the awesome feedback for ‘Peace & Positivity – May 2015’ 
the 5-day Remote Healing Program…

feels like a new life!
First two days I was feeling restless. From third day onwards, I feel something is opening in my life, feels more deep and settled, free and fearless. 
Feels like a new life 🙂 Amazing!!!
R.G – Pune 

one of the deepest meditations ever…
Yesterday evening I sat during the special heart session with my eyes closed and it was one of the deepest meditations ever. This despite my son and his friend playing around… Then this morning there was this sense of being part of something larger. Not being limited to me. Feeling a little overwhelmed and emotional…
A.S – Pune

depth in prayer and meditation increased…
Have experienced the intensity of your transmissions to be significantly stronger than earlier, particularly in the morning session. Felt as if the inclination and depth in prayer/dhyan/meditation is much more. Also felt that the flow of the energy is smoother & blockages reduced.
N.G – Pune

pieces of the puzzle falling into place…
It’s intense. A peace deeper then ever, stills my mind.  I can feel the physical expansion of something like a large window in my chest with a feeling of courage entering me at those times.  Focus is slowly coming back n confusion slowly parting… also supplying me with the insight of how I can continue doing that. Pieces of this puzzle falling in place. Sexual energy very high too… effortlessly turning into creativity and peace. There is ease in communication n detachment again. Thank you n blessings to the Core of Creation n Existence n You all at Core Healing.
D.P – Pune

feeling a lot of love for the world !
I started feeling different around 15 mins before you started this one. It is very powerful for me. Heart exploding with joy. So much stillness within. Body began to do yoga on its own and it needed to breathe. I can see all the thoughts like clouds. They are beautiful. And interesting. Feeling a lot of love for the world. A sense of nothingness with everything and yet so much joy in that. Thank you! Truly grateful.
A.S – Pune

i feel my core issue may have been healed…
In this last two hours a situation happened with my little boy n in helping him to deal with a tantrum ( he rarely cries like that)  I saw clearly the upset I have been carrying since I was a kid.  I can see now how I held a wrong belief that there was no one to console me then.  I feel my core issue may have been healed. I feel calm n Ok n my trust in the process of life seems more restored.  I can see how easy it is once again to love myself n life again. Thank you. Blessings n love.
D.P – Pune

life is a friend and divinity is on my side!
From yesterday night, as a result of both the 5 day and the specific heart chakra transmission, I have been feeling blessed. I slept very well and got up energetic with lots of positivity. In moments of inspiration I was filled with tremendous confidence that life is a friend and that the divinity is on my side always – come what may. Lots of people have reached out to me and I have reached out to many people in the last 12-18 hours. The feeling is that it’s just good to be.
V.B – Pune

i really feel my heart opening up…
I really feel my heart opening up from the healing.  The text messages are great because they help remind me to open the space to receive the love and move on from past grievances. I feel a lot more calm and positive about life today and in the future.
M.C – Florida

massive energy in my heart!
peaceful despite my issues, finding it easier to handle them. Since morning, there was a low… Now massive energy in my heart! Can feel the energy in my heart… something moving.
A.T – Pune

here are some of the things I have noticed since the healing began:
Completed lots of pending work
Got inspiring thoughts at the exact time a session began
Some pending payments that were stuck up for weeks came through on day 1 of the healing.
Feeling lighter and brighter
Seeing dancing patterns of sacred geometry in the mind
Meditation is a lot deeper
Mind is a lot stiller
Sense of spaciousness
Seeing life as a dream
Seeing through my stories
Overall a very beautiful experience which I happily attribute to core healing
It’s amazing 🙂
N.S – Pune

