the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – Aug 2015′ 
the 5-day Remote Healing Program…

feeling a tremendous change…

Yes, feeling a tremendous change! Energy level is rising. Communication has become clearer. The tsunami of unnecessary thoughts has receded. Feeling rested, contented and composed.
S.A. – Mumbai

an experience of pure love!
Lovely healing experience so far, specially this afternoon. I sat quietly for a few minutes when it started. Then fell asleep. Had wonderful realizations while sleeping. The one I remember is of being pure love. Rather than condemning someone’s words or actions or being resentful, just blessing them instead. And here I am at the dining table experiencing it too. Thank you very much. ☺
S.G. – Jaipur

last two days have been fantastic!
Yesterday was quite something. For the first time in many days, I woke up in the morning feeling fresh and without any emotional turmoil. I could feel the power of the healing. The solar plexus session and the meridians session had made me quite sleepy and tired.

Today I felt light and energized and less worried about what I had been worrying about for many days. Many random emotions kept coming up during the course of the day though. The last two days have been quite fantastic and receiving the SMS makes me focus and it feels a little ‘special’ 🙂 Thanks.
P.L. – Hyderabad

deep sleep after a long, long time!
For sometime, I haven’t been able to sleep properly even when I was tired. Today, I could go to sleep effortlessly. The sleep was really deep… Something I experienced after a long, long time. I got up after that feeling lighter and I don’t feel like eating at all. Most importantly, I didn’t touch my work on my weekly off!
K.P. – Bahrain

surprising surge of creativity!
Had an unexpected and surprising surge of creativity yesterday. Concept & outline draft of a new script was “downloaded” within an hour. Had a breakthrough in the evening with a director whose script has been stuck for months. Overall, smooth and unimpeded creative flow… 🙂
A.S. – Mumbai

some of the best days of my life!
These last few days were some of the best days of my life! I was amazingly fresh, the clutter in the mind was nowhere to be found and all actions had a smooth flow! Indeed grateful to you to make this happen.  Thanks a zillion! 

Carrying forward the state of newfound contentment… a state of total happiness. Again thanking you abundantly! Must say this was an awesome experience…  Inexhaustible energy… And I find no words to describe this… I am just toooooooo happy!!
V.S – Singapore

amazing stillness for many hours…
Had an amazing space of stillness today that lasted for a few hours almost as if I had transcended to the 5th dimension. It was absolutely beautiful. Thank you Core Healing for continuously holding these programs 🙂
R.B – Mumbai

loads of positive energy! 
Able to convert adversity to opportunity! Have been surrounded by good people and energy. Universe is filling me with good friends and good news from others. Random people, sweet smile, small instant connections and loads of positivity!
J.M. – Vizag

felt very strong energy…
Felt strong energy at 2am and woke up. Could not sleep, so read ACIM, then slept again. Sat in meditation from 7-8… felt very strong energy. Perceived it as a vertical, straight standing, tall, unshakable, direct, column of energy. It also felt peaceful, soothing… kind of clearing out the garbage. Also felt energetic heat and activity on my upper back.
A.T. – Pune

took a bold new step…
I noticed how my day started with anxiety and that the energy somehow allowed me to take a bold new step that promises to secure my finances without taking me away from my spiritual path and spiritual gifts. By evening I have returned to a greater calm and clarity of how this is possible. Much love to each and every living being.
D.P. – Pune

surprisingly easy menstrual cycle…
1st and second session made me unusually sleepy, but in the second session of balancing the solar plexus, I got my menstrual cycle – which for no reason had been delayed by 9 days for the first time in my life! A menstrual cycle day usually means sleeping throughout the day. This time I was energetic even beyond the usual sleeping hours.

Last night, after clinic hours, we had a meeting that went on beyond midnight. Normally I would get tired, but this time I was very energetic, even beyond midnight.

Looking forward to the session of harmonizing emotions. Much needed.
B.T. – Singapore

the last two sessions were at a totally different level!  
The last two sessions were at a totally different level.  Reminded me of the movie Sixth Sense.  That movie seemed to truly start after it ends: for the revelation at the end makes you revisit the whole movie in your mind again – and a new narrative beautifully, seamlessly takes the place of what you thought was happening all along.

