the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – 2015’ 
the 5-day Remote Healing Program…

total silence – inside and outside! 
“The only thing I can recall is total silence – inside and outside. Same home, same people, same noisy neighbor bank but all immersed in a ocean of silence… the healing this time is very different for me. My husband who normally chats non stop is also very quiet since yesterday”
S.K – Pune

the outside world seems filled with grace and love…
“Effortless and deep clearings, ones I did not even know had to be cleared. Also, not only am I feeling energetic and positive within, but the outside world feels filled with grace and love. Thank you!”
V.B – Pune

smoking reduced…
“Normally I smoke about 20 cigarettes a day. Today I smoked maybe 10 to 12 cigarettes. 🙂 And there was no conscious desire to stop smoking or in no way have I been controlling smoking.”
S.S – Mumbai

positive surge for my business!
“Had taken healing for my business place, and today on the last day, with lots of ups and downs – had great responses for our clients and had positive inflows! When I started, it had been in a dwindling state but now surging up.”
A.A – Pune

super creativity!
“I focussed super hard on art work and stayed up into the early hours of morning. I never do that. And I invented a new logo for my design business that night.”
J.C – San Fransisco

business miracle!
“There were 4 business meetings that were not happening for about a year in spite of repeated attempts. After the healing started, I got calls from the concerned people and all of them got fixed within 2 days. Thanks a lot!”
N.M – Pune

cried while reading all the feedback…
“I had uncontrollable tears rolling down my cheek when I was reading all the feedback and also as I am typing this now. feels nice though.
My feedback – I resumed my music classes after 3 years! I have been watching badminton championships like a meditation. Feels like I am connected to everyone in this planet – especially when I am in the stadium with 10s of players and thousands of spectators. I feel them when I see them… do not know how to express…. thanks Amit and GD.”
R.R – Singapore

i should have asked at least a dozen people to participate!
“You guys rock, rock, rock-n-roll. Also the healing has really helped my daughter. Her reports are great. Will share later… love you guys! And that incredible live love machine!!
My only regret is that I should have asked at least a dozen people to benefit from this.
Do announce it well in advance in future if possible. I have also been feeling good. Also did body work. God bless you dear!”
K.G – Pune 

lovely experience with family…
“It’s been so amazing… so much peace n calmness. Today my husband, along with my daughter and son, we were in the garden having tea playing with a football. So much communion and joy which I always wanted to experience… Had not happened for last many, many years… So much gratitude!”
P.B – Mumbai 

i feel fearless…
I am feeling more open, more relaxed and it feels like I have got more depth of hosh (awareness) than before. I feel fearless… and deep in the meditative state. I am feeling closer to the god (awareness). Thank you for your great gift, thank you for your love 🙂
R.G – Pune

i cried a lot and did lots of forgiveness …
“The little bit of anxiety I had for my team is settling down… and I am able to feel the confidence in myself that things will be OK. The last healing was very nice. I cried a lot and did a lot of forgiveness work. Thank you so much for this.”
A.M – Pune

freedom from food!
“Today seemed magical for me. After the few text exchanges with you in the morning, my day could not have turned out better. At 11pm I realized I had not eaten anything the whole day and was so comfortable with it. Unbelievable for some like me who rushes to food to escape minutest levels of stress.”
S.S – Mumbai

being pulled upwards by grace…
All through the period of five days, it was distinctly more “Peaceful and Positive”. During the transmissions, there was a feeling of free flow of energy in the body with a feeling of the blockages in certain parts of the body getting removed. Also a feeling of loss of weight/lack of gravity. Gravity – not pulling down, Grace pulling up. Also more interest in the prayers and sitting silently. Also a feeling like… Layers coming out like an onion.
N.G – Pune

getting so many acknowledgements and love from people…
What u r transmitting now is fucking brilliant!!!!! Omg! It is so expansive. My body is heated up like a nuclear reactor and just in the last hour I designed two workshops! I’m getting so many acknowledgments and love from people and I am not sure what I am being but it’s working! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
A.S – Mumbai

dramatic shift in energy…
“I am most definitely feeling upbeat and positive. There has been a dramatic shift in my energy over the last four days. Gradual but definite.  I can see it now.”
M.K – Pune

