the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – July 2018’
the 5-day Remote Healing Program…

clear bright lovingness after so many days!
There is an unmistakable sense of clear bright lovingness after so many days since this morning. Everyone in the family is feeling alive and loving, with a feeling at home like we are on a picnic on planet Earth and we must enjoy each day. Thank you for this much needed break from the intense energies.
A.S. – Mumbai

sat still for more than an hour…
Very peaceful, I sat still for more than an hour and didn’t want to get up. Later on I realized that the transmission had started today. Good one.
D.S – Pune

no hurry and anxiety anymore…
Mind has been cool. Allowances for my own mistakes have increased. Hunger and emptiness inside has decreased. A feeling of peace and contentment surrounds me often. Generally a feeling of completion of task. There is no hurry and anxiety anymore.

These are alien experiences to my last 50 + years of life. There was hardly a day without the constant feeling of incompleteness and anxiety. Now this is new. A little strange too.

Last few weeks i have been working hard to forgive myself and every other person who i have felt wronged me conned me , betrayed me or caused mistrust in my life. A heavy job indeed.  But I felt a little relieved now.
N.V – Mumbai

let go of my obsessive thinking…
Thank you for sending the healing. It’s helping me with coping with the jet lag. I am bright and sprightly. Did a lot of work effortlessly and slept soundly too. 🙏 Receiving healing has helped me in multiple ways. Some observations this week:
I could cope well with the after effects of travel. I did not feel jet lagged at all. Slept well without any disturbance.Everything that I needed to do around the house or outside happened effortlessly. Not tired at all.I was able to let go of my obsessive thinking a lot easier than ever. Some creative opportunities opened up for me as well.Thank you for everything. Love the feeling of being taken care of 🙂
S.D. – Pune

a lot of mental trash was cleared!
Yesterday I felt a very strong heat at the front of my manipura chakra and tingling at the back of between the Vishudda and Anahata. Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
During the heart and solar plexus transmission it was very difficult to work. Like impossible. I sang kirtan then went to lunch… a lot of mental trash was cleared
A.B. – Paris

the demon of depression left me!
I felt calmer for sure. Drained at some times and not exactly happy for no reason but generally felt better within. I don’t know how to explain it but it was more like the demon of depression left me for a while and the dark cloud had lifted.
N.K. – Mumbai

calm & composed for no reason known to me!
Inspite of some pretty serious legal tangles, I feel calm & composed for no reason known to me, not baffled like I was earlier. Not showing any anxiety is the best effectiveness for me, which is happening. But there is a strange sense of confidence & calmness for the future course of action in life.
R.S. – Mumbai

deep silence amidst whatever is happening
Feeling moments of deep silence amidst whatever is happening, even as people are talking to me. Timelessness and detachment from what’s happening around. A sense of not being here, or rather being everywhere across time – sensing consciousness within which the whole process of Time is happening….sounds silly in words… But feels peaceful and vast and natural.
A.S. – Mumbai

could feel the energy going around my head…
During the radiation and environmental toxins transmission, I felt very tired. I had to lie down. I could feel the energy going around my head. I have been able to feel deep relaxation. Very deep when meditating.Stronger connections. very calm in social situations. Also when I was singing there was a nice vibration in my left ear. This has happened before but it was different today.
A.B. – Paris

felt particularly calmed…
I felt that someone was looking out for me during this major change in my life (I moved my residence this month). Every time I got your whatsapp message it felt like a friend is looking out for me. Today around 12:30 pm I felt particularly calmed and ended up dozing off on the sofa for no rhyme or reason. Thank you so much. My heart is filled with gratitude for all of you wonderful people. You’ve been God sent 😇
S.J. – Mumbai

more confidence, less confusion and stress…
I’ve had a feeling of being protected, being cared for. I felt I had more confidence, less confusion and stress, I was also less concerned about toxic relationships in my life.
R.G – Jakarta

more clarity and focused on my work…
Yes, something different from my another days. Energy is gets positive and found more clarity focused on my work. Little tingling and irritation in some body parts.
R.S. – Bhopal

sense of contentment rather than happiness…
I feel a sense of calm and peace. More of a sense of contentment rather than happiness. Thank you for including me in this healing. It’s my first experience of anything like this, and I am very grateful.
A.F. – London

i was able to stabilize myself quickly!
I had some emotional as well as physical detox. I am having this feeling of lightness and happiness for no reason… Even though there were challenges I was able to stabilize myself quickly
A.P. – Pune