it feels like I meditated but I really didn’t!
I meant to write you more detailed feedback yesterday – I have been feeling like my mind, body and soul are going through a cleansing process. I can clearly feel and mentally visualize layers of what is important to me / my priorities. I even did a huge amount of de-cluttering and donating of material things. I am feeling a strong sense of detachment to all material things and it feels amazing to be able to let them go. It allows more energy to flow through me and my personal space and my home! Today was great because my mind feels clear and de cluttered. I hope it stays this way because usually i have 10 thoughts a second running through my mind and that throws off my emotional balance. It’s funny because I feel like I meditated but I really didn’t!
Seriously though I was holding on to shoes for 3 years that I hadn’t worn and I couldn’t donate them all this time because they were “expensive” and I finally donated all of them yesterday!
Felt so good mentally to let go and made me realize that such a small thing that’s materialistic costs more in other ways because it brings stagnant energy if it’s just lying there useless.
That’s all for today! Goodnight and thank you
N.C – New Jersey

did not shut-down during argument!
I had an argument with my wife, but this time, I didn’t shut-down because of fear… instead I spoke to her and cleared the air :-).

There is a ease and effortlessness in the air, have started a diet plan and suddenly have lot of dedication towards it. I have got loads of work but it is also going smooth as of now.
D.S – Pune

the injection miracle!
Something I thought I should share… In my 30 years (as far as I can remember) I was always super scared of getting an injection… Yesterday, I had to go for it again all alone, suddenly there was this voice in me that said “I am not this body”…. am not lying but I didn’t realize the pain at all!!! I mean I had to ask the nurse if the injection was done… Strange!
S.T – Pune

once again a big thanks to the core team…
1. Life is really wonderful and such healing events make it more.
2. So much of peace is felt in last few days.
3. The healing brought up an old psychological pattern and helped me to clear it.
4. Yoga exercise became regular… and during morning healing I found lot of peace and focus.

B.H – Pune

a deep sense of peace, a feeling of ‘all is well’…
For me, day 2 of the healing transmissions was marked by an intense headache, bloating, a sense of uneasiness, overeating and extra trips to the bathroom. I had also experienced a sense of heaviness getting released from the heart area on day 1 and day 2.
The transmissions yesterday and today have brought a deep sense of peace, a feeling of “all is well”.
Whenever I sat silently during transmissions, I experienced a deep sense of stillness and silence with absence of thoughts…. A meditative experience that was very relaxing and rejuvenating.
There is a general calmness, increased awareness of thoughts and feelings and a sense of gratitude too.
Thanks a lot!
M.B – Pune

my leg pain has greatly reduced!
Hi Amit. Thanks for the last five days. I feel as if things feel more clear …But it’s only that I want more healing to make the path even better. Only now* Lol greedy me. But seriously thanks a ton. I guess whatever was blocking me has moved a bit… And my leg pain has also drastically reduced!
As a feedback, I think you should do this session every month. I’m sure many people would join in and it would be a cleaning process that continues throughout rather than being one off.
D.S – Melbourne

maintained my calm inspite of external triggers…
The healing has helped a lot! I have been struggling with a few issues on the personal front from a few days and it would lead to daily conflicts outside and within. Since the healing has started i have been feeling less anxious and at times have been able to maintain my calm inspite of external triggers. On friday i experienced a beautiful moment while the transmission was going on and i was dancing to Allah Hoo… Thanks to u all for enabling the experience 🙂
B.M – Mumbai

abdominal pain vanished!
From some time, I was having pain in my left side upper abdomen. That nearly vanished in the last 2-3 days! Last 2-3 days also saw my temper in control in instances where I would normally have been agitated. Thx.
A.S – Pune

yesterday’s session for heart healing was very powerful!
Last 5 days went by very smoothly and happily. Pending works got completed with no extra efforts. Was felling very sleepy yesterday in spite of good sleep during weekend. Yesterday’s session for heart healing was very powerful.  Could feel some heaviness at the beginning… also little pain too… then I intended to release whatever I have stored. Overall these programs help us get back to harmony. Looking forward for more sessions /program. Thank you again.  Thank you GD and Sangeeta!
S.K – Pune

voiced my point of view in a loving manner…
An issue which has caused anger and frustration in the past came up again during the time of the last transmission and I was able to stay calm, loving and still voice my point of view in a loving manner. 🙂 I was able to make out a distinct difference in the way I handled the situation and was able to maintain a loving attitude towards the other person and myself too. 🙂
M.B – Pune