crazy creativity is happening!
“Some crazy creativity is happening! Wake up and hands want to paint. Kundalini energy is also explosive. Thought I’ll share the art work I did in the past 3 days with you.”
R.B – Mumbai

insightful and refreshing experience…
“Clarity and a sense of peace prevails… house seems a lot more pleasant and the underlying tension and aggression has reduced to a large extent. Really insightful and refreshing experience! Many thanks.”
S.J – Mumbai

thank you for this amazing healing series!
Mind seems clearer… calmer. Am now hopeful that i can be further healed… thank you.
Thank you for this amazing healing series… may you be blessed with all happiness. 
Feeling calmer and more confident… amazing healing!!!!!
S.T – Mumbai

sang n drew from a peaceful space…
“So finally I do seem to be at peace again. All the rage is gone n given to whom it belongs n rest released.  I find myself in a deep state of high awareness again.  My family could finally come to support me today.  Got a prospective job n life path I like… and I was immersed in bhajan which I love most… n finally sang n drew from peace this evening.  Everything feels Ok after great turmoil n Flux n spiritual crisis.”
D.P – Pune

my meditation improved…
“I have received healing from you once previously and noticed that last time there was a happier feeling while this time bought a lot of old emotions to the surface. However despite the old emotions, when I sat down to meditate it was good. I found that I could meditate nicely again without getting too distracted. Gratitude.”
N.T – Bangalore

was in pure listening mode yesterday…
I was more in listening mode yesterday. I went out with few friends last night.My friends were all talking about business & stuff, funding, customers, growth & all those kinda things usually I get deeply involved in such topics & enlighten every one with my theories etc, but yesterday I just listened & observed.:)

I also didn’t get high after drinks & usually I drink more if don’t get a buzz but yesterday I stopped. 
I was somehow firm on my stand to stop it even when everyone kind of pestered me few times.

I have not been able to hold grievances with people in office. I could not hold thoughts against people & situations. During my meditations I remembered some old memories especially related to career, which I had completely forgotten. I was usually in the flow of moment.”
A.K – Mumbai

today was an awesome day!
“Today was an awesome day! Happy… Relaxed… Open. With lots of people coming and meeting
Being a guide and getting insights too. Thank you.”
A.A – Pune

full of energy … and work happened effortlessly
It was a busy 2 days at work and at home with in-laws visiting. Despite all the action I was full of energy and work happened effortlessly. The mind was silent and energy flowed. Thank you for this super healing.
S.D – Pune

impact on the solar plexus…
“The first three healings today had impact on the solar plexus. I could feel a pull there right from the morning. The last healing transmission was calming.”
J.N – Thane

no stress and panic…
“My son is unwell again. He has lost 2 kgs in 4 days… but instead of the usual stress n panic, I am feeling calm and collected. All due to the Core healing. Thanks a lot!”
A.S – Pune 

feels so full …awesome…
This week is really going so smooth like a flow. Your session on Monday and core transmissions are creating peace and peace alone..
Feels so full.. Awesome.. Many thanks to you and Amit.
B.H – Pune

really restless during the anger-grief transmission…
“My energy levels have improved since the core healing sessions. I was really restless during the anger-grief transmission and felt so much lighter after it got over. Looking forward to more healing and miracles.”
D.A – New Delhi

today was a grand day…
“Today was a grand day. I was surrounded by people… got over quota of attention… felt like the most sought after person. 🙂 overall very good day.”
A.S – Mumbai

I kept wondering if it’s the placebo effect
“Thank you so much for the healing. I did feel a certain smoothness, less negativity and less restlessness. But I kept wondering if it’s the placebo effect.”
M.W – Mumbai

my daughter is looking happy, energetic!
“My energy is softer and more loving, willingness to let go, accepting things situations people as they are. Feeling lighter, more peaceful more loving to me 🙂 Asking for help more easily and receiving help more easily. My daughter is looking happy, energetic!”
A.T – Pune

all three of us slept a lot…
“Since morning feeling restless, stomach unsettled, unable to drink water also.
Much better in the evening. Slept a lot in the afternoon – in fact all three of us slept !!
Looking forward to the next session.”
N.V – Mumbai