Similarly, all the five days transmissions seem to have taken on a whole new impact and conclusion. They now seem like the perfectly orchestrated build up to a wonderful climax in a classical composition that will stay with you long after you leave the theater.
Releasing the old and welcoming the new – well CORE itself definitely seems to have done that 🙂
Thank you.  Honored to be included in the magic.
S.B. – Pune

never felt so lively!
The transmission time was amazing! I did feel the change and never felt so lively. So thank you so much! Sorry that I could not send feedback via text message because my phone balance was over. God bless you people!!
S.D. – Mumbai

renewed sense of enthusiasm…
Had a lot of stomach ache the last 2 days. Wrote notes on FB and cried day before. Made connections – realized why I am intimidated by someone and that has to do with my interaction with them at 16. 
Feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm, also learning to say bye easier. :-)) feeling happier :-)) not like crazy happy but content happy!
N.T. – Mumbai

my intestine cleaned itself…
The first and second session calmed my down; I felt like smiling the whole day – was totally at ease. My face is clearing up. The next day I had to go very often to the toilet, the intestine cleaned itself.

Yesterday when the healing was about clearing sadness and grief I felt very angry first and dissatisfied with me, than very sad and during the night I was overwhelmed with love and awareness. That was impressive!

When the session yesterday took place to return the body to its natural rhythm there were thoughts of: come on get it done, what are you waiting for – and than totally laughter. Laughter because I knew, I felt like I was playing with me. This lightness and cheerfulness lasts and feels wonderful. My warmest thanks
A.H. – Germany

can see a lot of changes in my son…
I feel deep calmness, no hurry, and no goals. I can see that the thoughts are different from me (I am not the thoughts). Yesterday, my son was too sensitive…without reason he was crying. Can see a lot of good changes in him. I am happy to see that. We bought that flat, but still I am normal, not over-excited. Thanks, this time’s healing is really very different from the earlier one.
S.N. – Pune

during the gratitude session… I almost had tears and lots of love and compassion to people sitting besides me in the office… accompanied with a lot of yawning… 🙂
S.T. – Pune

yesterday, the whole day was so beautiful – there was a flow in all actions with a feel of lightness and happiness… untiring day indeed! Look forward to your transmissions.
V.S. – Singapore

a lot of positive spin in my life! Like a swan filtering negativity and blocking what is not necessary and taking in a lot of positive vibes from everyone and everything around me.
J.M. – Vizag

what transmission did you do… 3-4 people told me I am glowing… and looking like 25 only!!!
A.M. – Pune

extremely cool and sleepy feeling. On each chakra I sensed energy movements. Currently having headache… but overall very awesome feeling. It’s all unbelievable!
K.S. – Pune

digestion has improved. Feeling light and peaceful.
S.S. – Mumbai

have been certainly Much More Calm right through the period.
N.G. – Pune

i have felt very relaxed and not upset towards things as I usually do. I have a lot more energy today and not as tired.
R.G. – Australia

projects that were stuck for months are moving suddenly!  I am so grateful 🙂
D.R. – Hyderabad

beautiful… heart opening! Experienced stirrings of happiness, fearlessness and restful awareness.
R.B. – Mumbai

and again I remember who I AM. 🙂
S.S. – Mumbai

last transmission was really very soothing, almost like relaxing on a hill top with wine.
A.K. – Mumbai

super happy today!
S.A. – Mumbai

solar plexus session was superb! Felt some churning in my stomach in a cleansing sort of way.
T.R. – Mumbai

had feelings of great warmth through the session. Sweating on my palms and back (I generally don’t sweat).
S.K. – Pune

felt a lot of energy at the solar plexus 🙂
A.T – Pune

felt like something was continuously releasing from the solar plexus.
P.G – Pune

this is amazing, thank you!
R.B. – Boston

i feel a calm coolness in the body and want to do meditation and be in me only. No emotions, no thoughts, and fearless…nice!
S.K. – Pune

communication is more compassionate. Better patience overall. Happy too!
A.P. – Pune

slept a lot, I feel like my body is very light…
V.S. – Jaipur

it’s feeling wonderful! Being energetic and open – anger and dissatisfaction are reduced. Happy, very happy!
A.A. – Pune

my all thoughts are positive. OMG I can’t believe it, Thank you so much!
V.S. – Jaipur

since yesterday, I am not feeling fatigue (especially mental fatigue) at the end of the day. 🙂
S.S. – Varanasi

feel strong pressure on my Solar Plexus since you started yesterday.
M.B. – Israel

feeling calm…as if emotions are balanced.
A.S. – Mumbai

since the healings started I’ve had a lot of memories come up. Sadness and grief for friends, relatives and especially for my father who passed away 2 years ago.
This healing has been very different from the first one I did in summer. At that time, I had been feeling stuck in my life. With the first healing I immediately felt the lightness of the energy. I have returned to my writing and am feeling better about myself.

