour daily for 7 days.

*It is recommended to be repeated every 6 months.

Transmissions for exams, interviews & meetings

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These transmissions are focused on releasing stress, anxiety and increasing confidence during interviews/exams/presentations/
public speaking etc.

Frequency: These transmissions are charged per hour, for a minimum of 3 hours.

Transmissions for medical/emotional energencies

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These transmissions consist of frequencies and resonances specifically chosen for you during medical or emotional emergencies. 

Frequency: These transmissions are charged per hour, for a minimum of 3 hours.

11 Day transmission

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A Core transmission that is designed to address any specific issue that you want to work on.

This can be done for humans, pets, spaces, teams or businesses.

Frequency: 2 hours daily for 11 days.

Transmission for businesses

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The energy structure of a business setup usually involves a large number of people including employees, clients, suppliers and customers plus equipment and money. Such a large energy structure requires a continuous transmission, sometimes even multiple simultaneous transmissions.

Hence a business client has a special software and hardware set up that is dedicated to it.

Multiple issues can be addressed. Targeted evaluations are done based on a weekly call with the client and the needs can be reviewed and decided.

Frequency: 24 x 7 for the entire month. This transmission requires a minimum 3 month commitment.

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