switch easily to joy and peace…
“Feeling quite good: overall i feel internal change. One area for introspection is that i still get some negative thoughts. But now i do not let it linger and switch easily to feeling of joy peace and harmony.”
M.R – Singapore

heart churning incessant tears… 
“heart churning incessant tears… now I’m calm but yes incessant uncontrollable tears in last n first session. N I have a feeling I have still loads more in my heart to churn out.”
V.S – Singapore

more motivation throughout the day…
“Hi Amit.. I have started looking forward to the transmissions eagerly throughout the day… I feel calmer for sure… more peaceful and happy… there is also more motivation throughout the day to get things done… Thank you!”
A.N – Pune

feels like I am in heaven!
“Today I feel full of awareness, ego is not playing any games. Also there is awareness of others energy, and something is very different which I am not able to explain……. feels like I am in heaven!”
S.N – Pune

my cold and nose block cleared up a good deal
“Hi! So energetically I didn’t feel that whole receiving energy feeling. But I could barely keep my eyes open in the afternoon and I came home and slept for a long time. Appetite is kind of reduced, only eating as much as needed. Feeling a general lightness. Though yesterday I felt a bit down and irritable.
Oh and my cold and nose block cleared up a good deal!”
T.V – Mumbai

not afraid to speak up…
“Been nursing a cold, sore throat, body ache since Mon evening, can’t take medications so relying solely on core healing. Feeling better today but still weak. Emotionally feel stronger and not willing to tolerate nonsense and not afraid to speak up :-)”
F.B – San Diego

feeling energetic today!
“Noticed change in own behavior:
1. Now I am demanding time from my husband ( earlier I would avoid him) and also spending nice time with him.
2.feeling energetic today.
3. Questioning myself about what and why I am doing things.”
A.A – Pune

all in all I feel very “light”
“We had a long Easter weekend and yesterday first day at work again was very busy but still felt calm relaxed and easy. The 1st transmission is always around 3.30am for me so I’m still asleep then but waking up full of energy to start the day. All in all I feel very “light”.
And also a friend had a back operation yesterday and all went well so maybe all the positive energy that flows towards me is spreading forward to others in need 😉
I’m feeling in general calmer – seeing things clearer and difficult to describe but somehow everything – or is it me? – seems to flow – very light and easy.”
B.F Zurich

able to slow down…
“All my life I have been overwhelmed when taking up new projects and expect to do everything immediately as fast as my mind works. Have been unable to be patient and build the project step by step. Today I find I am able to show down to the building block level and get into the details of what is required at the current moment.”
S.S – Mumbai

feel tremendous love for one and all…
“I feel tremendous patience, compassion and love for one and all. My husband is having sore throat and cough. I know this is good for him… just wanted to let u know.”
S.D – Pune

pent up emotion coming up…
“Lots of pent up emotion coming up for me and also being creative… Interesting cleansing for me… Enjoying it very much :))”
R.B – Mumbai

my work is happening effortlessly…
“I was able to get back to my routine of prayers and meditation which I was avoiding since a long time… One of my friend complimented saying I look peaceful and calm.
My work is happening effortlessly. Thank You…Love You!”
B.H – Pune

lots of emotional releasing…
“There was a lot of releasing happening in the last 12 hours, was very sleepy. But now I am feeling more energetic. Niteen also releasing a lot. Having mixed emotions. Happy, positive. Excited. But tired and sleepy too. Too much release?”
N.V – Mumbai

sensing a change in attitude of people towards me…
“Sensing a change in attitude of people towards me… although I am not putting any effort… they are behaving friendly… Noticed one thing – towards the evening the “feel good factor” increases!
Guess whattt… I effortlessly spoke to this guy from office with whom I had a nice argument some weeks back… Broke the ice effortlessly!”
S.T – Pune

my meeting went amazing, I was in the zone!
“I was sleeping during 1st session, & I didn’t remember about session also but when I woke up my thoughts were all Happy. I was saying “thank you” to whole world & 2nd transmission was awesome as well. I felt huge surge of energy & I had just stepped into a meeting. So it went amazing & I was in the zone!”
A.K – Mumbai

flushing out the body mind…
“it feels like a flushing out of the body mind as if the energy is like water and the water is entering the body mind with great force and throwing out all rubbish.
My maid said she is not getting much thoughts 🙂
My driver is also feeling very nice. They are both receiving the healing as well.”
A.T – Pune

the last session was totally awesome!
“The last session was totally awesome! Yesterday shuttling between depression, resistance.
Today feeling unwound and light. I would love a repeat of the last session ie session two of day two if that’s possible :)”
S.S – Mumbai

had almost no thoughts… feels like the matrix!
“Was in a new zone… felt a bit clueless, had almost no thoughts… not used to it, feels like the matrix!”
A.K – Mumbai

