transmissions for Peace & Positivity

Maintaining balance in turbulent times.

Receive 40 hours of specially designed, positively charged energy right in your home or office!

These days, there is a lot of emotional and energetic stress around the world due to astrological events, solar flares and as well as the turmoil in the financial and political structures of the world.

To help maintain balance and harmony during these turbulent times, Core Healing India is offering a special 5-day Remote Healing transmission for all.

The transmissions will happen from 9-13th of April 2022.

Powerful energies, healing frequencies and esoteric symbols will be broadcast 8 hours a day in order to:

  1. Balance the nervous system and all organs associated with stress.
  2. Release fear, anxiety and the sense of being trapped and helpless.
  3. Heal the heart chakra and the physical heart itself, raising them to their optimum functioning.
  4. Neutralize external influences on our energy fields
  5. Clear all chakras and meridians.
  6. Broadcast crystal energies, flower essences and Rife Frequencies that enhance peace and well being.
  7. Transmit powerful affirmations and healing codes to create joy and positivity.

Please check out the amazing feedback we received for our previous remote healing programs. Please read the FAQ section for more information.

Participants are not required to do or be anywhere in particular to receive this healing. Through your photograph, the healing will reach you wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

This event is also an amazing way to support your family and friends who may be going through testing times. So please inform your family and friends if you feel inspired to!

To enroll for this event, please go to : 5 day Healing

If you have any questions call / WhatsApp +91-7447725454
or email us at

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