The Sleep Support Program!

Gentle energy healing for calm and restful sleep.

Receive 4 hours of energy transmission daily – right in the comfort of your home!

Seeing that proper sleep is a challenge for many people these days, Core Healing is launching a monthly program to heal and harmonize sleep patterns.

You can experience this program for free for a full 21 days!

The free trial is available from 21st April to 4th May 2022. After the free trial, if you feel a difference, you can subscribe to the six monthly or yearly package.

Soothing energies, healing frequencies and esoteric symbols will be broadcast daily from 8 – 12pm in order to:

  1. Clear all harmful influences from the body, mind and energy field.
  2. Release the stress of the day and harmonize emotions not conducive to deep sleep.
  3. Bring all chakras and meridians into balance.
  4. Ground excess energy and balance the nervous system in order to facilitate restful sleep.

Please check out the amazing feedback we received for our previous remote healing programs. Please read the FAQ section for more information.

Participants are not required to do or be anywhere in particular to receive this healing. Through your photograph, the healing will reach you wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

This event is also an amazing way to support any of your family and friends who may have sleep related issues. So please inform your family and friends if you feel inspired to!

To enroll for this event, please go to : 21 day Healing

If you have any questions call / WhatsApp +91-7447725454 or email us at

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