i felt so awake, peaceful, attentive, conscious!
Yesterday your last transmission of the day came together with the speech by Sant Rajinder Singh about “Pure happiness in stormy/difficult times”. To say it was intense would be an understatement. I have no words. Being part of the transmission + being in the presence of a Guru was incredible. I felt so awake, peaceful, attentive, conscious! It was like all my senses were one – pure and in harmony. When the speech and mediation was over I had a bit of a headache and had to go outside – I felt like wearing an membrane of my aura – like I would have grown out of the body. Sorry, it’s difficult to explain – but it was for sure a unique and very special moment!
Todays “Charging the Heart Chakra” is like a continuation… or consolidation of yesterdays experience. Lots of love.
B.F – Switzerland

sitting untouched within a bubble of silence…
Had a very strong experience of peace amidst a violent verbal confrontation happening around me. It was like I was sitting untouched within a bubble of silence and awareness. At the end, I was able to solve the problem effortlessly and joyfully for all parties.
A.S – Mumbai

my anger and hatred has reduced so much!
I slept well day before… last 2 days visited the toilet quite a lot, and last night I puked twice!
But I have to tell you that for the past few days my hatred or anger on V has reduced so much. Now, I only want her to get better.
For some reason I have been looking at her from her mother’s point of view and am sincerely praying for her to get better and have a good life. I am very happy about this change in me.
A.M – Chennai

a feeling of contentment and immense energy!
Must say unusually excellent ☺ Absolutely at peace with myself.
For the first time ever in my life – this feeling of contentment and immense energy, is surprising me since yesterday, even before the commencement of our sessions. There is no dip in this feel, it is a continuous uninterrupted feeling of being one with myself.
I had started my day in clinic at 9 in morning, I was here till 11pm n today again I have started at 9.But there is no lack of energy or need to rest or feeling of fatigue.In fact a patient just now, right at this moment said, doctor how you manage to look so fresh every time, anytime of the day ?
So that sums it all.
Just too thankful for His abundance flowing in me…and thanks to you for being a medium to facilitate this whole process of making people happy n peaceful FOR NO REASON.
Much love ❤
V.S – Singapore

overwhelming task handled with ease…
What an awesome day! A task once thought to be overwhelming and unachievable has made significant progress in just four hours… and so easily and smoothly… without any thought of how immense the proposition. Now as I write this and look back on the last few hours, I wonder how it all fell into place. Feel light, open and grateful. Thanks
SS – Mumbai

woke up happy after many months!
Woke up happy after many months…feeling grateful and at peace.
Thank you for this amazing transmission of peace and positivity!
Yesterday too I was generally at peace… it was a beautiful feeling.
S.T – Mumbai

found the strength to face my fears…
As emotions arise and things come up, the healing has given me the strength of facing my fears rather than running from them. It also has helped me to communicate my feelings without being afraid of the outcome. Thank you.
M.C – Florida

not hyper despite my insane work load…
I am feeling very peaceful. What’s more – sleeping way better:-) and lastly, not hyper despite my insane work load:-)) feeling much more calmer… more playful. More fun!
Thoughts slowed down. Felt happy for no reason. Didn’t react like I usually do. Was calmer and yet more assertive. Looked at the big picture rather than the small picture:-) My husband is sleeping much more! More sexual energy too:-))) if that helps!
N.T – Mumbai

i feel stronger than before and have no confusion!
During the last healing there were lots of tears, this time it is so unbelievably peaceful. I tried to touch on people,events, circumstances etc that had bothered me to the hilt, and I am so surprised to find out that those things aren’t bothering me anylonger! I feel stronger than before n have no confusions. There is so much clarity. I am indeed surprised.☺
V.S – Singapore

i am now a new person totally
I have noticed a lot of change in myself for the past one month. I have become more positive. My attitude towards relationships has changed a lot. I am now a new person totally. (she has been working with Core Healing for over a month)
V.M – Chennai

