the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – Dec 2015′ 
the 5-day Remote Healing Program…

working with Core has been amazing and life changing!
I have definitely been feeling the energy flow in a very relaxed yet energetic way. When I wake up I feel like I am getting up from a deep meditation. Just taking it all in, in a good way. What a wonderful way to end the year. 
Working with Core on a regular basis has been amazing and life changing. These special transmissions they offer are just icing on the cake.  Feeling incredibly blessed to be a part of these transmissions. 
M.C. – Miami

feeling so light, serene and blissful!
Feeling so light, serene and blissful. I cried after the first few sessions, after that feeling very different, and actually feeling very sleepy.
The heart and solar plexus sessions totally stirred my universe!
J.S. – Mumbai

my mum is calmly coping with chemo…
Immensely helpful! My mum is calmly coping with chemo. I can’t thank you all enough!
A.B. – Chennai

almost as if I had transcended to the 5th dimension…
Had an amazing space of stillness today that lasted for a few hours almost as if I had transcend to the 5th dimension. It was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Core Healing for continuously holding these transmissions 🙂
A gallery called me out of the blue on the second day of healing for a group show starting next week! 🙂
R.B. – Mumbai

day 2 can be summed up in one word… LOVE!
Day 2 can be summed up in one word… LOVE!
The first healing filled heart with love and after that it trickled into my day ahead.The day wasn’t at all as planned, yet was perfect. I attracted people, words and experience that gave me fulfillment while others were removed from my day miraculously. 
The experiences the day brought about, were the one’s which cleared air of long outstanding issues. At the same time I was also grounded.
H.K. – Pune

most changing and expansive for me
This core transmission has by far been the most changing and expansive for me. I had been deeply enmeshed in my own stories of lack of love and neediness and within a span of three days I could see it melting. The last two days brought a sense of ease, peace, self acceptance and love for myself that I have not known. These transmissions worked at a totally different level. I could feel my body buzzing with it and yes I felt I was more sensitive and more receiving now than in the past. At times there was emotional intensity that surfaced but interestingly there was a seeing that it isn’t real and it was so much quicker to let it go.
I suggest this to anyone, whether they believe in healing or not. It’s one of those amazing support systems com ones with active healing which I think everyone of us needs at sometimes. Especially if you feel you know it all, you just may need it the most. I know I did. Truly grateful to Amit and GD for being a huge gift to us all.
A.S. – Mumbai

my meditation today was fabulous!
my meditation today was fabulous, I zoned out during the afternoon session for about 20 minutes.
A.K – Mumbai

felt so much loved and cared…
Thanks for including me in the transmission.
I felt this time your healing transmission was very wholesome and thorough, felt so much loved and cared. Specially during the heart sessions. They were Amazing!
I am feeling very much silent and relaxed, like I had a deep inner bath.
Some physical discomfort has surfaced due to the organ healing session, kind of excess heat in the body, otherwise very good. The last session was very deep. Special touch of GD in it. Lovely.
Real good, quality healing work!
Wish you and your team the very best. thank you so much for this. with love…
Y.C – Mysore

productivity has increased multifold!
I have been having mood swings… Angry and upset yesterday for no reason but today very happy. Also productivity has increased multifold in the last couple of days. I am feeling thirsty all the time and not able to sleep at night but still fresh all day long.
A.S – Pune

woke up in so much peace…
When I woke up I was in so much at peace! Calm… nothing in the world seemed to bother me! Thank you.
L.S. – Mumbai

slipped into a meditative state…
I felt really nice during the morning session…
slipped into meditative state, and came back at 9:30 AM.
S.T. – Pune

felt positive and enthusiastic…
Even though some drastic changes happened in the last two days, i felt pretty positive and enthusiastic. May the universe bless you! 
R.H. – Zurich

unbelievably a perfect talk!
I delivered an unbelievably perfect talk, for half an hour to 1000 + listeners in Lucknow. I believe, it happened because my talk and your healing process were moving simultaneously like jugalbandi. Thanks a ton, Core Healing Team.
A.S. – Mumbai

started to paint after many years…
The first day I had acidity, gas, body ache and was awake till 3 AM, found it difficult to sleep. Could not go to office the next day. 
The second day I felt centered and started to paint a canvas (after many years) in the evening! Thanks. 
D.S. – Pune

