the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – May 2016′ 
the 5-day Remote Healing Program…

i am so much more positive about myself!
Wow! I am so surprised how last night went. I was feeling very confident at the party. Didn’t feel inferior. I have never felt that way! 
Thank you for all the healing and transmissions! I am so much more positive about myself and there is lots of self love! Not once I put myself down yesterday. Felt awesome and I didn’t think of people judging me because of my weight or looks. Amazing!! THANK YOU!
P.M. – Melbourne

periods of complete stillness experienced!
Periods of complete stillness experienced when I sat in silence during transmissions yesterday
Lots of physical sensations experienced in chest yesterday which would ease off and be released. Felt as if a wave of energy would flow over and wash them away during the transmissions.
Have been experiencing lots of turbulence in belly today.
M.B. – Atlanta

i feel immensely balanced and grounded…
Dear Amit and team! I’m again so overwhelmed and thankful for your energy! I feel immensely balanced and grounded. My head is at ease and peaceful . Physically I have gone through a lot of back pain in the last 3 days. I didn’t dream at night which is quite untypical, but mentally I feel so well and accepted!
A.H. – Zurich

calm and clear during my meeting…
I was calm and had more clarity during my Strategic Planning Meeting from 3pm to 9pm and despite the lack of information, I was able to make decisions. I went home feeling the need to listen to Hindi songs! Hahaha…
M.M. – Singapore

missed an accident!
Yesterday after messaging you I left the house to drop my daughter to school. Running abit early we stopped for 2/3 minutes for a coffee some thing we NEVER do. I was 2 to 3 minutes behind in time.On my way back on my route I passed the most horrific accident involving 2 trucks and about 12 cars. It had just happened 2 to 3 minutes prior. The very lane I drive.
I believe it was all the positive energy coming to me in the past few days.
M.D. – Australia

i have felt great silence and positivity…
The healing is amazing! I have felt great silence and positivity since the transmission began. The days feel lighter and effortless. Thank you for helping experience this quietitude. God bless!
S.D. – Pune

it’s like a mini surgery!
I was sick with some kind of stomach bug before the transmissions. Slept a lot on Saturday and started feeling better by evening but still drowsy. This morning woke up before the transmission but soon after started feeling really knocked out. Finally decided to surrender and sleep… I feel like some reset of my system is happening 🙂
Harmonizing the emotions..  This one in particular today I can feel it in my head and neck, And then moving to stomach. It’s like a mini surgery.
D.R – Hyderabad

 unaffected by the behavior of others…
Yesterday whole day , there was this effortless calmness towards things. I came across an agitated vendor, an angry boss, but for some strange reason I seemed to be unaffected by their behavior. Generally I experience stomach tightness in situations like this, but somehow I was breathing through without feeling anything. I just did my forgiveness and moved forward. And gradually towards the evening without any interference from my end I saw things resolving…
Hahaha.. I was just enjoying the drama! 
S.T. – Pune

 my heart is feeling like, let go, let go…
As of now. I feel so relaxed. And my heart is feeling like let go let go, being very aware, I’m very keen on a great detox this time of my entire being.
K.K. – Mumbai 

the heart healing was good…
The heart healing was good….it brought up stuff/ grievances and then it was like was I holding to this??? Is this been hard to let go…the energy helped in dissolving and letting go much faster and easily, Slept much better at night after a couple of very late nights.
A.T. – Pune

 i was confident and outspoken…
This healing transmission was absolutely amazing for me! On the first day itself I downloaded amazing ideas to alter/change the screenplay of a film. I was confident and outspoken, whereas in most cases I’m quiet and shy.
R.B. – Mumbai

 deep sleep after a long time…
Hi! Slept very very deeply last night, not a single dream, simply sleep – can’t remember the last time I’ve had that.. so thank you.
S.T. – London 

each moment is conscious and aware…
Dear amit…my days have slowed down. Each moment is conscious and aware. My urge to meditate and also write has spontaneously increased substantially. Feeling blessed. Thank you for the support with the healing. The light and love grows…
S.D. – Pune

awareness has increased…
Awareness has increased, I can watch what’s going on in my mind, and automatically started clearing to help me remain connected with awareness. 
Yesterday in a situation where my past usually gets triggered, I kept myself very calm and detached from my past.
S.N. – Pune

feeling incharge of situations…
I was feeling very sick yesterday morning. Got better after morning transmission, when I sat quietly in meditation for 1/2 an hour during transmission. Today I am doing well. Better energy levels. Less of beating myself. Feeling in charge of situations and life in general. Thanks for all the cleansing.
S.J. – Pune

sleep was more sound…
Sleep was more sound and I woke up relatively fresh the last few days.
I found myself calm in some stressful situations, where I normally may have been more aggressive. Thanks.
A.S. – Gurgaon

