the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – June 2020’
the 6-day Remote Healing Program…

four month old heat boil reduced in size!
I can certainly tell you I feel blessed and in a state of abundant joy on receiving the healing.
The day we started, I was out on my morning walk, and I stood facing the sun and read the first affirmation. I got this familiar tingle just reading it. Very open to the vibrations. In addition, I feel *WAY* more free in my energy fields, I feel light and bouyant spiritually
I also had this annoying heat boil in my inner thigh for the past four months…that had hardened. Nothing that was of discomfort. But knowing it was there was a niggling thought. And that has *reduced in size!!!* Amazing!!!!…thus it has been wonderful.
Much appreciated…what you do for us wishes for abundance, people and gratitude to you from here.

T. – Bangalore

every time I feel something is not possible, the wonderful healing clears it!
I was introduced to Core Healing in the year 2014 and I have been receiving the transmissions since then. It really surprises me as every time I feel something is not possible, the wonderful healing clears it. For example being severely lactose intolerant for years I never thought I would be able to consume milk which is my favorite food, once the core started I instinctively had the urge to and consumed curd every night and the mucous still didn’t form and I could breathe easy at night. Also abundance started flowing in various forms, like getting new work assignments, getting stuff at discounted prices without compromising on the quality. There was also a release of a lot of anger. The spiritual ecstasy so to say during meditation, so much that I could actually feel my chakras whizzing, something you experience when you are in shakti peeth, for me I strongly felt the energies of Shiv and Sati, strongly felt the energies of Rishikesh, this is something I cannot explain. My friendships deepened and yes sometimes I know Amit Gaur is extremely lucky and so are we to be getting this transmission through him, the medium is as important as the source they say.
Arigato, my Japanese term for saying thank you, lots of love.

C.J. – China

digestion, sleep, pain and mood all improved…
Last few months I was going through a lot of stress and feelings of helplessness. I was looking after my brothers wife who was suffering from paralytic stroke. It involves complete attention and care. I had lost touch completely with myself and my daily routines. Some days I did not eat as her well being was priority. Just recently she passed away and I took a long time to complete our rituals.
When your transmissions started on 25th, I noticed a big change in my mood and was able to start some of my routines. My health too showed improvement as sleep increased, then digestion and hunger status got better. Pains in several parts of the body got bit less. After 2nd day I actually could concentrate on my Reiki practices sending and receiving too.
Today I believe these presents have protected me from going further helpless and depressed and quickly putting me on track. The regular affirmations have covered many many aspects of our physical and spiritual being, aura and mind and it has helped in focusing on them during the process.
I could literally feel energy and positivity being transmitted the last few days. I could feel and observe changes in myself, my reactions, my expectations. Felt a lot more peaceful and positive than usual. 
Heartfelt thank you for the transmissions. God bless you

N.V. – Mumbai

found my inner strength and clarity…
I found my inner strength and was certainly less anxious and stressed. I’d been struggling with something since last few days, and today suddenly got crystal clear clarity about how to deal with it. I also had an insight about how to make myself more efficient and give my best despite difficulties and hard times. Yes, yes, yes my focus is more profound and mind more clear.
Big big big Thank you to entire team.

L.S. – Haridevpur

greater clarity of thought and digestive system reboot…
First of all, thank you for the healing energies sent my way. Overall, am calmer by more than 50% from before the healing started. The brain was feeling foggy for a while, that seems to be clearing, bringing in greater clarity of thought. Have been able to let the thoughts flow easily now while meditating, as against the tendency to thoughts circling in loops, earlier. The digestive system also seems to be in a kind of reboot and clearing out well, which was not the case for a few weeks.
Thank you for a wonderful and fulfilling healing experience. I am grateful to Core Healing for the positive energies sent my way over the five days. I wish you all good health, happiness, and peace.
Thank you, again. 

E.K. – Mumbai

most disentangled from the collective and at peace with myself!
I’ve felt most disentangled from the collective and at peace with myself in these few days, since the time lockdown started. I found myself getting stressed just as much. But I did calm down a lot faster and whatever has been on my mind isn’t affecting me as intensely as before.
There’s been a lot of internal churn, and the last three days have been full of epiphanies and insights. I’ve been feeling more comfortable with my own opinions and less afraid of judgements also. I’ve been able to work with more flow.
I’m finding myself unable to meditate everyday, but the two meditations I did do in this time were very very intense.
Thank you for offering this as a free trial and putting in the work that you have 

T. – USA

my blood sugar has reduced…
I was bit irritated, angry and depressed when we started but later I felt better, calm and peaceful. I got an answer to a question that was disturbing me. I had a blister on my foot yesterday, now it is gone, even my blood sugar has reduced. All the affirmations seemed to be just what I wanted. Overall I am feeling good and happy within.