my son also slept soundly at night…
First day…very powerful! I was calm. I closed my eyes at 7 am to start receiving the healing. I could sense a funnel or tunnel of energy entering into me. That day my son also slept soundly at night. He didn’t wake up in the middle of the night.
J.M – Pune

feeling confident and strong…
feeling confident and strong and allowing to release all the energy that came up today.Core supported in calming me and accepting my emotions.Thank you so much.
And insight was – if there is no love, a relationship has to break,It’s the natural thing to happen: No Hoo haa about it.
T.A – Pune

it’s incredibly powerful!
Thank you for the healing…. It’s incredibly powerful. I slept almost the entire day yesterday, which was very unlike me…. Last night ordered food from out & I’m pretty sure it was low in energy which resulted in me throwing up…. Glad it’s out of my system & the healing is helping me recover at many levels…. Feel blessed…. Thank you once again…
S.S – Pune

this is the best vacation I ever had so far!
1. mostly want to rest…sleep…no running
2. wife is less demanding..not angry in few situations
3.more clarity
…this is the best vacation I ever had so far!
J.W – Pune

a feeling of complete peace and contentment…
From morning it’s feeling of complete peace and contentment, a smile on face, full of energy and no debris of any negativity of past /present/future, feeling just too content n happy.
It’s a continuous feeling the entire day, and not just during transmission ☺
V.S – Singapore

feeling chirpy today
My update for my neice…she felt tingling &warmth during the healing… She also felt itchy. Perception change for her… She is feeling chirpy today and less agitated… And I don’t know why but I am grinning ear to ear writing all this!
R.R – Singapore

heart chakra is pulsating strongly…
In the morning, I felt the energies very clearly. Feeling very relaxed and yes the heart chakra is pulsating strongly. In the afternoon, Crown chakra also pulsating with heart. I counseled two of my friends today afternoon and both feeling very good after my talk. One gave a payment also. So thank u once again for the positive healing energies!
M.T – Mumbai

something heavy being lifted and released from the heart…
During the 3 pm healing transmissions today, I felt energy moving in front and back of the heart chakra.There was a sense of heaviness for a short period, which was followed by the feeling of something heavy being lifted and released from the heart area. This happened multiple times.I also experienced tears flowing spontaneously during this healing session.
M.B – Tennessee

old emotional issues clearing…
the core healing for me started on 20th night as I am in Chicago at the moment. The night of 20th and the day of 21st were very challenging because it really felt like old emotional issues were coming up. There were some difficult conversations and also lots of crying but after that it’s been much better. I do sit in silence and tune in whenever I can… also sleeping much more somehow.
D.R – Chicago

feeling a lot lighter…
I will say this…I am feeling a lot lighter; it’s been a busy week at work and yet I handled it very well. Slept well and had very unusual dreams. Not sure if I should mention them here. I conducted my meditation sessions in office in a very spontaneous and creative manner. Been appreciated by the participants. Thanks for the healing and support. God bless.
S.T. – Pune

good thoughts, positivity and general expansion in consciousness…
Hi Amit, lot of good thoughts, positivity and general expansion in consciousness started occurring an hour before the transmission started today. Possibly from even before, since I slept well and woke up very energetic 🙂
V.B – Pune

during an argument, I was very happy that I could put all of my points across…and that too in a very very calm way. Thanks a lot!
A.M – Pune

used the Core ‘Physical healing’ spray yesterday evening for my back pain… worked like magic!
A.S – Mumbai

an incredible impact after half a day. My heart is opened, I feel blissful peace and and joy and trust in Life.”
G.H – London

feeling like there is no mind!
S.N – Pune

mental chatter was much less, quiet & happy like a new born baby.
A.K – Mumbai

in this last session I just lay down and could feel the sudden energy inflow around neck & head area when the session started and went into deep sleep for 45 minutes.
R.R – Singapore

emotionally stable, if I could say that! And I was charged to write.
Started working at 3.30 in the morning!!! Ha ha!