taking everything very lightly…
I woke up late today, having a body ache and headache during the session, but then after the first session, the whole day I was very energetic.
I was feeling very positive in office, in spite of being in a really bad situation, I was taking everything very lightly.
N.K. – Mumbai

have moved away from depressing thoughts…
I slept more soundly last night than I have slept in a long time. When I woke up this morning, I saw your SMS and I immediately felt grateful that I am able to be part of the transmissions. After the solar plexus clearing, I realized that I have moved from depressed ‘why me?’ thoughts to more creative and inclusive thoughts.
D.R. – Hyderabad

feel more open and forgiving…
I feel more open and forgiving to what has happened to me in the past year. I am relaxed, and don’t feel like doing anything. Just want to chill and watch TV. I have this feeling that all will be well and all will be provided for and I just have to believe.
M.M. – Singapore

throat chakra session was truly phenomenal !
During the morning transmission, I experienced a unique cool feeling in my chest. The throat chakra session was truly phenomenal – during my sleep I woke up with a dry throat and stuffy nose. Since I was sleeping I had not seen the message regarding the throat chakra transmission.
M.M. – Denver

able to speak things I would normally be afraid to…
It’s been quite calming and I feel a sense of deep cleansing.
the transmissions are really opening up my throat chakra, I’m able to speak things that I would be afraid to ordinarily. There is a sense of overall peace and well being.
A lot of past also came up for me…heart opening stuff. 
Overall I feel that the healing has become deeper and a sort of process is happening to clean out the old.
R.B. – Mumbai

maintenance of my soul and body…
Hi!, Firstly thank u for these group healing. I feel like a bike needs regular maintenance, these healings work as a maintenance of my soul n body. The heart chakra healing was lovely. I was happy from the heart. 🙂 The solar plexus healing brought healing crisis with it. yet I wasn’t sure if it drained me of energy or put me in a state of extreme relax. So yes, I felt sleepy.
By the time I recd throat chakra healing, I had to leave all work n sleep. I also spoke of issues that were long gone, and I spoke of them unattached. Two things for sure, to sum up the day, I feel calm and composed and a sense of greater clarity in my heart. Looking forward for tomorrow…
H.K – Pune

took out my colors after soooo long….

You were asking if I experienced more creativity…
I painted last night…  I took out my colors after soooo long.
D.R. – Hyderabad

can barely keep my eyes open…
The solar plexus session is bringing up intense pain in abdomen, light loose motions, nausea and discomfort in chest. Brain fog is clearing, feeling emotionally lighter, and feeling very very drowsy!!! Strange mix.
Taking nap now, can barely keep my eyes open.
A.S. – Mumbai

as though my brain went to sleep !
Its been a very very stressful time for me. I’m going through an acquisition of the shares of my partner in the company I own, and there is a lot of stress due to the interactions, but this afternoon I was super relaxed and disconnected from all of that. I came home and fell asleep on the sofa while everyone sat and around me and chatted. It was as though my brain went to sleep. 
A.V. – Hyderabad

its been very different this time…
its been very different this time. Day one was totally relaxing and being with myself!! Lot of composure.
Day 2 was unfolding with different awareness, lot of rest n sleep. Day 3 – Body was in a switch off mode nurturing with food. Actually hunger was not much but today the body has been asking for sm food. Emotionally it’s been smooth flowing. Release happening.
P.B. – Mumbai

stillness and joy…
Experienced stillness and joy, then sadness and nausea. Then lots of joy and lots of talking. A lovely session with a client.
S.K. – Pune

feeling much lighter…
Thank you very much.I am feeling much lighter. It’s been very stressful and busy for long time. Today after a long time I went out with my son and enjoyed the day.
M.S. – Pune

my body feels peaceful…
I was diagnosed with breast cancer this July and have been going chemotherapy now. I was really in a lot of discomfort but today my body feels peaceful. Thank you so much 🙂
A.S. – Mumbai

optimism growing within…
I sense optimism growing from within, not feeling too bogged down. Generally feel better. May be more will come.
P.S. – Delhi

