The Seed Of Life Ring


By overlapping seven rings inside a ‘Lost Cubit’ ring, our seed of life ring creates a strong tensor field that exudes powerful energy. The seed of life  symbol is for new beginnings in life, for creativity and new ideas and for creating wholeness.

Inner rings:
Cubit length: (1.5 Lost Cubit)
Diameter: 28.5 cm
Outer ring diameter: 120 cm / 24 inches / 2 feet.

More Info…

This ring has been precision crafted and is reported to:

  • improve overall health and well-being.
  • assist in maintaining a clear mind during chaos
  • rebalance chi
  • heal mental/emotional issues and traumatic experiences
  • encourage opening of the mind
  • clear and balance chakras
  • create a comfortable feeling for yourself around group of people
  • strengthen immune system
  • make healing sessions more effective

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