S.N. – Mumbai

creativity is flowing through my fingertips, quite literally!
Firstly, thank you for creating this space of peace & positivity! Extremely grateful. I definitely am experiencing a spectrum of things.
I’m feeling a heightened state of neutrality where I’m able to respond to any given situation or circumstance without inner confusion. My creativity is flowing through my fingertips, quite literally (like never before). More than good sleep, I’m waking up each day with a lot of joy and gratitude.
However, I also got a neck spasm out of the blue yesterday morning (my neck has a chronic pain that occurs when there is an emotional/physical trigger but also when negativity is being released; which seems to be the case of yesterday as I’m feeling 85% recovered as of this morning)
And lastly, each affirmation that is sent feels very apt to the moment and extremely easy to connect to.
Thank you once again 

V.R. – Bangalore

experienced lots of relief on day one of the healing itself…
Firstly I am thankful to you all for including me to this peace and positivity program. I am feeling better since I was included in your program. I experienced lots of relief on day one of the healing itself. 
I was referred to you by one of my office colleagues. I had been restless for so many days and wasn’t able to control my anger as many unfair things were happening around me and I wasn’t able to tolerate.
Today I felt something happened and I didn’t have negative thoughts. I am not sure about positivity but it really felt good that today I don’t have negative thoughts.
I slept well and am feeling very relaxed. I wanted to add my wife to your program please let me know about next sessions.
Thanks a lot. God Bless!

M.R. – Mumbai

my unknown fears have totally gone!
For past three days negative people around me have not created any problems for me and I’m finding myself very happy and peaceful. The healing was superb, it was like nothing disturbed me, I was less stressed, less anxious and my unknown fears have totally gone.
There was a definite impact on the depth of my meditation and I got some clarity about things which were troubling me.
This was a selfless gesture from your part in this pandemic. We are grateful for this kind act. May universe shower you with blessings.
All in all a great healing experience. Thank You

S.S. – Vadodara

flatulence and bloating reduced considerably…
Felt a sense of calm, peace and considerably increased awareness all through the 6 days. Sleep has increased and is deeper in a way. I could feel a tingling sensation at the start of the sessions. Flatulence and bloating reduced considerably.
The transmissions coupled with affirmations were indeed a blessing. Felt lucky enough to get to see a rainbow at the end of the transmissions.

A.S. – Pune

felt less anxious, more positive and at peace…
A lot of shift in energy felt less anxious, more positive and at peace. Even when I came to know of another Covid positive case today in our society I didn’t feel anxious and felt positive.
Meditation was much easier and deeper with me getting connected in less than 10 minutes.

S.B. – Mumbai

surprised that I did not get angry!
I have been experiencing quite some emotional upheaval internally since the healing started anger, happiness, sense of forgiving and letting things go. I am surprised that I did not get angry when normally would when such a situation came up. Even at times when I did get angry cooled down very quickly and realized that I could have avoided it.
It’s peaceful and a very happy feeling
Thank you for a wonderful experience. God bless 

N.S. – Delhi

able to sleep easily and through the night…
Hey I would like to share that after the 5 day healing.. I have recovered from cancer 9 months back. Just before healing started I was feeling stressed, cranky & sleepless. I couldn’t fall asleep easily and sleep was disturbed. I was also experiencing anxiety. Now after healing, I am able to sleep easily and through the night. I have become relaxed and cheerful and the fear of getting it again, has gone..thanks a lot.

D.N. – Pune

insights, and ideas of creativity which I have put into action…
I felt good, better physically, less negative. I’m thinking of jotting these intentions even in my journal and reading at least one of them each day. Each intention was so good, practical and compassionate. I’d registered my whole family for this and they are all thankful to you and have written to you how they felt.
Yes there were insights, and ideas of creativity which I have put into action. Also, I sometimes had outbursts of anger for some reason a few times but controlled it through the attack-defense mechanism you mentioned of. I could correct and have a perspective on myself 
Thank you for the wonderful and selfless service you rendered
Lots of love and respect

S.K. – Vadodara

clearer mind than I would expect in such situations…
Thank you for the transmissions. I have been feeling calmer even through some events which would have normally disturbed me. I have had a clearer mind than I would expect in such situations.  Normally I have a tendency to look at situations from too many perspectives and land up in analysis paralysis situation.  But i think that did not happen during this time. 

S.V. – Pune

I woke up with a sense of peace!
Yesterday even before the transmissions started I woke up with a sense of peace! I have been having quite severe anxiety on waking for many weeks and it was the first time I woke up peaceful and happy and I was wondering what happened. Also a mild buzz at all the chakra points. Then I got the first message and it all made sense.

A.R. – Bangalore

more willingness to self nurture…
First of all thank you very much for doing such a wonderful work when it’s really needed.
I noticed that I have more willingness to self nurture, to take care of my body. I think a lot of awareness is coming to mind, especially after reading the affirmations.
Lots of gratitude for the healing that you’re providing. Have a wonderful day.