peaceful overall…
Experienced headache, nausea and weakness during solar plexus healing otherwise all good so far. Honestly I feel peaceful overall….
H.K. – Pune

better journaling and clarity…
Sense of well being mostly, and a quicker return to center after the disturbance. Substantially less churn internally, I am journaling better and a clarity is emerging. 
A.P. – Pune

deep rooted pattern showed up…
Honestly speaking, I observed very very very subtle change, nothing very dramatic, but i’m greatly thankful for your contribution. I am excited and open. Btw, a deep rooted pattern showed up today. I felt it was the result of the transmission. Thank you.
A.S. – Chennai

aware of thoughts going on in peoples minds…
I was far more aware during my meetings yesterday, to the extent of being aware of thoughts going on peoples mind. I was slow and aware, just what I wanted & no prejudices as well.
A.K. – Mumbai

my body is finally beginning to recover…
I’ve actually been feeling like my anger is coming out, a little overwhelmed, and some heaviness in my chest. My body feels like it’s beginning to recover finally after delivery.
F.B. – Texas

felt totally supported and guided…
Today and yesterday I felt totally supported and guided. Having a lot of problems with old friends, my spirit got over with an enormous backing. Thanks again
A.H. – Switzerland 

definitely in a better state of mind…
Feeling lighter and less overwhelmed. Still occasional moments where my problems come upto the surface. But definitely in a better state of mind than yesterday. More calm. Lighter. Thank you.
Awaiting my burst of creativity and removal of lethargy now :-). Seriously though, very grateful. Thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow’s process now.
A.G. – Mumbai

new resolutions showing up…
Two things are happening…
1.patterns are being seen of old unresolved believed to be unsolvable problems..
2.and new resolutions in the form of clearing coming up.
J.W. – Pune

felt strong surge of energy…
Seems like intense energy, I can feel it in the stomach & overall body as well,
I am not getting the SMS, I just sensed it, was in a meeting & felt strong surge
A.K. – Mumbai

unusual sense of calmness…
Feeling an unusual sense of calmness. Positive thoughts and happiness showing up well.Overall a wonderful sense of well being. Grateful for everything 
M.T. – Mumbai

i didn’t lose my cool…
First day back at work after the weekend. Stressful in terms of developments at work but I didn’t lose my cool. That has to be an improvement!  
A.G. – Mumbai 

some of the feedback resonated with me too.
Just read the feedback mail and felt that I was not able to articulate, and some of the feedback a resonated with me too. Today during the end of the second session, my lower back had a cracking sound and it was much better. I feel more sorted out today.
R.R. – Singapore

felt warmth around my arms and upper part of the body…
The last session was nice. I felt a warmth around my arms and the upper part of the body for sometime. Whenever possible I tried to meditate during the transmissions.Thank you.
P.R. – Singapore 

for the past 2 days I am not feeling any nausea or palpitation associated with the pregnancy.
A.M. – Pune

this transmission was for my husband who is unaware of it. I feel he is calmer than before and has started to read spiritual and motivating books!
R.S. – Mumbai

work is happening without struggle. There a sense of ease.
D.S. – Pune

it was amazing, I actually felt it very strong in the solar plexus, also feeling more calm and settled.
S.K. – Pune

yes definitely feeling lighter and not feeling depressed!!!
P.G. – Mumbai

i have noticed my sleep has been better the past 2 days. Thanks!
A.A. – Mumbai

i felt a sense of lightness after a really heavy last week.
A.S. – Mumbai

i have been more at peace with increased clarity.
M.M. – Denver

when I came to know that my cousin has been blessed with a baby boy, I was excited & also felt my heart beat, its the first time I’ve felt like this. 
R.A. – Namibia

today I felt great, no more migraine, pretty light and lot of positivity!
J.M. – Vizag

since we have started, am more calm, less aggravated & feel more peaceful.
P.S. – Gurgaon

today i was not at all sleepy like the other 3 days. I was energetic.
V.A. – Mumbai

i’m much calmer in not so calm circumstances. And my son has immense energy!
J.M. – Vizag

thanks! I feel rested and positive all around.
S.M. – Pune 

i have been more patient and forgiving.
M.M. – Zurich


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