D.G – Konkan

for me my breakthrough was not calling my mom for 24hrs… and now I don’t feel bad or guilty also for not doing anything for my brother’s wedding… I wont be doormat to them and let them hurt me as and when they want… breaking relationship attachment without guilt, and thinking of my happiness more is my motto!
S.K. – Pune

There is an inner clarity n courage to stand up for things… The courage to commit to something despite having no confirmations if it will work out or not!
D.P. – Pune

it’s been superb. Heart opened and happy. Seeing everything as Joyous too! Work happened with ease.
A.S. – Mumbai

thank u all so much…Today was an awesomely peaceful day…  Increase in allowance and tolerance.
M.T. – Mumbai

i been having mood swings like I feel happy then after a few hours later I feel worried, then I start singing songs for no reason, also my wife was feeling unusual last night – also she told me she felt like crying for no reason.
A.P. – Alabama

tough to describe in terms of a physical sensation, but perhaps the best way to is: healing from the inside. Light energies, a sense of relief and happiness.
C.K. – UK

tt’s very deep this time and the energy feels strong and nice! More got released from the heart day before yesterday… it was an extremely emotional day!! Yesterday and today were light and happy. My body is feeling very different in some way 🙂
A.T. – Pune

Mom has been having backache & also she was not able to sleep properly, but for last 2 days she’s been sleeping well.
A.K. – Mumbai

thank U sooo much for enrolling me in this 5 day program! I feel really, really good about it! 
S.A – Bhopal

thank you, it was a wonderful journey and am so lucky to be part of it….
S.K. – Pune

thank you so much! I found many changes in my mother’s emotions, and they are very much positive. She is looking much energetic, I hope her eye surgery and later treatment will go fine with all this help.
M.S. – Pune

in last few days I have experienced increase in the level of tolerance, better understanding of the situations and the best one…beautiful experience during Meditation. Big thanks to Core Healing.
S.S. – Varanasi

it’s really nice! You have done a great job of cleaning my chakras! My son is very calm now; he reacted well to the aura cleansing. Everyday is a beautiful experience with him.
J.M. – Vishakapatnam

thanks a lot for healing. During chakra healing today I felt a tingling sensation between eyebrows also felt a beam of light for a fraction of a second.
B.K. – Nasik

I have been very aware of life almost as if I am observing it from a distance. I have also noticed energy moving in my body. Thank you very much 🙂
B.M. – Botswana

hiii! I have been working 14-15 hours a day, but yesterday evening I had a sudden switch and went from being super annoyed to really happy which was cool to notice.
N.M. – New York

i was sick for the last 15 days. I had severe fatigue and some imbalance in my middle ear. After a long time, today I am feeling good and energetic too. Thanks for the healing!
V.A. – Mumbai

i am feeling super free and relaxed despite all the busyness! It’s been hectic at work this week but I feel easy. Thank you for the healing.
S.D. – Pune

yesterday, a lot of anger came up, but suddenly I was able to be an observer. No reaction from my side. One more thing I noticed, I stop doing things to impress others. Today, I feel my third eye is receiving energy.
S.N – Pune

i felt I’m little calmer than usual and felt greater peace of mind as compared to what I was going through for the last 2 weeks, both in my personal as well as professional life.
N.G. – Pune

today was a very nice, quiet day. A day where I spent time with just myself and it was so good that I enjoyed just reading, listening to audio tracks, sitting quietly and not doing a thing. I could spend lot of time with myself.
A.M – Pune

my daughter and mother in law had stomach ache yesterday afternoon. My mother in law did not sleep well last night and neither did I. Anger and fear resonated with me in the morning. The healing energies are very strong! Very happy that mummy is feeling something 🙂
A.T – Pune

yes… noticed a lightness in the body. Also reduced tiredness. Emotionally, the negative charge is less. There is less attention to thoughts of the past. Overall feeling good :):)
N.P. – Ahmedabad

these healing sessions seem much better than the earlier ones I had signed up for. There is a different quality to each session. Something is definitely happening, but no words yet.
V.S. – Hyderabad

when I take a deep breath I have a feeling of awareness and balance, which I rarely had in the last months. I hope my current feeling of wellbeing doesn’t leave me quickly 🙂
R.H. – Zurich

had a dream where my victim tendency that I thought was resolved, came up. I was happy that it showed me that more work is needed on that front, and also showed me quite a bit of work has happened there, as the intensity this time was very less.
S.K. – Pune

sorry for giving the feedback a bit late, but noticed I’m feeling lighter, like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders around 5 am Indian time.
C.K. – UK

during throat chakra transmission, I was feeling lot of energy in my throat and did not feeling like talking or expressing anything. Was just quiet.
A.M. – Pune

on the day of healing of throat chakra, my throat pained throughout the day and surprisingly I woke up today with a stomach crunch, only to realize that my digestion has improved in comparison to last 2-3 days!!
S.A. – Bhopal


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