“effortless” peace and happiness
“…on a overall aspect I can say that the healing is granting me “effortless” peace and happiness while dealing with otherwise troublesome people… Can we run this lifelong for me ? haha”
S.D – Pune

release of stored emotional disturbances…
“Quite a lot of emotional up and down. Could be a release of stored emotional disturbances. Somehow there is a sense that something tells me to move on and gives a more pragmatic aspect to move forward. Quite Intense but happy to release with awesome intensity!”
H.P – New Delhi

feeling relaxed after quitting my job…
“Actually I am feeling very relaxed after I quit the job, slept so peacefully!
That was day one of Core… you get the courage to do what you feel is good for you and how you feel comfortable. I was very straightforward while giving the reasons for quitting. Thank you.”
C.J – Nagpur

my husband is pleasantly shocked…
“There is a lot of silence internal and external. The body and its pain seem to be unconnected and very far from me… a unique experience since yesterday. My husband is perplexed and pleasantly shocked.”
S.K – Pune

received unexpected appreciation…
“The week began with many anxieties but once the healing began I am feeling empty. Blissful. I received unexpected appreciation from unlikely folks. Inspired… Thank you for this.”
S.D – Pune

“my house is shining like a crystal!
Feedback about my house, it is shining like a crystal. Very calm and peaceful feeling when we enter our house after going out.”
S.N – Pune

had a difficult conversation with ease…
“My day was fine, in fact yesterday during the same time the energy was being transmitted, I was able to have a difficult conversation with ease. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I didn’t realize the coincidence of timing till I saw your mail later. Thanks Core for this. Blessings.”
A.S – Ontario

heart head eyes brimming with tears…
“Felt extremely sad over past. Wept… which is unusual. A 25 year ago memory surfaced for no reason. Extreme headache. Night was very very overwhelming… heart head eyes brimming with tears. But somehow I was not bothered or worried.”
V.S – Singapore

“feeling relaxed and centered throughout the day.”
D.G – Pune

“feeling peaceful & grounded. Feeling unexpected love & expansion of the heart for colleagues in a place of competitiveness and jealousy. Loving who I am being.”
A.S – Mumbai

“physical health has seen improvement. Feel better over all. Thanks!”
D.T – Mumbai

“woke up restful. Energy levels are good.
Continue to be positive about the outcome of the situation.”

A.G – Texas

“Hi!! I felt more positivity and was more relaxed at work. m
Slept like a baby at night.”

J.P – Pennsylvania

“after more than eight months I decided to start trading the stock exchange again!”
S.J – Mumbai

“feeling very peaceful. Mood is good.”
V.A – Bangalore

“whatever you are doing… is amazing… our blessings…”
S.T – Mumbai

“feeling Great! Coming out of my comfort zone and catching resistance easily.”
R.G – Pune

“sleeping so well and just happier :-))) Tx u Tx u Tx u!”
N.T – Mumbai

“mood swinging stopped. Total calm has started descending.
Getting complete sleep at night without sleeping capsule.”

A.S – Mumbai

“two sessions today… both times I felt a sense of calmness.”
S.T – Mumbai

“I do feel happier and more friendly. I’ll keep a lookout for insights :)”
N.T – Bangalore

“feeling a lot of difference within me. Need Core support to take it forward :)”
V.M – Chennai

“yesterday and today was calm. The anger seems to have subsided. Feeling peaceful.”
J.P – Thane 

“today’s healing was great, since morning I feel like doing meditation.”
S.N – Pune

“felt effortlessly happy and peaceful with the men in my office… hahaha!”
S.T – Pune

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