i was very creative…
Usually I think whenever I go through these core healing session there is a release. I was very creative. I was able to make someone else happy and that really felt good. Over all a productive day.Feeling blessed. Lot of stillness
M.K. – Pune

urge for meditation has increased!
My first day was a little criss-cross but after that I have felt so calm and peaceful and the most beautiful aspect that the urge for meditation has increased and  also it has deepened.
P.B. – Mumbai

i want to smile more and I became “lighter”!
I definitely experience the effect of the healing: I feel more relaxed and balanced and I tackle the work tasks more efficiently. I want to smile more and I became “lighter”.
A.B – Dubai

felt the openness, acceptance and willingness to change!
I got a burst of clarity regarding something about myself, a personality issue and felt the openness, acceptance and willingness to change….
S.K. – Delhi

lot more gratitude and joyfulness!
I experiences lots of creative bursts, woke up with lot more gratitude and joyfulness. Found more clarity and there are new opportunities of work showing up.
D.P. – Pune

4 days since I last had an anti histamine!
I am sleeping better, mood is calmer and it’s been 4 days since I last had an anti histamine, which I have been on since November. I hope the hives stay away!
A.R. – Bangalore

best mindfulness session I have ever had!
I have just had the best mindfulness session I have ever had. I have only been practicing mindfulness for 9 weeks, but I went on to another level tonight… wonder if has anything to do with your sessions?
M.J. – Cardiff

nothing seems to matter anymore!
Thank you.  Yes there’s definitely a difference in me suddenly feeling just great nothing seems to matter anymore no tension or anger or worries.  Life seems Wonderful. Thank you
L.S. – Mumbai

gracefully accepting all emotions…
I had a sense of happiness for no reason almost all the time, like in a state of stillness. I was also more effective at work and in sync with life, gracefully accepting all emotions.
A.P. – Pune

I smiled and watched the drama unfold…
Loads of things kept happening… I smiled and watched the drama unfold. It was cool… I have also been grieving the death of a close friend… and like lightning it all lightened up.
A.T – Pune

i felt happy for no reason. My 4 yr old daughter was showing most of these wonderful happy feeling giggling and laughing all the day.
S.S. – Pune

my dog who I had enrolled for the healing, has been much calmer with strangers; letting many of them touch him which he wouldn’t usually do.
L.B. – London

i can feel my chakras buzzing , feeling a lot of energy/pulsating circulation in the body!! All the way to US….. incredible !…😮
B.L. – Houston

everything part of my body is totally relaxed. I feel like hugging everybody 🙂 Peacefull in mind. Thank you so much
A.H. – Germany

i had better sleep and less body pain. There was an inner peace and joy. Got an awareness of some things in the subconscious that need attention.
J.F – Hyderabad

some sessions were strong and forced me to rest and I was drained energetically during the session. Overall, in the last 3 days I feel more inner peace and feel lighter on an emotional level.
H.K. – Pune

yes generally feeling happier and good. In Sunday satsang I had very interesting insights. I was surprised with my own responses. A known craving doesn’t trouble me much either.
S.K. – Pune

feeling very light, unhasseled n peaceful. It’s become easy to sit quietly. On the work front finding what I am looking for on the net very easily. A big thank you
D.S. – Pune

deepening of mediation from last 3 days ..Able to sit for longer time and really quiet and fulfilling. Constant sense of peace throughout the day.
D.T. – Pune

i was happy without any reason, though I was having headache but I was happy… May be it was just state of mind , I don’t know…
A.S – Shahdol

today, all day i was at peace. My thoughts were in control and i could be in present moment.
L.V. – Pune

thank you very much.I feel light, there is a change in me, earlier I was always tense, shouting unnecessarily, that has reduced. Thanks a ton. Warm Regards
V.K. – Delhi

even when events were overwhelming, I could let go and connect with inner peace. Thanks.
V.B. – Pune

less overwhelm and confusion. Have been able to complete tasks at work well before deadlines
S.E. – Mumbai

few min back I was playing and enjoying with my kid. Which I haven’t done for the past few months.
M.K. –   Dubai

omg you guys are throwing whoppers. So much junk is getting cleared
A.S. – Pune

emf Transmission – The last one felt good… Space feeling decluttered! Thank you.
S.B. – Pune

i have felt better than for a long time. Can’t specify though.
J.P.- Uraguay


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