Y.G. – Dubai

it was easy to forgive someone!
Yesterday, I felt more energetic. I also felt like it was easy to forgive someone for an incident that happened. I felt happier than usual and positive. I found clarity about few things and I was surprised!
Thank you so much

S.S – Melbourne

my sleep is deeper and more restful…
Firstly, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the energy transmissions.  It is very nice of you to do this. I have experienced some subtle changes. The first day I had lucid dreams. I dreamt that I was detoxing from my throat chakra. I don’t know if that makes sense but I have been told it is my weakest chakra.
The other change I have noticed is my sleep is deeper and more restful.  Therefore, I feel calmer. Ever so grateful for this transmission..
Thanks so much

S.A. – Pune

solar plexus has relaxed and my stomach is better…
Thanks for the healing energies. Yes, I definitely feel better today. Yesterday I was tired, irritable, and wanted to rest a lot, but today, I am feeling an improvement and my stress has come down. My sleep has improved. I did get some insights in my morning meditation, which is really helping me and thanks for the wonderful affirmations.
My solar plexus has relaxed and my stomach is better the acidity and acid reflux is still persisting, but overall I am finding a lot of improvement. Thanks.

R.V. – Hyderabad

felt a sense of serenity…
Thank you ever so much for the healing which I could palpably feel. I felt a sense of serenity and was calm & composed. However there was some heaviness around my heart chakra. Was about to get sucked into others judgement about me but just allowed the feeling to pass. All I can say is Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Deeply grateful & eternally blessed 

S.S. – Mumbai

each year this healing brings a definite shift in me!
My panic anxiety and stress has calmed, I’m definitely feeling more organized and calm. My thoughts have definitely changed to more positive. I feel more energetic and have slept very well which I usually don’t.
Each year this healing brings a definite shift in me.

J.R. – Hyderabad

general health has improved…
Through these healings the general health has improved. I am able to sleep deeply and the sleep schedule has also improved. Food intake has increased and I am feeling energetic. Meditation was much better, there was a lot of stillness and very few thoughts during meditation.
Thank you again

N.V. – Mumbai

less anxious and have more clarity and positivity…
I am feeling less anxious and have more clarity and positivity. I am sure the prayers will support me and protect me through my upcoming chemotherapy treatment which is starting in all probabilities on Thursday.
Thank you for all the prayers and reawakening my practice.

R.S. – Gurgaon

I felt protected and cared for a bit calmer and more positive and trusting. There was a sense of well being and strength. Thank you for the selfless service and support it means so much. 

R.G. – Germany

I feel less anxious, calmer and more focused at work. I’m more aware of my own mental state when work starts piling up, and I reminded myself not to get stressed and do what I can to my best ability. I also feel that I slept better.

A.Y. – Singapore

I am definitely feeling a difference in myself. Some things have cleared up and there’s more peace and calm. The last 2 days I am also feeling the need to sleep more.

S.G. – Alwar

Thank you for the session today. I did notice a general sense of well being through and post the session. It wasn’t connected to anything external so I do know it is Core. There is more energy, clarity, sense of flow. 

C.K. – Pune

On the 26th and 27th morning session I felt a sense of tightness in the abdomen which eased out later. I am less anxious about how things would work out. The transmission has been beneficial to me and my family and friends.. Your support during enrollment is also much appreciated.. 

A.P. – Pune

Yes I can clearly feel the reduction in stress and anxiety, a kind of fulfillment, confidence too. Now I am taking things as they come. I am at ease and in the flow feeling light and more clear and accepting.Thank you so very much

P.K. – Jabalpur

My sense of overwhelm is much lesser. I slept better and am aware of the importance of responding instead of reacting to situations. Triggers of irritation have reduced – am being more tolerant. 

S.E. – Mumbai

On the first day I was having some stomach issues and towards the end of the first transmission I could feel a lot of relief, especially on the relative back zone, with a lot of release of tension. The rest of the transmissions have been awesome, as I already said.

S.P. – Italy

I’m reading these when I wake up because of the time difference. They are powerful and I feel the blessing and it makes me realize I can instantly balance myself. With these affirmations. I love it. Thank you for including me.

T.L. – California

Sir, yesterday the problem I was facing for the last 3 days, was solved so easily. It really felt like a miracle for me.

S.A. – Hyderabad

I have been feeling lighter and less body pain and stiffness. I’ve also found that I have a bit more energy throughout the day.

M.P. – Toronto

There was a general sense of well being, less stress and anxiousness and a deepening in my meditation.

R.S. – Chandigarh

I’ve been less stressed, more confident at work and have a new found clarity. I am also sleeping better than before. Thank you

V. – Surat

Lot of creative energy flowing. Just stepped out of kitchen after making some amazing dishes for dinner. Thank you so much!!!

D.S. – Chennai

I slept well through the night, even though had an evening full of anxieties and doubts.

K.M. – Surat

Thank you for your prayers and energy. Felt very peaceful, with an aura of serenity around me.

N.K. – Mumbai

Thank you, it is always a good experience every time I join this course.

M.P. – Nasik


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