bowel movements were terrific…
I felt like the will to think was just dropping. Don’t really know how to word it. Also today’s bowel movements were terrific.
S.S – Mumbai

lot of changes in my perception and action…
I felt a lot of changes in my perception as well as in actions.
Talking about my faith and path does not happen easily with certain kind of people, as they come forth with their ‘ I know it all ‘ attitude, but today I was just in the flow, I was lighter even in their space. It was very reassuring. Thank u.
B.C. – Pune

getting lots of positive comments from others…
Feeling  awesome!  Have been very happy, positive and peaceful since the transmissions started. Loads of self love! Not putting myself down anymore! Getting lots of positive comments from others.  Feeling grateful for everything I have in my life. Thank you so much!
M.P. – Melbourne 

like I am outside the scene…
Even though, by western standards I had a slow and not so productive day mostly not because of me, but circumstances outside of me, I was looking at this, like I am outside the scene :)), I was relaxed and accepted the reality with a smile. Usually in a situation like this I get really restless.  
Learning to flow with the stream…Thank you guys
O.B. – Israel

started feeling emotional for no reason…
On the first day I felt very sleepy and slept twice while the healing was happening. Today while you were doing the emotional clearing, I didn’t see your message, but I started feeling emotional for no reason, which is unusual, then I saw you were working on the emotions!
Overall, I’m feeling more positive and energized than I have the whole of this month. Thank you so much.
N.T. – Bangalore 

i’ve been really strong and followed through…
Emotionally I had taken a decision this week.. mostly when I take that decision I’m not able to keep it. This time I’ve been really strong and followed through.
K.K. – Mumbai

lots of feelings and emotions were cleansed…
Significantly greater awareness of what was going on within.
Periods of complete stillness and “no mind” at times when I sat in silence during transmissions.
Lots of old memories, feelings and emotions came up and were cleansed.
There were times when I sat in silence during transmissions and felt my jaw clench up, neck muscles get taut, shoulders get raised up accompanied by a sense of tightness of chest, throat and a sense of anger and rage… This would gradually ease off  and be released.
Lots of turbulence in belly accompanied by bloating and churning which would later ease off. This is ongoing.
When I got irritated by something another person did , it was much easier to be aware and understand from the other person’s perspective and see the same trait within myself.
Thanks so much… Core team … Appreciate it!!
M.B. – Atlanta

smooth unfolding of plans…
Feel inclined to acknowledge what didn’t happen 🙂 Smooth unfolding of plans without even the minor hiccups that one would allow for.  Thank you 🙂 
S.B. – Pune

energy level was balanced despite challenges…
It’s a good experience. My energy level was balanced despite challenges. I had an insight about the lack of appreciation I have towards good things I have achieved / possess in life. Thanks!
S.S. – Bangalore

less reactive in stressful situations…
Calmer and less reactive in stressful situations. Very bad dreams last night though, old nightmares. Hope tonight is better. Also my eating has changed. More light food and water than usual… that’s a good thing!
Less neck pain than usual. More thirsty. Slept in afternoon which I don’t usually do. 
A.R. – Bangalore

slept a lot… did not feel like talking much.
I was drowsy today & on Saturday. In fact Saturday I slept a lot more than usual. Today I was more focused than usual, didn’t waste time in office, had tea only once. I have been quiet since Saturday, didn’t feel like talking much. Some trembling in the body during the beginning of transmission.
A.K. – Mumbai

is the 5 days over already ?? When’s the next one. This was so refreshing !
A.R. – Bangalore

yes feeling happy for no reason feeling lighter and a sense of well being
L.S – Mumbai

recollecting back, couple of unusual things that probably happened were:
got a hotel room upgrade and drank more than usual..
A.J. – Mumbai

improved sense of general well being,
being more honest and accepting of what is.
A.P. – Pune

today was totally peaceful.
Feel as if I have transcended all human emotions. 
S.K. – Wellington

i felt awesomely quiet and peaceful. Was full of energy all day. Sleeping soundly too.
Thanks for the healing.

S.D. – Pune

woke up from extremely deep sleep this morning.
It must be the effect of the first session.
S.N – UK  

feeling lighter. More here and now.
No longer running away from anything.
A.P. – Pune

102 degree fever:-) cold, sore throat, anger, resentment
and then calm. Had insights into my desire to control:-))
N.T. – Mumbai  

reaction to ridiculous people was not an outburst this time around.
F.B.- Texas

have been feeling lighter and more accepting of situations.
A.M. – Mumbai  

my mom was unaffected by her usual external triggers.
S.P. – London

feeling lighter, more willing to be present and real.
Better focus during japa , body feeling lighter and able to let go.
A.P. – Pune

thank you amit. God bless…I am feeling energised and rejuvenated. Awesome good.😊
S.D. – Pune

feeling good emotionally. A positive feeling is slowly settling in!
M.P. – Pune 


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