V.M – Chennai

lighter, braver, joyous, optimistic and energetic!
D.D – Pune

feeling unlimitedly generous… i hope it continues!
S.S – Pune

i am doing fine. My anger at the world is somehow in control.
A.M – Delhi

i felt amazing during the healing. Thank you!
L.R – California

i seem to be more balanced emotionally. More aware.
Able to accept situations more easily. Relating better with the environment.

S.D – Pune

my son is doing wonderfully! He is less aggressive and open to listen to others,
which he generally is not.

A.A – Pune

during the transmission there was lot of energy sensed in my feet
M.T – Mumbai

yesterday I had a break down and cried uncontrollably. This is something new for me.
T.B – Canada

felt feverish on the first day. Now feeling happy and light. Feels like some release happened.
S.S – Phoenix

the energy was amazing, and it started with the early morning transmission!!! The body is in mode of receiving and very relaxed.
P.B – Pune

i am feeling a lot calmer than I was over the last few days, and that has a positive effect on my relationship.
N.C – New Jersey

a good amount of energy, calmer, sexually more active, solutions don’t seem very hard to find 🙂
F.B – Texas

there is a lightness of being. An overall sense of being in flow with life. Gratitude dears.
K.G. – Pune

my energy levels are very high! Despite only two hours sleep on Thursday night, i worked without any issue in office!
S.J – Bangalore

my mother is feeling energetic
RM – Pune

thanks a ton for offering abundant heavenly bliss.
A.S – Mumbai

have an amazing sense of well-being and peace. Thank u all so much.
M.T – Mumbai

what a wonderful week of healing!  In only 5 days, I feel so much better.  The healing lifted my sadness and gave me a fresh perspective on life.  It gave me the strength I needed. 
M.C – Florida

wow… It’s really amazing… I feel like I am rising up from a deep ocean floor… My breath feels like rose petals…
D.P – Pune

whyyyy did it get over… I was feelin so highhhh suddenly…
S.T – Pune

hope u do this every month 🙂 feeling so good – can’t tell you!
N.T – Mumbai

all afternoon I’ve had a deep calm in my heart, a heavy peacefulness and all is right with the world. There’s nothing to be afraid of, just living in Presence and trusting.
G.H – London

there is much of acceptance of the issues. Less irritated… less bothered.
J.S – Mumbai

standing up for myself so much more and it feels so reassuring to know that I can depend on me cause I love me 🙂
F.B – Texas

I felt lighter… and a sense of detachment from outcomes and events. Also, the need to prove anything has suddenly fallen away.
D.D – Pune

this healing has brought a lot of clarity and resolve to change old thought patterns… some wonderful insights… I am sure it has taken me a few steps ahead in my journey… I am very grateful to all of you …Thank you 🙂
M.J – Pune

Amazing! Really happy! Thank you so much. Once I am back in Pune, will surely come and meet u.
M.K – Pune

yesterday night’s transmission was good! Felt the warmth at the heart Center… It was a good experience.
P.R – Singapore

feeling at peace, lighter. Energetic at the end of 13 hour full working day, back home n still no sign of fatigue !☺
V.S – Singapore

feeling so much energy in my chest! And I never had so much urge for making love 🙂
A.M – Pune

i’m feeling so much love in my heart! A deep sense of love and oneness has engulfed my heart. Feeling immensely grateful!
S.G – Pune

i am sleeping through each transmission. Very sleepy all day…
M.K – Pune

thank u for the peaceful sleep! I feel centered, at peace and ALIVE! Thanks to u and Core!
H.K – Pune

afternoon there was extreme body pain with heaviness in eyes… little feverish too. Evening turned out beautifully! Feeling love for one and all and can happily let go.
A.A – Pune

for the past two days, my body is receiving the healing very well. So much peace and sense of well-being. Thank you!
M.T – Mumbai

i definitely feel lighter and in a better mood in the last few days.
S.M – Pune

during today’s 3pm session, I had very strong desire to sleep.
In fact my body felt heavy & I had no way of staying awake.

A.K – Mumbai

my child managed to sleep alone for the first time! We all were surprised!
M.K – Pune

i feel more confident n happy!
M.V – Pune


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