Abundance frequencies have really worked!
Just wanted you to know that we made a sale of a huge amount and 50% of the signing money came in yesterday. It happened really quick. Abundance frequencies have really worked! 🙏🏼🙏🏼  I am glad you and Amit did this. My friend found a lovely flat, another friend on the healing found his new work office 🙌 . We are also redoing our office space… lots of spaces have moved for everybody. At least around me :)
B.R. – Mumbai

Got calls from 3 recruiters…
Out of the blue I got calls from 3 recruiters, one for an international assignment! I hadn’t even updated my profile for the past 2 years… and still!
A.K. – Mumbai

Enjoying my work for the first time! 
After getting a break with a new profile in the company within a month of the healing, I am really enjoying the work for the first time in my career. I actually like to stay late and work.
A.M. – Mumbai

I got a 19% hike… while the company is laying off employees!
It isn’t a good time for the industry and my company is laying off employees. Very few people got a hike or incentive. Amidst fears of the worst, I actually got a hike of 19%!
K.M. – Pune

Quit my job and found another within the week!
Inspite of being excellent at my work, I was being overlooked for the past 2-3 years. I took up more responsibilities than my peers and even seniors, still I was paid less and always taken for granted. I finally gathered the courage to quit and found a better opportunity within the week!
J.R. – Chennai

Free of worries, enjoy life and take things as they come…
I always thought i can never swim, fear of water or maybe just living life in routine, Abundance Healing gave me the experience of being free of worries, enjoy life and take things as they come, I have become confident on my decisions and I dont know how suddenly and smoothly just started to learn to swim. Thanks Amit your blessed with healing powers and i pray this reaches to as many people for them to experience this.
S.K. – Mumbai

I got two offers from reputed firms
From past two years I have been working in an organisation which has been consuming a lot of my time and leaving me completely drained out at the end of the day. However, one fine day I impulsively decided to quit the organisation without having any prior set plans in hand, however I had the confidence that my worries would be taken care since I had enrolled myself into Abundance core healing program then. Within a couple of weeks I got two offers from reputed firms and along with a promise of work-life balance.
Also, all thanks to the strong support from GD and constant support from Amit, who kept guiding me during my low and confused phases. Lots of love.
S.T. – Pune

Knowing that you are taken care of, is such a huge comfort…
Knowing that you are taken care of, is such a huge comfort. Thank you sooo much for enrolling me in the Abundance Transmissions. After 2 years of back to back blows and failures, I am finally smiling this month and thankful everyday for the remote prayers. I won an award, which even I’m surprised about as it was least expected…
Thanks a bunch! I’m finally gaining some confidence with the entry of positive vibes in my life!
Dr.R – Chennai

My son did not loose a year…
My son had been informed that he was a few credits short and would probably loose a year. Somehow things got sorted out in time and he did not have to… 
V.A. – London

Found the right home for us…
We had been wanting to shift our house for more than 2 years now, and for some reason or the other it was not happening. Now within two months of the Abundance program, not only did we find the right place, we’ve even shifted and feel so happy and positive in our bigger house. Core Healing has gifted us a place where we have all the sunlight/AIR best Vastu and we call it our “BEST NEST”. Moreover my husband got a promotion and some new perks from office too.
S.D. – Mumbai

Found a suitable job after more than 6 months
After more than 6 months of things not working out at the last moment, I landed a job. It may not be the best that I wanted, but its definitely welcome and the two months on the Abundance transmissions definitely helped. 
H.D. – Hyderabad

I found the car keys that I’d lost 2 months back…
I had lost my car keys about 2 months back, getting them made would be a 20,000/- setback, so I was delaying it. Yesterday I found them in the most unexpected of places 🙏🏼🙏🏼
A.M. – Mumbai

Slept well through the month!
I had not slept well for the past few months (I would wake up around 3 AM worried, anxious and not be able to fall asleep again) This month I slept well nearly every night. Things were not moving in the business also, payments and consignments were getting delayed. This month things have again started moving! Stress has reduced a lot 😊 
S.N. – Pune

Won every match I played…
I had a great past two weeks tennis and school wise. Have gotten all A’s on my tests/quizzes and every tennis match I have played, I have won. Thank you.
C.C. – Florida

A new opportunity out of the blue!
My company is undergoing a restructuring exercise, and not being a favorite of my boss I was afraid of not getting a good role in the new structure. Today out of the blue I was called and told about a lovely new opportunity that I could choose to be a part of!
A.M. – Mumbai

Feel more relaxed with regards to money
I experienced a considerable shift in my thoughts about abundance. I don’t feel that trapped anymore and feel more relaxed with regards to money. I started doing more Healing/coaching sessions.
D.R. – Hyderabad



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